How to Get Adsense Approval

Step By Step Guide To Get Adsense Approval For New Blog

How do you ensure that you Google Adsense application get accepted in the very first time? How long does Adsense approval take? What to do if your application got rejected by Google team.

You’ll get the answer to all these Questions in today’s post.

Google Adsense is the most popular ad network to monetize a blog or website. For most of the sites, it is better than any other CPC ad programs.

It offers their publishers the highest CTR for every page. And one can make a lot of recurring revenue on a daily basis from Google Adsense.

But before you take advantage of all the benefit Adsense has to offer, you need a fully approved Adsense Account.

Get adsense approval

In this guide, you’ll find an easy-to-follow narrative that describes how to get approved for Google AdSense with a new Blog.

💡 Editor’s Note:

Before Applying for Google Adsense, you’ll need a full-fledged website. Google does allow Blogspot blog to apply for Adsense but still, if you have a self-hosted WordPress site – then the chance of getting approval will be twice.

#1. It’s a manual review, not an algorithmic review

The very first thing you need to understand is that an actual Google employee is going to manually visit your site, click around and check your post and pages.

It’s not a robot who will crawl your site and check for everything listed in their requirement list.

That means some very smart Google employee is going to visit your site and review each and everything and then finally decide whether you have a high quality site that actually adds value to the readers.

This is why you need to make sure you impress the reviewer with your high-quality site in each possible way.

#2. Use top-level domain(TLD) name

Let’s start off with what is TLD?

The letter at the end of a website URL are known as its TLD. Example of few to-level domains include the oldest and most popular .com, .in, .org and .net. For example – In my own Blog URL “” .com is the top level domain.

What’s important to understand here is “TLDs” are very trustworthy and Google tends to accept such domains over the new extensions like “.company, .guru, .pro, .mobi, .travel.

I am not at all saying Google won’t accept any other domain extension, but I am trying to say that a TLD has much higher chances of getting approved quickly.

💡 Want a free .COM domain name?

Normally a top-level domain name cost $8-$15/year and web hosting start from $5.99/month. This is a lot of money especially if you are just starting out.

Luckily DreamHost has agreed to offer our readers a free domain name, SSL certificate along with 43% Discount on WordPress optimized hosting.

Basically, you can pay $3.95/month for hosting, and you will get a domain name for free, so you can start your blog/website at the lowest possible price.

💡 Note For Blogspot user: Google has made changes to its policy in the last few years. If you are running a Blogspot blog and using a domain like then also you have high chances of getting your Adsense account approved easily.

However, one thing you should keep in mind that you will be not able to use that Adsense account on any other domain like, you have to submit a request to upgrade your AdSense account.

#3. Publish At least 15-20 High-Quality Content

Once you have set up your blog with a good domain name, the next thing you have to do is publish some high-quality content.

Writing high-quality content is important you can’t ignore it at any cost, When I say important I mean it.

Google always gives priority to Good content which adds value for the Google users. And As I mentioned earlier your application will be manually reviewed by a human being, so you have to impress them with your content in order to get Google Adsense Approval.

What do I mean by high-quality content?

First of all, it should not be a copy-pasted article. Most of the newbies make this mistake very often, they copy the articles of another blog and paste it on their own blog.

If you are doing the same then trust me you are never ever going to get Adsense approval for your site.

So take your time to write original and unique content with proper headings and bullet lists.

Make sure your contents are at least 1000 words long and most importantly it should be useful and informative for your niche audience.

Next question which most of the bloggers often ask “what should be the minimum number of posts before applying for Google Adsense?

Frankly speaking, there is not any rule or criteria set by Google that you should have at least 10,20 or 50 contents on your blog in order to get your Adsense account approved.

In my blogging journey, I have seen a few bloggers whose Adsense application got rejected even there were more than 200 posts published on their blog.

While I got Adsense approval for one of my niche sites when I had just 7 posts on my blog.

Yup, that’s true.

However, as per my experience, I will always recommend you to publish at least 25 good quality content before applying for Google Adsense.

#4. Make sure your Blog Design and Layout is top class

What’s the first thing you look on a website- when you visit it for the first time.

Obviously, it’s website design.

Your website design and layout gives the first impression to your readers to engage them with your website.

What Makes a Good overall Website Design & Layout

1. Get a Premium theme for your site

Though it’s not compulsory to use Premium theme, but there is reason behind why I am saying this.

See, for me theme selection is way more than picking an option which “looks good”, its also about choosing something that works well for your blog content and goal.

Put simply use a free theme if you:

  • Want to start a personal blog
  • Want some basic functionality
  • Don’t care if your site looks the same as most
  • Manage everything on your own or no need of support

Alternatively, use a premium WordPress theme if you:

  • Are going to use your site for money making/business purpose
  • Want your website to look unique
  • Need all the necessary feature to design a good site
  • Want help of a dedicated support team

Which WordPress theme I recommend?

See, when I started blogging 5 years back, I also used to use free themes. But later I realized investing in premium theme is worth every penny.

However not every premium theme are equal. Some may look good to you in their demo version, but when you install them on your site, they may slow down your site.

The one theme that I have been personally using from last 1 and a half year is GeneratePress. It offers all the necessary feature, plus it is also one of the most lightweight theme out there.

Generatepress speed test (1)

2. Make use of Page Builder to give your site a Unique Look

Even if you use a premium theme on your site, still somewhere your site design will look very similar to thousands of website using the same theme.

Then, how can you make a custom unique design for your site?

Use a “Page Builder”

Page Builder tools are meant to help you create complex website design faster, even if you have no experience with web design or development.

Using the right solution, you’ll be able to build sites that will look unique and include only those option which is necessary for your blog goal. Plus you won’t have to spend thousands of dollar and several month on the development process.

Which Page Builder I recommend?

I personally use Thrive Architect on my website. It will cost you approx $69 but worth every penny. This is how I have designed the homepage of my site with Thrive Architect.

NerdBlogging homepage

3. Make your site mobile responsive

Serch Engine like Google and Bing gives first priority to mobile-friendly sites. So, if your website is responsive in different devices, changes of getting your Adsense account pproved will be increased.

Use Google’s mobile-friendly test tool to check the responsiveness of your site.

Mobile friendly test

4. Make sure your site loads fast

Google has clearly said that site speed is one of their main ranking factor.

Page speed ranking factor of google

So, if your site is not loading under at least 3 second, make sure to improve your loading time.

Hosting and Caching plugin are two of the major factor which influences how fast your site will load. So, if you are using a cheap hosting solution [EIG], your site must be slow.

Make sure to check our ultimate guide on WordPress hosting to find a good host for your site.

#5. Add a clear, easy-to-use navigation

This is something which the Adsense team has recently included in their basic requirements.


What is the navigation menu?

The navigation menu basically allows you to present a site structure to your readers. It helps your readers find information and browse through the different section of your site,

So what you have to do here is, add all the important pages and categories of your site in the menu and place that navigation menus close to the headers.

If you are using the GeneratePress theme, then you already have plenty of places to add navigation menu like before headers, after header, center, right of the header, left of the header, etc.

Here is how my site navigation menu looks like –

Bloggingnova navigation menu

#6. Make sure you have all the necessary page on your site

Some people don’t care about Privacy, disclaimer or about us page because they think that these pages do not make any sense to them.

Unfortunately, Google cares a lot about it and reject the application of those sites which do not have all these necessary pages.

Consider adding the following pages which are visible on your website:

(a) About us:

It’s not just important for Adsense that your website has the “About Us” page, but it also matters to your website/blog audiences.

The about us page is a reflection of the person and the purpose behind running a blog.

If you are a blog owner then a good about us page can establish a strong relationship with your readers.

Here is an example of the About Us page:

About us page

Helpful resource: How to Write a Killer “About Us” Page?

(b) Privacy Policy page:

A privacy policy page basically describes how a website will collect, store, protect, and utilize personal data provided by its users.

By letting your website user know what information is collected and what is done with that info, you can create a transparent environment in which peoples are more confident.

In fact, from the legal point of view, It is also necessary to be transparent with people’s data.

Helpful resource: The 10 Best Privacy Policy Generators.

(c) Contact Page :

What if something published on your site is bothering one of your readers?

What if someone has a few queries related to one of your content or product?

It’s better to give them an opportunity to reach up to you and tell what they feel about your content and site, what they like and what they don’t like.

By adding a contact us page on your site you are telling Google that you care for your readers and customers, they can contact you anytime and you are ready to help them.

Helpful resource: Best Plugins to Add a Contact Page to Your WordPress Site

(d) Disclaimer Page:

If you make money from your blog or website, then you should add a disclaimer page to your site.

This is where you can let users know about how you make money from your blog.

For example: If you display banner ads, publish sponsored content, or promote affiliate products, then you can inform your website users that this is how your content is monetized.

There are many more such important pages like Terms of Service page and Advertising page which you can add on your website.

But just adding these pages to your site is not going to help, you need to show these pages navigation on every page of your site or at least homepage. (So, that anyone can easily access it)

To show these pages as navigation, you just need to create a new menu and place that menu anywhere on your websites like Footer or sidebar.

For example – Here’s how I am showing all my important pages as a navigation menu in my footer area:

Important pages for website

#7. Make sure you are 18+

If you are not at least 18 years old then don’t apply for Adsense account because Google never approves Adsense account of those peoples who are below 18.

Adsense age requirement

But in today’s time, there are many young boys & girls (below 18 years of age) who want to make their online career at a very young age.

So, first of all, I appreciate your passion for making money online at such a young age.

In fact, I also started my online career when I was just 14 years old in the 6th class.

So, I guess I can tell you better what you can do as per my experience.

See, When you apply For Google Adsense you just enter your parent’s details rather than your own.

And you are easily going to get approval without any problem.

My Request: Please ask your parents before you use their any details and only use when they allow you to do so. I am sure if you explain everything clearly then they will definitely allow you.

#8. Remove all ads from other ad networks

If you are using any kind of ads from other ad networks like, or any other, then it’s time to drop them off.

Although Google allows you to use some selected ad networks with Adsense, still it is better to remove adds of other ad networks before submitting your application for Adsense approval.

Once your application is approved by the Google Adsense team you are free to those ad networks ads along with Adsense.

#9.Check your content type

The type of content you are currently publishing on your blog matters a lot for Google.

Google has very strict policies against certain types of content that advocate against any individual, group, or organization.

Here are some common content types that are not accepted by AdSense.

  • Pornography/Adult content
  • Pirated content
  • Hacking or cracking content
  • Illegal drugs-related to content
  • Or other content that is related to illegal stuff.

Additionally, there are only a few languages which are supported by Adsense, I have attached a screenshot of language supported by Adsense below. Make sure to use only those languages which are mentioned in this list.

Adsense supported language

#10. Connect your site with Google Search Console and submit the sitemap

Before you submit your website for Adsense approval, it is very important for you to connect your site with the Google search console tool.

The process to connect your site with the search console is very straight forward, so I won’t be explaining here in detail.

Recommended resource – How to add and verify your website with the new Google Search Console

Connecting your site with search console is important because it allows search engines to index your website content and pages – therefore Google and other search engines will know about your website existence.

On top of that, it is also recommended to create and submit your sitemap to search console for better and faster indexing.

Recommended resource – How to Create an XML Sitemap (and Submit It to Google)

#11. Use fresh details while submitting your application

Have you ever received this type of message after getting rejected from Adsense?


According to this email – The information user has provided while submitting his application already matches an approved Adsense account and Adsense does not permit multiple accounts to the same user.

But it does not mean same in every scenario:

Let me tell you how…

Suppose you submitted an application with your ( Gmail id and given all your personal information and mobile number.

Unfortunately, Google rejected this application…

Now next time maybe a day, a year or 2 years later if you are signing up for a new Adsense account and in case you even just put the same mobile number you used in your last rejected application – Still Adsense team will reject your application with the same notification “Your information is associated with another account”

The moral of the story here is – Always use fresh email id, personal details and most importantly mobile number while signing up for an Adsense account.


Apply For Adsense Account

This section will show you step by step process to apply for AdSense account.

Firstly click here to visit Adsense sign up page.

When you click on the above link, you’ll end up on a page with a simple form asking for your website URL, email address, and whether or not you want to receive emails with performance suggestions.

Apply for adsense

For the website, URL make sure to enter your website Adress without “Http or Https.”

Once you click on the “Save and Continue” button appearing in Blue color, you’ll be asked to choose your country and accept the terms & conditions. Then click on a blue button that says “Create Account”.

Adsense account create

On the next page, you’ll need to fill some basic details like your name, address, postcode ad phone number.

Google Adsense account

Editor’s Tips: Make sure to enter your accurate name and address because once you cross $10 in your Adsense account, You’ll receive your address verification code via normal courier on your address.

Once you’ll submit your name and address, you’ll be sent to a new page where you’ll need to verify your mobile number via OTP. (Which is just like any normal OTP verification)

Adsense phone verify


Connect Your Site With Adsense Account

Once you are done with phone number verification, Finally it’s time to connect your site with Adsense. Here’s how you can do that:

For site verification, Adsense provides a simple HTML code which you’ll need to paste between the <head> and </head> tags of your site.

It’s a very simple process, let me show you how to do that:

First of all, copy the code you appearing in your Adsense account.

Verify site with Adsense account

Now open your WordPress dashboard, Go to Appearance >> Theme editor.

Website theme edit

Next, from the right sidebar, Select the “header.php” file.

Wordpress header.php

Finally, paste the code you copied earlier from Adsense account between <head> and </head> tags.

Head tag in theme editor wordpress

Once you’ve pasted your code and update the theme file, finally come back to your Adsense Account and click on “Done.”

Now you have to wait for the next 24-48 hours until you receive confirmation from Adsense account regarding your Adsense account approval.

TIP: Make sure to check your Email regularly after 24 hours, as you’ll receive the confirmation notification on your email address which you used for creating Adsense account.


Create and place Ads on your site

This section will show you how you can create and place ads on your site, once your application got approved.

Once your account is approved by Adsense team, You’ll receive an email which will look something like this:

Google adsense account approved

Now as your account is fully approved, it’s time to create new ad units and place ad code on your site to start displaying Adsense ads to your website.

To create a new Ad unit, Login to your Adsense account > click on the Ads menu in the left column >> and then switch to the ‘By ad unit’ tab.

Now you have to choose the type of ad you want to display on your site. If you are unsure about all types of ads, then start with the display ads.

Create ad unit adsense

Next, you need to name your Ad unit and then select the ad size.

Google Adsense Ads

The name of ads here is just for internal purposes, so you can name it anything like – “NerdBlogging sidebar ad.”

Next, you need to choose the layout of your ads – Square, horizontal or vertical.

You can also choose whether you want your ad to be responsive or have a fixed size. I’ll recommend choosing responsive ads as they will adapt to the screen sizes of different devices. But yes for some cases, you might have fixed ad size.

Next, click on the Create button to continue.

Now AdSense will now generate the ad code for your ad unit. It contains the unique ad unit ID and your publisher ID.

Adsense ad codes

Just copy the code from here and place it wherever you want to display this ad on your site.

For this example, let me show you how you can add it to your sidebar with the help of a widget.

Simply go to Appearance » Widgets page in your WordPress admin area.

Wordpress widget

Next, drag & drop the ‘Custom HTML’ widget to the appropriate widget area and paste your Google AdSense code in there.

Adsense ad show on wordpress

That’s it now this Ad will start displaying at the sidebar of your site.

Editor’s Tips: Download a separate Adsense plugin like “WP Quad” on your WordPress site, this plugin will let you easily display ads on the different place of your website content.

WP quad adsense ads


FAQ related to Getting Adsense Approval

Here are some frequently asked question regarding Adsense account creation and approval process.

Yes, you can easily get Adsense approval even with the domain. Just like any WordPress users you also need to follow all the steps mentioned in this post and you’ll definitely get approved by Adsense teams.

The amount of traffic isn’t a factor for getting Adsense approval. There is no minimum or maximum traffic threshold set by Adsense official team for approving or disapproving an account.

Once you have successfully submitted your application and your site matches all the requirements of Adsense, your account will be usually approved within 24-48 hours.

If you are under 18, then you can create an Adsense account with your parent’s or guardian’s details, if they allow you to do so.

Sorry to say but it is never possible to get Adsense approval within 1 minute. You have to must follow their protocol that’s designed by Google itself. On average you have to wait for at least 1-2 days in order to get approved by the Adsense team.

Getting Adsense Approval for a YouTube Channel is completely different from the Websites.

First of all, you have to fulfill the minimum requirement to get Adsense approval for YouTube.

  1. Have more than 1,000 subscribers
  2. Have more than 4,000 public watch hours in the last 12 months.

If your YouTube channel meets the basic requirements of Youtube then you can apply for the youtube partner program.

Step by step process to apply for Adsense With youtube Channel

  1. Sign in to YouTube.
  2. In the top right, select your account icon > Creator Studio.
  3. In the left menu, select Channel > Status and features.
  4. Under “Monetization,” click Enable.
  5. Follow the on-screen steps.

Once you submit your application, the Adsense team will review your channel’s content to see whether it follows all of their guidelines.

In case everything goes in your favour your Adsense account will be successfully approved by them in the next 24-48 hours.

Sorry, you can’t get Adsense approval for a website that is using unsupported languages. You may have seen some special cases where ads are being displayed even on unsupported language blog.

Actually, some people get Adsense approval for a supported language first and then use the same ad code on other blogs.

There are few ways to get Adsense Approval without a website.

  • You can get Adsense approval with a Youtube account
  • You can create your account on revenue sharing sites like the hub page.
  • You can create an app to and monetize it with Adsense ads.

The Adsense approval process of India is not different from other countries. You just need to create a full-fledge site having 25-50 original and useful content. And then submit your application for Adsense approval. If your site meets all of their requirement, your account will be approved within 48 hours.

Adsense rejects an application for various reasons. However, some common reasons are Insufficient content, Unacceptable site content, poor blog design & layout, not having important pages, under 18 year age, details matching other approved account and many others.

First of all once Google approves your Adsense account they always send you a congratulation message on your registered email account. As well as once your Adsense account is fully approved then you’ll be able to use all the sections available in your Adsense account dashboard, Until approval, those sections would be inactive.

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Final thought on Getting Adsense approval

To sum up, in today’s time getting Adsense approval is not actually hard provided you have a good website that focuses more on the good quality content, uses a great design & layout and optimized for Google search engine. Because that’s what Google expects from every publisher.

Make sure you follow all the points that I’ve mentioned above before applying for Google Adsense. I am sure if you follow all the above points you’ll definitely get Adsense approval in upcoming days.

All the best my friend.

If you have any questions or doubt regarding how to get Adsense Approval then please let me know in the comments.


Hi, I am Shivam Choudhary founder of – A blog that helps online entrepreneurs start, grow, and scale their blog. Whether you are looking for the right advice to get your blog off the ground or proven strategies to accelerate your blog’s growth, I am here to help you get further. 

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