50 Infographics submission sites

Infographic Submission sites To Promote Your Infographic (and Get Backlinks)

Infographics are considered as the best way to reach your audience. Why?

  • Because the infographic shows that you are an expert in what you are writing about, which builds credibility.
  • As well as people like to check out more visual content than text content. That’s why infographics are shareable as well as linkable easily.

But have you ever created an amazing infographic but still waited for a week or month for authority sites to link back to your infographic?

I don’t know precisely about you, but it often happens with almost everyone.

Free infographics submission

In this scenario, you have two options.

First, You can wait for a week or month for an influencer or blogger to notice and include a contextual link to your article. (Which is not going to happen most of the time)

And secondly, you can go out of your way to promote your infographic and earn the backlinks that your infographic deserves.

Well, the second option looks more promising.

Now the question is “How to Promote Infographics”

Well, the best way to promote your infographic and gain high DA backlink would be to leverage infographic submission sites.

Here we have compiled a list of all the free sites where you can submit your infographic in 2020 and increase the reach of your infographics.

So, in 2020, there are only few Directory submission sites with High DA that are effective and can give you SEO benefits.

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In this On page SEO checklist, we’ll go step by step through all of these factors. So, Just follow this checklist and you’ll achieve a perfectly optimized page.

#1. Infographics Showcase

Infographic showcase

Infographic showcase is a very popular website where you can showcase your amazing infographics and grab the attention of influencers.

They accept a wide variety of topics for infographic submissions as long as you follow their guidelines which are written on their submission page.

How to Submit: You just need to send an email to the editor with your infographic and their details. For more details, check out their submission page.

#2. Visually


Visually allows you to create, submit, analyze, and sell off infographics and other graphic works.

As here we are talking about infographic submission, So you can use their submit option to submit your infographic. Visual.ly also provide analytics option to checkout reach of your infographics.

How to submit: Visit visual.ly website, then create an account, and submit your infographic. For more details, check out their submission page.

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#3. Graphs.net


Graphs.net is the leading resource for infographics and data visualization. This site aims to provide creative infographics related to different niches which include Tech, Sports, Cooking, Painting, Fashion, Writing, Fitness, Gym, Food and more...

Till date, graphs.net has published more than 10,000 infographics and they are receiving more than 500 submissions every month.

How to Submit: You can submit your infographic for free of cost but that will take 2-4 weeks to get published on the sites, You can also opt for their express service which is priced at $25/submission where your image will be published within 2-4 days. To learn more, check out their submission page.

#4. Slideshare


Slideshare is a very popular website that allows the users to upload and share presentations, PDF and other documents.

It is frequently used for uploading slide shows because users are getting potential views on their Slides. Apart from slide shows, it is also a good website to promote your infographic.

How to submit:  First of all create your account and upload your infographic. Your infographic will be published within 2-3 days for free of cost.

#5. Infographic archives


Infographic archives started by the group of few designers and programmers with a deep passion for creating and reading Infographics. They are giving digital libraries offering links to the world’s best Infographics and data visualization on the web…

How to Submit: They are not offering free submission, Their standard submission price is $20 in which your infographic will be published within 2-3 business days. For free submission Check out this page

#6. Cool infographics

Cool infographics

Cool infographics was started by Randy Krum. This site has quickly grown among the infographic submission sites. With an average of over 7,000 visitors per day and 300,000 page views per month, the site has reached a Google Page Rank of 6/10.

How to Submit: For submitting your infographic you have to fill the contact form with a link to your infographic. Whenever your infographic will be published you will get a mail.

#7. Fast company

Fast company

Fast company is one of the most popular brands in web news and blogging. Luckily the fast company has Infographic of the Day section where one can showcase their infographics.

Unfortunately, there is no option to submit your infographic but you can directly contact the editor and send your beautiful and relevant infographic.

Remember these kinds of sites are very huge so they will not accept any low-quality infographics, but if your infographic is published on these sites then you’ll get huge online reach.

How to Submit: You have to just send an email on media@fastcompany.com. Try to be short, and present an amazing piece.

#8. UCollect Infographic


Ucollect is an infographic submission site which showcases some of the great data visualization and infographic across the world.

How to Submit: Currently, they are not offering any free option to submit your Infographic. Visit their submission page for more details.

#9. Reddit

Reddit infographics

Reddit is one of the popular platforms on the internet founded by Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman.

Reddit has many subreddits related to the infographic. One of the most popular subreddit to submit infographics is /r/infographics. Submitting your infographic on Reddit can be very beneficial for any blogger.

How To Submit: Before submitting your infographic to /r/infographics you have to read their guideline, and if you follow their guideline you can easily submit your infographics.

#10. Flickr


Flickr is one of the best online photo management and sharing application in the world.

However Flickr is mainly used for showcasing photos, but you can also use it for showcasing your infographics.

How to Submit: First of all create your account, Then you have to create an album, and finally submit your infographic.

#11. Infographic Bee


Infographic Bee is a place where you can explore some of the beautiful infographics as well as you can submit your own creation. Once your submission is approved it will be published with a short description and a colour palette with hex codes.

How to submit: Simply click on the “Submit Infographic” link on the left sidebar and then you have to fill out the form. Now you will be directed to the payment gateway page where you can choose express submission or you can click on skip for publishing your infographic for free of cost.

#12. Infographic Reviews

infograhicc reviews

Infographic Reviews is not only a free infographic submission sites, but they also offer a review system that objectively judges the quality of data presented on your infographic.

Your infographic will be rated on the scale of 0 (Your infographic sucks and will never get any tweets ) to 5 ( Which means one of the best infographics on the block and going viral soon!

How to submit: You can submit your infographic by clicking on here Once your infographics get approved by them they will send you an email within few days.

#13. Infographic Journal

Infographics journal

Infographic Journal is one of the top infographics submission sites on the internet which mainly focus on showcasing some of the best creative infographics. They showcase infographics related to different niches including internet, technology, health, food, Blogging, Fashion, Fitness and more.

How to Submit: Infographic Journal provides two types of submission first one is basic and the other one is express. Basic submission is free of cost where your infographic will take 2-3 week to be reviewed and published Whereas in express submission costs you $25 wherein your infographic is submitted on the same day. Click here to submit your infographic.

#14. Daily infographic

Daily infographics

Daily infographic is one of my favourite infographic submission sites. The best part of this site is they feature daily one new most interesting infographics on the web. If your infographic is featured on their site then you can easily grab 10-20k views.

How to submit: luckily submitting your infographic isn’t hard. You have to just visit their Work With Us section and fill out the form they have provided. As it is a big site, so they get dozens of request every day. So, you have to try to differentiate yourself from others to easily get approval.

#15. Mashable infographic

Mashable infographics

Mashable is a multi-platform media and entertainment company founded by one and only Pete Cashmore. It is a leading website which covers news, information and resources related to internet and technology.

How to submit: At Mashable, you can visit http://mashable.com/submit/ and pitch your design. Most they approve infographics related to social media, major current events, technology, and entertainment.

#16. Nerdgraph


Nerdgraph is the no. 1 source for the best infographics. It is a free infographic submission site runs by three peoples who are passionate about the infographic.

How to Submit: You can simply go to this page “Submit Infographic” and submit your creatives infographic.

#17. Infographic labs

Infographics labs

Infographic labs is a Japan-based design agency who are specialized in creating popular informational graphics. They also host a blog which curates and highlights infographics on any topic.

How to Submit:  Just Visit their contact page and pitch your infographic. They don’t have any rules or guideline. So, always try to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

#18. News I Like


Next infographic submission sites in our list is News I like. It is publishing news/facts/reviews in the form of infographic, videos, and articles in technology, business & finance, digital media.

They have published more than 10,000 infographics till date. If you have some good infographics then you can easily get good traffic as well as high DA link from News I Like.

How to submit: First of all you have to Visit their Submit Infographic page, fill out the requested information and provide a URL for your infographic. Once your infographic is approved it will be published on their homepage as well as you will get a link in their RSS feeds.

#19. Submit infographic

Submit infographics

Submit infographic is one of the oldest running infographic submission sites online.  They are providing a place for designers and companies alike, to get their hard work seen as well as critiqued.

How to Submit: You can submit your infographic by filling this form. It will cost $3 to post your infographic which will be published within a month. If you want to publish your infographic sooner that you can opt for their other paid plans.

#20. Infographic Post

Infographic post

Infographic Post is one of the popular infographics submission site, In this site, they publish the most interesting and informative infographics on the Web. You can check back their sites every week for new infographic. So you can share them with others and engage at the same time.

How to Submit: This site offers free submission, but there is no guarantee that your infographic will be published. However, you can pay $10 for publishing your infographics within 5 days and $20 for infographic published within 2 days. 

#21. Infographic Plaza

Infographic plaza

Infographic Plaza is free infographic submission sites which showcase some cool and creative infographics from all over the world.

It is a great place if you want to share your passion for infographics and data visualizations on any topic.

How to Submit: You can submit your infographic here for free of cost. But review process will take over a month or two. If you want to publish your infographic sooner then you have to pay $10.

#22. Directory of Infographics

Directory of infographics

As the name suggests it is one of the most comprehensive infographics directories who has a huge database of infographics from different categories and niches.

How to Submit: You can submit your infographic for free of cost but there is no guarantee that your infographic will be published. For instant publishing, you have to pay $10. Click here to submit your infographic.

#23. Visulattic


Visulattic is a project with the aim to create the best visual best information graphics or visual data on the web.

If you are a blogger or graphic designer and want to publish your graphic works like sketch, infographic, logo or any other work of art.  Then this can be the best place for you.

How to Submit: To submit your infographic you have to just visit this page and fill out the form.

#24. Infographic database

Infographic database

Infographic database has huge collection of infographic and they also offer
infographic submission service.

How to Submit: This site charge $20 for infographic submission. For more details, check out their submission page.

#25. Galleryr


Galleryr is a premium infographic gallery site. Who publishes only high-quality infographics that provide valuable and trusted information.

How to submit: They are offering a free infographic submission service. You just have to fill out this infographic submission form.

#26. Wingforgraphic


Wingforgraphic is UK’s #1 site for infographics. The best part of this site is it is instant approval infographics submission sites.

How to submit: You can feature your infographic on winforgraphic for just $19. For more information visit this page.

#27. The infographics

The Infographics

The infographics contains some of the high-quality infographics on all over the web. This site was started by Tom Cumpsty. The best way to submit your infographic there will be try to build a good relationship with the site owner and editor.

How to submit: Just connect with Tom Cumpsty on Twitter and show him your work. If your work is worth the publishing, he will surely publish it on his site.

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#28. All Infographics

All infographics

All Infographics high da infographic submission sites who have DA (Domain authority) of 50+. This site is a leading source of all information for all stuff in this world through the medium of infographics.

How to Submit: Submission is free of cost but your creation may take time to get published on this site. For more details check out this page.

#29. Infographic portal

Infographic portal

Infographic portal is a free infographics submission site that gimmicks quality infographics with short outline under various classifications. The main aim of this website is to Publish those infographics which contain high-quality information or data.

How to submit: You can submit your infographic for free of cost by just visiting this page. Make sure to post original content otherwise they will delete your post.

#30. Behance


Most of you must be familiar with its name. This is a popular website which is used by designers from all over the world to showcase their works. If you have really designed some infographics that you’re really proud of, then you can showcase it on Behance and get high-quality backlinks. There is no doubt that it is one of the high pr infographic submission sites.

How to submit: First of all create your free account here and then click on Add work and finally upload your infographic for free of cost.

#31. Infographics zone

Infograohics zone

Infographics zone is one of the largest infographics submission directories. This site has a huge database of cool and creative infographics.

How to submit: Submitting infographic on this site is totally free. You have to just send them an email with all the info unique introduction of 200 – 250 words and a “Unique Title” of the infographic.

#32. Submit Visuals

submit visuals

Submit Visuals is not just an infographic submission site, It publishes creative graphic Images, infographics, videos, memes, animated GIFs presentations, and many more with a short description.

How to submit: This site accepts good quality infographics for free of cost.
Click here to submit your infographic.

#33. Amazing infographics

amazing infographics

If you have some good quality infographic and you want to share it with the world then Amazing infographics can be a good place for you. They accept infographics for free of cost. As they receive lots of requests every day. So, you have to differentiate yourself from others to easily get approval.

How to submit: This site accepts good quality infographics for free of cost.
Click here to submit your infographic.

#34. Infographics Posters

Infographics poster

Infographics Posters provides a platform for infographic fans to come together and share their works. Here you will get infographics on diverse traffic from Food to technology, Internet, Fashion and many more.

How to Submit: They charge $30 for each submission. When you pay the amount you will be redirected to submission form where you have to just fill-up the form and your infographic will be instantly published.

#34. Only infographic

only infographcs

The Only infographic is free infographics submission site. Before submitting your request here make sure that you are the real representative/owner of the infographics because they do not approve Duplicate contents.

How to submit: To submit your infographic you have to just visit this page and fill out the form.

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Wrapping it up

So, this was the list of the Free infographics submission sites. Submitting your infographics to these sites or directories can be a super effective tactic to earn high-quality backlinks.

I would love to know more about your infographics marketing strategy? Do you use Facebook marketing, directories or anything else? Share your personal experience with me in the comment section.


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