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Are you looking for Social snap coupon code? If yes, then you have come to the right place.

There are literally hundreds of social share plugin available for WordPress website, but Social snap is one of the most advanced social sharing plugin currently available for any type of WordPress site.

The plugin has got immense popularity in very less time, I personally had an amazing experience using Social snap on my website.

Recently I also published social snap review on my website where I shared my whole experience with this plugin. Surprisingly on that article, I got many requests from our readers to share Social snap discount code.

So, here is the good news -Today I’ll be sharing Social Snap coupon, which helps you save no less than 30% on Socialsnap’s Plus, Pro, and Agency plans!

But before that let’s have a look at how this social share plugin is different from other social plugins.

Why Choose Social Snap?

First thing first, It’s not only me who feels that social snap is the best social share plugin. Go and check some of your favorite blogger’s blogs. Chances are they’ll be using Social snap plugin too.

Have a look at what top bloggers in the industry have to say about this amazing social snap plugin.

social snap

It does not slow down your site

One of the most common problems with all the social sharing plugin is they make your site slow as they make many external requests.

But In my test, It added only extra 5 requests and 27KB size to my website, this is the reason why it is one of the fastest social share plugins.

On top of that, It loads JS file asynchronously and uses lightweight SVG vector icon to make sure you get the best performance.

30+ Popular Social Sharing Networks

Socialsnap supports more than 30 popular social sharing network, which means your blog readers can share your post on almost any social sharing Platform.

Some of the popular social sharing networks include:

03 Click Add Networks

You can place social share button anywhere on your site

Social snap offers plenty of button placement options. You can add social share button as a floating sidebar, above the content, below the content, on media, floating on the bottom, etc.

Add click to Tweet Boxes

Click to tweet boxes works great when it comes to increasing your twitter share.

Now you don’t need to install an extra plugin to add click to tweet box in your content.

The social snap plugin comes with multiple designs of Click to tweet boxes that you can use in your content.


Social share sticky bar for mobile

Social snap is not only made for desktop but it works great for mobile devices too. You get an option to add a sticky social share bar in mobile devices.

Bloggingnova site

Social Snap Add-ons

Social snap’s pro and agency plan give you access to four different premium add-ons (Social auto poster, social login, Boost olf post, Content locker) which helps you drive more traffic to your website through social media.


a) Social Auto-Poster: This add-on lets you automatically share your content on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn whenever you publish a new blog post.

b) Social Logins: It lets your blog reader login with their favorite social media account on your blog.

c) Boost Old Posts: This is one of my favorite add-on which shares your old content on social media network and drives more traffic to your old post.

d) Social Content Locker: If you want to increase social share or maybe your Official Facebook page likes then this add-on is great for you. It lets you lock any part of your blog content. And that locked part will be unlocked only when your readers will share your content or like your page or follow you on twitter.

How to use Social Snap Coupon Code?

Step 1:- First of all click on this exclusive link to activate the discount, Once you click on this link you’ll be redirected to the pricing page of social snap.

Step 2:- There you have to choose the plan which fits your need. For example – If you have only one site then their Plus plan is best for you but in case if you are someone like me who runs multiple websites then go for their Pro Plan.

Click on the “Get Started“ button to continue this process…


Step 3: It’ll redirect you to the checkout page where you can apply your coupon code. You need to click on “Have a discount code? Click to enter it” Once you click on the link you’ll get a box to enter your coupon code. Use “WPK30” or “GET30” as coupon code and click on apply.

Social snap coupon

Step 4:- Now your discount code will be automatically applied and finally you have to choose the payment method, enter your payment details and click on”Purchase” button.

Social snap discount

Congratulation you have successfully redeemed your Social snap coupon code.

Wants to save more on your favorite blogging tools?

I hope our exclusive social snap coupon code helps you save your hard-earned money and get your favorite social sharing plugin at the lowest possible price. In case you have any questions regarding the social snap plugin. Do let me know in the comments.

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