25 Ways to Grow Your Fb Group

Struggling to grow your Facebook group? Let's fix that.

Having a hard time growing your Facebook group? or are you about to start one but have no idea how to promote it effectively? Well, then this post is for you.

With over 2.13 billion active monthly users, over 1 billion of which are members of various groups, Facebook group has become marketing goldmine.

It lets you:

Effectively and inexpensively promote your blog or brand

Engage with your audience on a more personal level

Grow your facebook group quickly

Engage in personal discussion with your audience and great direct feedback

Gain priceless insights on how you can improve your blog/product or services.

However, just creating a Facebook group won’t magically attract your target audience and turn them into the client. This is where implement the right promotional strategy comes into play.

In this article, I’ll share 25 techniques that’ll ensure that your target audience consistently flocks to your group.

01. Make sure your group name and info are optimized for Facebook Search

Have you ever realized when you search for any keyword in the Facebook search bar, It shows you lots of groups in the result?

For example – Let’s say I searched for “Blogging” on Facebook and these are the results facebook shown to me.

Blogging facebook group

Now you must be wondering how these groups are appearing for the term “Blogging” in search results?

Well, Facebook is showing these groups because they are optimized for the keyword “Blogging

You have to also make sure that your group is also optimized for your target niche related keyword.

But how?

Well, the Facebook search is not as hard and complex as Google search.

In the case of Facebook groups, you just need to include your target keywords in Your Group title and description.

For Example – Umer Qureshi (founder of GuideBlogging) has included his target keyword “Blogging”, “SEO” and “Digital Marketing” into both his Facebook group title and description.

add keyword in facebook group title

02. Add a link to your blog’s menu

Website menu is the navigation source for every visitor who visits your website.

Through your website menu, you can also navigate your website visitors to your Facebook group.

All you need to do is just add your Facebook Group link or joining request on the menu of your website.

For Example – Sumit from Craftofblogging has added a call to action button into his website menu to drive his website visitors to his Facebook group.

add group link in navigation menu
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03. Place a banner on the sidebar of your website

Here you have to agree with me, your website sidebar is the best place to promote anything!

Why not use this paradise to promote and grow Facebook group.

You have multiple options to showcase your Facebook group in the sidebar.

You can create a good looking banner to invite people to join your Facebook group like this one:

Promote facebook group in sidebar

Or you can add a button to invite people to join your Facebook group.


04. Link your Facebook group with Facebook Page

Chances are you already have a Facebook page.

So why not leverage your Facebook page to grow your Facebook Group.

Recently, Facebook has introduced a new feature where you can link your Facebook Page with your Facebook group.

Here’s how to link your Facebook group with the Facebook page:

  • Go to your Facebook settings.
  • Click “Template And Tabs” from the left-hand side.
  • Add group block and link your group.

Once you have linked your group, Group tab will start appearing in the left-hand side of your Facebook page.

Promote facebook groups

05. Use your Instagram Bio to advertise your Facebook group

Instagram gives you a very tiny spot to make your first impression on your insta audience.

There you can add a short bio as well as a link.

You can use that link area to promote your Facebook group.

For example – here is how I have added my Facebook group joining link in my Instagram profile.

Add group link in instagram bio

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06. Utilize Facebook lives to promote your group

Facebook lives give you the opportunity to promote your Facebook Group for a very long-lasting period.

Because you may also have seen a live video of your friend in news feed a week after it’s been posted.

So, whenever you go live on your Facebook page or profile, Do mention your Group.
Combine that with a link in the description of the video, and you’re golden.

For example: Ankit Singla from Master blogging often promote his Facebook group via his live session on Facebook.

grow facebook group

07. Create a Top Bar to promote your Facebook group

One of the easiest ways to inform your website visitors that you have a Facebook group is to set a top-bar on your Blog.

For Example: Mom Entrepreneur had set a top-bar for promoting her Facebook Group.

moms blog

This type of top-bar is very easy to create with an opt-in tool like OptinMonster.

08. Put a Link in Your Welcome Email

What do you do when someone subscribes to your email list?

I don’t know about you…

But every good email marketer sends a welcome email to their new subscribers.

This email contains information about them, their blog or some other related information.

Now you can also leverage your welcome email to get your Facebook group in front of new people who join your list.

For Example: Here you can see how Stuart Walker from Nichehacks is promoting his Facebook group through his welcome email.


You can do the same to get more members in your Facebook group.

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09. Promote your group on your “thank you” pages

If you are using an opt-in form on your blog then you must have created a Thankyou page or landing page that appears after your blog visitor put their email address.

I think Thank You page is a great place to promote Facebook groups to your targeted audience.

When someone has just given up their email address – that means they probably already adore your content and your brand.

So, why not let them know that you have a Facebook group.

For example- here is how I am promoting my Facebook group with Thankyou page.

Thankyou page

10. Mention It in Your Author Bio

I think all of you must be aware of Author Bio.

As a blogger and writer, I love seeing my name on every blog post which I write.

As you all know author bio contains some short info about the writer as well as you can also add a link into your bio.

So, why not add your Facebook group link into your Author Bio.

For example – Here is how Elna from TwinsMommy is promoting her Facebook group via her Author Bio.

promote your facebook group

11. Mention Your Group in a Podcast

Do you love listening to podcasts?

I do…

I just love listening to Pat Flynn (smart passive income) and John Lee (Entrepreneur on Fire) podcasts.

But apart from listening, you can also be a guest on any Podcast show.

It takes only 1-2 hours of yours and you’ll totally enjoy that time.

Once the Podcast is over, the show owner typically writes about you and they’ll also add some useful resources link after the podcast.

For Example: Elna Cain went on a podcast and the show host mentioned her Facebook group and her blog in his podcast show.

promote Facebook groups
Credit – twinsmommy.com

12. Pin Your Group on Twitter

Just like Instagram, Twitter also provides a place near your bio to add one of your important links.

And it can be one of the best ways to get your Facebook group in front of the new audience.

Because Whenever you connect with someone, your BIO is the first place they’ll look to know more about you.

13. Leverage Pinterest to grow your Facebook group

With more than 335 million active users, Pinterest is ruling the internet.

It is a great place to share your content with bloggers, marketers and business owners alike.

Just like other forms of content, when it comes to sharing your group on a social media platform, Pinterest is pivotal than any others.

Because here your post lasts much longer than any other social media network like Facebook and Twitter.

You can create some amazing Pinterest graphic with free graphic designing tools like Canva and pin it on Pinterest.

I bet this is one of the best ways to make your Facebook group popular.

14. Create an Opt-In Form for Your Group

As we all know creating and placing an opt-in form on your blog is one of the best ways to grow your email list.

You can apply the same strategy for boosting your Facebook group too.

You can create a dedicated opt-in form for your Facebook group and show it as a popup or after your every blog post.

For Example: Holly McCaig has created a dedicated landing page for their readers to directly join their Facebook group through an opt-in form.

opt in form

TIP: Try to create an ebook for your opt-in form to attract more audience.

15. Place a link on Pinterest group boards you own

If you are doing Pinterest marketing then you might have your own Pinterest group.

Your Pinterest group board is also a good place to show your Facebook group to others.

Pinterest has got enough space to write a description for a board, Simply add your FB group URL there.

Everyone who visits your group board will get to know about your Facebook group from there.

For Example: Krystal from Daily Femme has a Pinterest group where she is promoting her Facebook group.

pinterest group

16. Sprinkle links all over your website

Your website is going to be the best bet to accumulate new members for your new Facebook group.

Because you want to add the same target audience in your Facebook group who are already interested in your brand & content.

So start attaching your Facebook group link on all the possible places of your Website.

Try to make it cool, I am not suggesting you to sprinkle your group link on all the random places.

Because your user should not get annoyed with your Facebook group promotion.

Here are the few places where you can link your Facebook group:

  • Homepage
  • Footer menu
  • About page
  • Contact page
  • End of blog post

Example – Here is how my friend Santanu is promoting his Facebook group on his homepage of the blog.

Promote facebook group on homepage

Here is how I am promoting my Facebook group in my Footer of blog.

Add link in footer

17. Link your group in other Facebook groups

There are many Facebook group which have daily or weekly prompt to share a new blog post, lead magnet or even your Facebook group link.

As long as you’re mindful to read each thread’s rules, you can easily promote your Facebook group through those threads.

This works exceedingly well in groups that have similar content and audience as yours.

gain more member in facebook group

18. Put your Facebook group link in your email signature

One of the best ways to gain new members for your Facebook group is to add your Facebook group link in your email signature.

This way you will get an opportunity to get people in your group every time you send a new email to your subscribers.

Here is how Arfa promoting her Facebook group with her each email.

Email signature

You can use any other creative way to execute this strategy to grow the Facebook group.

19. Create a Blog Post About Your Facebook Group

Create a blog post like this or any other where you can get a chance to add your Facebook group link.

Here are a few blog post ideas from my side, where you’ll get the opportunity to promote your Facebook group.

  • How to create an amazing Facebook group.
  • How to create a stunning FB page.
  • 12 ways to drive blog traffic from the Facebook group.
  • 16 ways to increase Facebook page followers.
  • How to keep more engaged with Facebook followers.

Recently I published an article about “Best Facebook Group For Bloggers“. If your group is related to blogging & affiliate marketing and in case you want me to add your group in this list then just comment down below I would love to add it.

Best facebook groups

20. Add link At the End of every Blog Posts

There is no shame in adding different call-to-action at the end of your blog post.

You can have share buttons, lead magnet, content upgrade, related posts, a conversation starter question, and even a promotion for your Facebook group!

For example: This is how Caitlin Bacher is promoting her Facebook group at the end of her every blog post.

facebook group promote

21. Mention your group in interviews and guest blogging bios

Interviews and guest blogging is the best way to increase your reach outside your usual audience.

So, why not make most out of these opportunities by mentioning your Facebook group link wherever it is relevant.

Wherever you feel that it is worth mentioning your group, do mention it.

22. Add a link on your 404 pages

I don’t think the 404 pages are good for any website.

Since they indicate that your website visitors aren’t getting what they are looking for.

But, since 404 pages are one of those inevitables in life, So, why not use them for a good cause.

You can add a call to action text or button for inviting peoples to join your Facebook group.

You can easily do this by using a 404 plugin like 404page.

22. Create Social Media post to promote Facebook group

You all have your Facebook profile and Facebook Page.


And almost all of you have at least 500 friends on Facebook.

Then why not inform your Facebook friends about your newly created Facebook group.

There might be many of your Facebook friends who would be interested in joining your group.

Just create a post about your Facebook group and tag your all friends.

Whoever is interested will definitely join your group.

Example: I did the same things when I launched my Facebook group on 1st January.

promote your facebook group member

Not just Facebook you can create a post about your group on other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram too.

24. Share it on your YouTube Channel

Without any doubt, video content is getting more popular and appealing on the internet day by day.

According to a survey – 80% of all consumer internet traffic will be from video content by 2022.

As well as currently more than 500 hours of videos are consumed daily by users on YouTube.

I think this makes it a perfect place to promote your Facebook group and grow your Facebook group.

If you have one then that’s great otherwise you can create one. Rember there are plenty of benefits of having a YouTube channel in 2020.

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25. Send a mass message on Facebook

Here is what I exactly meant from the mass message:

  • Go through your friend’s list and find people who are ultimately related to your group content.
  • Add all of them to a new message chat on Facebook messenger.
  • Finally, draft a message explaining few words about your new facebook group and send to all of them in one click.

This way you will add new members to your Facebook group who is actually interested in your brand and content.

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Final thought on How to Grow Facebook Group

Having a Facebook group in 2020 is the best way to build an engaged community of your exact target audience.

It’ll not only boost your credibility and authority in your niche but it will also help you grow your Blog and Business in the long run.

However, just creating a new group is not enough, you have to make sure that new like-minded peoples are joining your Facebook group on a daily basis.

The 25 promotional strategies I have shared above will definitely help you grow your Facebook group on autopilot.

Which promotional strategies you are going to try first? let me know in the comments.


Hi, I am Shivam Choudhary founder of Nerdblogging.com – A blog that helps online entrepreneurs start, grow, and scale their blog. Whether you are looking for the right advice to get your blog off the ground or proven strategies to accelerate your blog’s growth, I am here to help you get further. 

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