Social Snap WP Plugin Review

My honest assessment After using it for More than 1 Year

Social Media platforms are the second-highest traffic source for most of the successful WordPress sites.

And if you want to get traffic from Social media, then you’ll need to make it easy for your site visitors to share your content on social platforms.

That’s why there are so many popular social media sharing plugins available for WordPress sites.

While I have used most of the popular social sharing plugin like Social warfare, Monarch, Social pug & MashShare, But last year I installed Social snap Plugin on my site and have been using it from more than 1 year now.

Today I’ve decided to write this Social snap review to give you an in-depth look at its features, pros & cons, and pricing.

As many of the social share plugins make negative impact on your site speed, So today I’ll even do performance tests to see what sort of toll the plugin takes on your website.

Social Snap is the leading social sharing plugin for WordPress sites that helps you drive more traffic and increase engagement for your site by leveraging the power of social media.

But wait…

It is way more than just a WordPress social share plugin!

Social snap plugin review

It is an all-in-one digital marketing toolkit for Social Media which comes with many premium features that can take your social media game to the next level.

It has been developed keeping speed and performance in mind, That means it won’t slow down your site like most other social sharing plugins.

While Social snap has both Free and Premium version of their plugin. But this Social snap review will focus more on the premium version as the free option is heavily limited and I want you to show the full power of this plugin.

Why You Should Choose Social snap Plugin over any other Social sharing Plugin?

1. #1 Rated in different Facebook Polls

I have noticed that the demand for Social snap plugin grew recently when one of the most popular social share plugin (social warfare) was suddenly hacked leaving thousands if not millions of sites under risk.

I am a member of many Facebook Group where I get to connect with lots of like-minded professional bloggers.

And from the past few months, I have noticed that everyone is shifting to Social Snap after Social Warfare big issue,

Social snap plugin poll
Social snap post
Social snap posts

This shows the popularity this plugin has received in a very short span of time.

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2. It’ll not Affect the Performance of your site.

Being a website owner, you must be knowing the importance of website speed in 2020.

And when it comes to performance optimization, not all WordPress share button plugins are equal.

In fact, some social share plugin makes 20-30 external requests and double your page loading time.

All thanks to Social snap developers, who have created this plugin with best practices and modern standards to ensure Social Snap does not affect your site speed.

Here are a few things they have done differently from other plugin developers:

  • Social snap Loads JS files asynchronously so it doesn’t slow down your website.
  • It uses super-lightweight SVG vector icons instead of images to make it load fast and look beautiful across all the devices.
  • Additionally, they also have a special feature to update share count by tracking button click of your site visitor rather than calling APIs and installing scripts (like newsharecounts) which easily hog your website resources.

To take things in our own hand, I tested my website speed both before and after installing Social snap on my site.

Before Installing Social snap:

social snap seepd before

Before installing and activating social snap, One of my posts was loading in 1.8 seconds which has a total page size of 711KB along with 47 requests.

After Installing Social snap:

Socisl snap speed after

And after installing Rank Math it added just 28KB more to page size and made 5 more requests.

This is just amazing compared to the social warfare or Monarch which added more than 200KB page size with 17-25 extra requests in our last test.

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3. Providing Far More Advanced Features

Social snap advance features

As far as I have noticed that if a social share plugin is lightweight, most probably you have to compromise with the features.

Thanks to social snap developer who have given tons of advanced social media marketing features and many options to customize how your button look, how they appear and where they appear.

Some of the most useful premium features of social snap are:

  • Click to Tweet,
  • Social Auto Poster,
  • Boost Old Posts,
  • Social Meta Tags (Facebook Open Graph & Twitter Cards)

It also comes with some additional features and add-ons that you’ll not see in any other general social share plugin.

4. Recover your share counts easily

Recover your old share count

Most of the time when we change our social sharing plugin, we lost our old social share count…

That’s a big problem.

But If you install the social snap plugin on your site and lost your share count in any of the following cases:

  1. Changing the social share plugin.
  2. Changing your domain name
  3. Changing your permalink structure
  4. Changing Http to Https Protocol

Then you don’t have to worry about losing old share count because social snap gives you the functionality to recover your old share count in just a few clicks.

5. Easy to Setup in Just a few Minutes

Although most of the social share plugin is easy to set up, still there are some social share plugins available in the market which is not user-friendly.

Social Snap is the most beginner-friendly Sharing plugin. You just have to install the plugin on your website and start growing your website in a minute.

They have given easy to use configuration option which requires absolutely zero technical knowledge.

6. Disable Social Share Buttons on an Individual Post

social snap

Yes, this is something that you’ll not find in a regular sharing plugin.

Social Snap gives you the functionality to enable or disable the share button on an individual post.

Here’s how to Disable the share button on an individual blog post with Social snap?

  • If you’re using Classic Editor – Social snap gives you a meta box to each of the backends of the post, From there you can easily enable/disable the share button on an individual post.
  • If you’re using Gutenberg Editor – Social snap gives you an option in the Document Settings to enable/disable the share buttons on an individual post.

7. Mobile-friendly Social Share Plugin

I have seen many social plugins having issues with responsiveness in mobile phones or small screen device.

But social snap has a responsive social share button that is specially designed for mobile and smaller screen size devices.

I have never ever received any complaints regarding social bar blocking users in mobile after using Social snap Plugin.

Bloggingnova site

Their social share buttons are designed to provide high-end UI experience and give 100% mobile responsive in any viewing device.

8. Advance analytics Feature

As I mentioned earlier, Social snap isn’t just a social sharing plugin. It has much more to offer.

With the advance analytics features, you can see a detailed report on total numbers of share, top-performing content, click to tweet data and total likes counts.

social snap analytics

Having a visual representation of your statistics is an excellent inclusion for a person like me who prefer visual guides instead of being faced with a heap of numbers.

With Social Snap’s social sharing statistics feature, you can easily track your top-performing posts, filter out useless data and even show a post view metric (very similar to Google analytics.)

Social Snap Features – All-in-One WordPress Social Media Toolkit for Bloggers!

As I earlier mentioned, Social snap is a feature-rich WordPress plugin for social media marketing.

Let’s explore each of its features briefly.

1. Social Media Sharing buttons

Social snap provides responsive great-looking share buttons for all the devices for all the most popular networks, including different unique placement options.

It lets you and your reader share your content on over 30+ social media platforms.

social snap review

2. Multiple Placements That You Can Easily Control

You can add social snap share button to multiple locations on your website. All placement positions are highly customizable and optimized to increase your shares.

Where to place social share buttons on website?

  • Before/after content
  • Floating Share Sidebar
  • Inline Buttons
  • On Media Share Buttons
  • Pinterest Pin It
  • Share Hub
  • Sticky Bar
  • via Widget
  • via Shortcode
  • via Gutenberg blocks
    • Social Snap Click to Tweet Block
    • Social Snap Social Share
    • Social Snap Social Follow

Let’s take a look at each option in more detail.

(a) Floating sidebar

When you’ll go in the Floating sidebar section, you’ll be given a preview of how it’ll look on your live website.

Social snap floating share button

You can change the position of the sidebar and offset its appearance by entering the number of pixels.


The shape of social buttons can be also changed to rounded, circle or Rectangle with the ability to increase or decrease its size.

Social snap button placements

You can also decide where you want the floating social share button to appear on your site. For Example, I only want it to appear on my homepage and posts. So, I have only checked those boxes.

Further options include:

  • Button spacing
  • All networks which allow visitors to choose from all available networks
  • Network label tooltips
  • Total share count
  • Individual share counts
  • Hide on mobile
  • View count
  • Min share count

(b) Inline buttons

Inline button includes almost the same option as with the floating sidebar. However, the basic difference is that these buttons can be positioned above or below the contents.

Socisl snap inline buttons

Placing share buttons above and below the main content is an effective way to get people to share a blog post or article. And yes, you can even customize the ‘Share via’ text by changing it to a more personal message (Like “Sharing is Caring”) for your readers.

(c) On media

On Media share buttons are a great way to get your visitors to share your images and videos.


(d) Share hub

The Share hub is an expandable button that can be placed directly at the bottom of your screen. As soon as your visitor will click on Share hub button, all the social share button will appear in front of him/her.


As with the previous placement layout, you’ll get the same exact button customization and placement option with share hub too.

And yes, you can even change the color of your hub button to fit in with the branding of your website.

(e) Sticky Bar for mobile & tablet

The Sticky bar feature lets you display a full-width strip of social buttons at the bottom of your website in the mobile view.

Social snap sticky bar

3. Highly customizable Button

My site design matters a lot for me and Social snap is one of the few plugins whose design impressed me a lot.

Most of the social share plugin gives you minimal power to customize and have a lot of limitation for customization.

Social Snap lets you easily customize the share button shape, size, animations, colors and much more to match your website branding.

Social snap plugin

Here is the list of all the customization option available in the social snap plugin for WordPress:

  • 4 Button Shapes
  • 3 Button Sizes
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Entrance & Hover Animations
  • Alignment Options
  • Custom Button Order
  • Custom Button Labels
  • Share Button Tooltips
  • Control spacing between share buttons
  • Disable buttons of specific pages

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3. Social Proof

The more shares and engagement your blog post get chances are that blog post will get even more attraction.

Displaying share count on your blog post is the best way to encourage your readers to share your content even more.

With social snap plugin, You can choose where and when you want to display share count to your readers.

Let’s have a look at social proof features and customization option given in Social snap plugin:

(a) Individual & Total Share Counters

Social snap lets you display both total and individual share counts as social proof for your blog post & pages.

Social share counts

(b) Minimum Share Count Feature

You can also set a minimum number of social share that has to be complete before social snap displays your total social share count.

Example: If a particular article has only 5 shares and you have set minimum share count 50, then the total share count will be hidden for that blog post until it reaches 50 shares.

Social snapp

This feature is especially essential for a website which is just launched or a new growing blog.

Because you don’t want to discourage your blog reader from reading your beautiful content just because they get to see a big fat “0 total shares” displaying continuously on your blog.

I personally love this feature and set my minimum share count to 25.

(c) Page View Counter

If you want your readers to know how many times you article has been read then Social snap also allows you to display total view count of a post along with total social share count.

4. Social Snap’s Social Follow Widget

Social fan counter Widget is always a great option to increase your social media fan following.

Social snap Plugin lets you add your Social media profile widgets in the sidebar, header or footer of your website.

Social snap follow widget

For social follow widget, you just need to provide the username of your social account along with API to fetch your follower count.

It’s not a complicated process though – just takes a minute.

5. Social Meta Tags

Social snap meta option lets you customize how your post will look when someone shares it on social media platforms.

You can add a custom image, tag, title & description separately for the social media platform.

Social snap review

This social snap feature is really handy to test the different options and analyze which is performing well on social media in terms of CTC & Engagement.

6. Click to Tweet

Brian dean recently said in one of his blog posts that his “social share increased by 172% after using Click to tweet box”

And as far as my experience says, It can actually dramatically boost your Twitter share. (You just need to use it smartly)

Tips: Click To Tweet Boxes works very well for list post where you can place click to tweet option after your every single list item.

The best part of the social snap is – they are offering more than 6 designs for click to tweet boxes so that you can use your favorite one that matches your brand design.


Social Snap Add-ons – Up Your Social Media Strategy

Social snap offers some amazing add-ons which made this social sharing WordPress plugin an all-in-one digital marketing toolkit for Social Media.

I think you will never get all these helpful social media add-ons with any other standard Social sharing plugin.

Right now they are offering 4 different add-ons and soon they are going to introduce the new one.

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1. Social Auto-Poster


Social auto-poster add-ons basically let you share your new articles automatically on different social media platforms.

Definitely, this feature saves yours lots of time as you may have to share every article manually across each platform.

2. Social Login

social snap login

Social login add-on basically allows your website readers to log in using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, andGoogle.

This add-on is really handy for those who run a membership/forum site.

3. Boost Old Post


You will agree with me…

If an old post doesn’t rank well in google, it hardly gets any traffic or new visitor.

This Social snap add-on automatically picks up your old existing content and share automatically on social media platforms.

I think this is a great way to bring traffic to your old blog post.

4. Content Locker

Related image

This add-on lets you lock any important portion of your blog post and it unlocks only when your blog readers share or like your social media page.

This is a proven way to increase social share and engagement with your website readers.

I believe these powerful social snap add-ons, not only save your precious time and money but also help you to drive more traffic, more social media followers and even more readers engagement.

Social Snap Plugin Pricing

Social snap offers three different pricing options, The plus, the pro and the agency plan which ranges from $39 per year to $299 per year.


1) Plus Plan

The plus plan starts at $39 per year which suits best for those who run a single website.

You’ll get all the above-mentioned features except the addons and priority support.

As this is one of the cheapest social snap plans, so I believe it is perfect for newbies who want a more than decent social sharing plugin and have a limited budget.

2) Pro Plan

Social snap’s Pro plan is the most popular plan among all the three plan which start at $99 per year.

With this plan, you’ll get access to use this amazing social share plugin on 3 different websites.

This plan includes all the above-mentioned features including the special add-ons.

I believe the Pro plan is ideal for professional bloggers and small businesses who run multiple blog & websites.

3) Agency Plan

Social snap Agency plan starts at the $299/per year which gives you access to use this plugin on the 15 different websites.

In terms of features, you’ll get access to all the premium features that Social Snap has to offer.

As the plan name suggests, the agency plan is best for web developers and big businesses that manage different client websites.

Money-Back Guarantee: In any case, if you don’t like Social snap Plugin, you are covered with their money-back guarantee over the next 30 days. Most importantly No questions will be asked at the time of refund

Social Snap Discount Coupon Code

I have a surprise gift for you…

Now you claim up to 30% Flat discount on Social snap any plan.

To Claim your discount on all Premium plans of SocialSnap. You can use the exclusive coupon code “GET30“.

Type in the SocialSnap discount coupon code at the checkout page.

Claim your 30% Discount on Social snap

Refer the screenshot below –

Social snap discount

Do I recommend Social Snap plugin?

As I mentioned at the beginning of this social snap plugin review that It is not just a WordPress social sharing tool it is a complete social media marketing toolkit.

Social snap has a really impressive and well-designed interface that makes it easy for everyone even beginners to control the settings.

Beyond that, it is packed with tons of impressive features that you won’t probably see in any other plugin.

So do I recommend this plugin?

Yes, 1oo % it is one of the most recommended tools for any blogger because I believe Social Snap is by far one of the best social media plugins for WordPress I have ever used.

If you have any questions or anything we forgot to cover in this social snap review! Do let me know in the comments.


Hi, I am Shivam Choudhary founder of – A blog that helps online entrepreneurs start, grow, and scale their blog. Whether you are looking for the right advice to get your blog off the ground or proven strategies to accelerate your blog’s growth, I am here to help you get further. 

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