How to Remove Powered by WordPress

Step By Step Guide To Remove “Powered By WordPress” Footer Link

Several native WordPress themes use the footer section to display the “Proudly powered by WordPress” link. Many WordPress theme developers take this further and add their own name and link like – Theme by Company X.

You put your money and efforts to make your website look as professional as you can, but this single text appearing on your site footer area steals all the credit from you and makes it look naive.

Because of these small things your website always looks dull.

Especially if you are running a business or company website then this single line might give a very negative impact on your customers and clients.

Remove Powered by WordPress Footer Links

So, it is something that should be removed from your site as soon as possible.

I know, now most of you might be thinking that how can I remove the Footer credit? Is there any plugin available for this? is it legal to remove theme credit and so on.

Well, In this article, I will answer all your question regarding footer credit as well as also show you step by step process to remove footer credit with screenshots.

First of all, Why You should remove it?

There are many reasons why you may want to get rid of “Powered by WordPress” or “Theme By company XYZ” footer credit from your site:

You Want to Replace it With Something Else: One of the main reason why most of the website owner wants to remove footer credit from WordPress website is because they want to replace it with their own text credit in the footer. Usually, most of the website owners replace it with copyright declaration on the site.

You are a website or theme developer: If you are someone who develops a theme or designs a website then you may want the website visitors to know who developed or designed that website.

remove footer crdit link from wordpress

It Doesn’t Look Professional: Another reason why you may want to get rid of “Powered by WordPress” credit because it can look a bit unprofessional. If it is your own site, then you want to make sure that the efforts you have put reflect throughout the whole website.

Is it legal to remove WordPress footer credit links?

This is one of the very popular questions that I encounter a lot in my Facebook group.

Well, you’ll be pleased to know that you won’t get into any legal trouble even if you keep or remove the powered by WordPress footer credit link.

WordPress is open-source software; This basically means you are free to use, modify and even redistribute the CMS according to your requirements.

Any WordPress theme or plugin that you download from the WordPress directory and even most commercial WordPress themes & plugins are all open source.

So, you have the full right to do whatever you want to do with your website including removing the footer credit link.

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How to Remove Powered by WordPress Footer Link

There are several ways to remove or change footer credit text from a WordPress website, below I have shared 4 most simple and quick ways to remove the footer link.

Method 1: Through The Theme Customizer

Most of the WordPress theme developers know that their users most probably want to get rid of that unprofessional-looking credit line in the footer of their site. So, they themselves provide an option to remove and edit footer credit in their theme.

There are more than thousands theme available for WordPress and every theme provider have this setting available under different sections.

But the first place you should start looking for it is inside the WordPress theme customizer.

So, first of all, go to Appearance > Customize on the WordPress dashboard.

remove wordpress powered by link

Then look for the option named as Footer credit or Copyright area or something like that. (Because as I earlier said every theme add and name this option differently on their theme)

If you are a regular reader of my blog then most probably you will be knowing that I use the Generatepress premium theme on my every blog.

So in my case, I can find the copyright setting in Customize > Layout > Footer.

remov powered by wordpress link

And from here I can completely remove the footer credit as well as add my own text.

Note: All the WordPress Themes do not have this functionality, Especially free themes. But if they have then removing and replacing the footer credit with their built-in option is the easiest way.

This is why I always recommend my readers to use a theme like Genearatepress premium which gives you the functionality to customize each and everything on your blog. You may check out my Generatepress review for more details.

But nonetheless, even if your theme does not have this built-in option then also you have many other ways to remove footer credit from your site.

Method 2 : Remove Footer Credit with the help of a Plugin

The next most quick way to remove footer credit from your WordPress blog is by using a Free Plugin. Below I will give you step by step instructions to remove the “Powered by WordPress” footer credit with the Remove Footer Credit plugin.

Step 1 – First of all download and activate Remove Footer Credit plugin on your blog. In case If you don’t know how to install a WordPress plugin yet, feel free to check this tutorial by WpBeginner.

Step 2 – Now from your WordPress dashboard navigate to Tools > Remove Footer Credit. After clicking on the plugin name, you will see something like this.

Now as you can see in the above screenshot that there are two blank sections. The first one, in which you have to enter the code that you want to remove from your site and then in the next one, you have to enter the edited code.

remove wordpress powered by link

If the plugin automatically detect your theme footer credit link then you are lucky and you just need to enter the new text in second section and you are good to go. But if the plugin do not support your theme then you have to manually find the footer credit code and replace with your own code.

See, everything on your website has code linked back to it. So, in our case, there must be some code that belongs to the footer credits and all we have to do is find that code in our theme and paste it here to replace it with our new code. so let’s follow step 3 to find the footer credit code.

Step 3 – Open your website homepage in a new tab, then right-click anywhere on your website and then select ‘view page source’ or you can directly enter CTRL+U on your keyboard. After doing so, you will see all the HTML codes related to your website.

Step 4 – Now all you need to do is press CTRL+F (for chrome users) to get the search option and then search for ‘Powered By WordPress’ in the source file and copy the line highlighted in the following image.

remove footer credit text (1)

Step 5 – Now paste the code you copied in step 4 in the upper section of the plugin and In the lower section, you will have to edit this code line. So, just replace the WordPress website URL with your own website link and then replace “Powered by WordPress” with something like “All Rights Reserved | Your-Website-name” or anything that you may want. Don’t forget to click Save once you’re done.

Method 3 : Remove Powered by WordPress by Editing the Footer.php Code

In case if you are not able to find your footer credit code or the plugin does not work in your case, Still you can remove Powered by WordPress Footer Links from your site by editing Footer.php Code of your theme.

Here is how to do that:

Step 1 – Login into your WordPress dashboard.

Step 2 – From the left-hand menu, go to Appearance >> Editor and Click on Editor.

how to remove powered by wordpress footer credit link

Step 3 – Now on the right side of your theme editor look for footer.php file and click on it.

how to remove powered by wordpress footer credit link

Step 4 – Once the footer.php open up, you can easily search and delete the footer credit link. It will completely depend on theme -where you will find the footer credit code in your footer.php file.

For example – If you are using twentyseventeen theme, then you will see something similar like the below-attached screenshot.

how to remove powered by wordpress footer credit link

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Method 4 : Remove the “Proudly powered by WordPress” link via CSS

If you have already read many articles before coming to this article on this topic then some site may had suggested you to remove powered by link with the help of CSS code.

Well, removing the footer credit link with CSS is the easiest and quickest way compare to all the other methods mentioned in this article.

All you need to do is go to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS and paste the following CSS.

.site-info { display: none; }

While this might seem like a quick, easy, workaround, but I never recommend you to use this technique to remove your footer credit link.

Because Google does not like hiding link with display:none because this is a very common technique spammer use to hide the link from users while still showing it to Google.

So, it may look simple to remove your footer credit by adding a line of CSS but it put the SEO of your site at risk and you site might get flagged by Google.

More awesome articles like this:

You can also check out this Youtube video by wpmudev explaining how to remove footer credit from the WordPress website.

Over To You :

This was the complete tutorial on how to remove Powered by WordPress footer credit link via different methods. I strongly recommend you to use only the first three methods to remove the footer credit link from your WordPress site.

In case if you are still not able to edit your WordPress footer, then I will suggest you hire a professional developer on Fiver or Upwork.

I hope this article has helped you in getting rid of footer credit text from your WordPress blog.

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