How To Clear WordPress Cache

Step By Step Guide For Clearing Cache in WordPress

Your web browser, caching plugin, CDN as well as hosting, can serve cached content which can make it difficult for you and your site visor to see the changes you made to your site right away.

Clearing your WordPress cache is the first troubleshooting advice any WordPress expert will give you in this situation.

In this post, I’ll show you how to quickly clear the cache for all the major browser, CDN, and all the major caching plugin, including WP Rocket, W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache.

Regardless of whether the issue is browser-based or server-based, by the end of this post, you’ll be seeing the most up-to-date version of your WordPress site.

Clear WordPress cache

What is Cache?

In simple computing term, cache is a location where the web pages data and other elements stored, so they can be retrieved quickly.

According To Wikipedia:

cache is a hardware or software component that stores data so that future requests for that data can be served faster; the data stored in a cache might be the result of an earlier computation or a copy of data stored elsewhere.

There are many different types of caching solutions available:

  • Browser cache – A place on your computer or mobile where the browser stores the information of the website which you visit. Rather than downloading information every time you visit the same website, the browser pulls the information from their store. That’s why the website load faster and less mobile data is used for accessing web pages.
  • Cache Plugin – Cache Plugins like WP Rocket, W3 total cache or WP Super cache offer an easy to use interface for controlling what to cache, when to expire cached content, and cleaning up the cache on demand.
  • Server Cache – This type of cache is created on the cache server by your website hosting.
  • CDN Cache – If you are using a free or premium CDN like Cloudflare, then they would also serve cached copies of your website content.

The main purpose of any type of caching is to speed up a website and improve the overall user experience.

However, sometimes outdated cache can stop you from seeing the changes you made on your site.

For example – You changed the color of your website From “Red” to “Blue” but your website is still showing old “Red” color.

So, in this situation, you have to manually clear caches to see the changes you made earlier.

01. Clear Your Browser Cache

Modern days browser like Google Chrome and Firefox comes with an integral caching system that stores static content of a website to make it load faster in the next visit.

However, sometime your browser may fail to realize that the web page has been updated with new content. That’s why instead of fetching a new fresh copy they may show you the previous copy of the web page stored on browser data storage.

In this situation, you have to manually clear your browser cache to see the updated copy of your web pages.

Here is the step by step process to clear cache from different browsers.

(A) Google Chrome

Let’s start with google chrome.

Step 1: First of all click the three-dot menu icon appearing at the top-right corner and navigate to “more tools”. Next, click on the “Clear browsing data.”

browser cache

Step 2: This will bring up a popup where you have to first select the time range of the data like – 1 week, 4 weeks or a month.

Step 3: Then you have to select the “cached image and file” & “Cookies and other sites data” option.

Clear browser cache

Step 4: Finally click on the “Clear Data” button.

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(B) Mozilla Firefox

Step 1: First of all click on the hamburger menu icon appearing on the top-right corner and select the “options” option.

Firefox option

Step 2: Now switch to “Privacy & Security” tab and scroll down until you see “Cookies and site data” option.

Browser cache firefox

Step 3: Now click on “Clear Data” button and check mark the box appearing before “Cached Web Content” & “Cookies and Site Data”

Clear cache firefox

Step 4: Finally click on Clear Data.

(C) Opera Browser

Step 1: First of all click on the “O” (Opera logo) appearing on the top-left corner of your browser, and then click on the Settings menu.

clear wordpress cache from firefox

Step 2: This will open the settings page for the opera browser. Here you have to go to the Privacy & Security section and then click on Clear browsing data button.

clear wordpress cache from firefox

Step 3: It will open a popup box where firstly you have to select the time range of data, then Tick marks the “Cached images and files” checkbox. Finally hit the “Clear Browsing Data” button appearing at the bottom of the box.

clear wordpress cache from firefox

(D) Microsoft Edge

Some people also use Microsoft edge also known as the internet explorer. Here is how to clear the cache of Edge browser.

Step 1: First of all click on the three-dot menu appearing on the top right corner and select Settings from the drop-down menu.

Clear browser caches

Step 2: Now go to the Privacy and Security section and under the Clear browsing data section Click on “Choose what to clear” button.

Internet cache

Step 3: This will bring up a popup where you have to tick mark the Cached data and files and click the Clear button.

microsoft edge cache

That is how you can clear cache from different browsers. Now I am going to share how to Clear WordPress Cache from different plugins.

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02. Clear Cache in your WordPress Caching Plugin

If the problem still persists on more than one browser then you have to clear cache from your WordPress cache plugin.

Most of the cache plugin allows you to clear cache from their setting page. Here I will show you how to clear cache from all the popular WordPress cache plugin.

(A) Clear Cache in W3 Total Cache

Step 1: First of all navigate to Performance and select Dashboard.

How to Clear WordPress Cache

Step 2: This will redirect you to the W3 Total cache dashboard where you just need to click on “Empty all Caches” to clear cache from your plugin.

How to Clear WordPress Cache

(B) Clear From WP Super Cache Plugin

Wp super cache is another popular caching solution which is used by millions of WordPress websites. Here is how you can clear caches from Wp super cache plugin.

Step 1: First of all, go to your WordPress dashboard navigate to Settings in your WordPress admin menu and click on WP Super Cache. 

How to Clear WordPress Cache

Step 2: Now you have to click on “Delete Cache” to clear cache from your plugin.

(C) Clear Cache From WP Fastest Cache

Step 1: Click on the WP Fastest cache option appear in left-hand side menu.

How to Clear WordPress Cache

Step 2: Now navigate to Delete Cache tab and then click on “Delete Cache.”

How to Clear WordPress Cache

(D) Clear Cache From WP Rocket Plugin

WP Rocket is a premium caching solution that I personally use on my blog NerdBlogging.

You can also check this Guide – How WP rocket helped me to insanely improve my website Speed.

Here is how to clear Cache from WP rocket Plugin:

Simply go to the Settings > WP Rocket and click on the ‘Clear Cache’ button appearing under the dashboard tab.

wp rocket

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03. Clear Cache from CDN

Do you use CDN on your websites like CloudFlare, Stackpath, Sucuri, and KeyCDN?

If clearing browser and Plugin cache didn’t solve your problem then now you have to clear Cache from your CDN too. (As I mentioned in the beginning your CDN also stored cached version of your static page)

Here is how to clear Cache from some of the most popular CDN:

(A) Cloudflare

Clearing cache from Cloudflare is pretty simple and easy. Simply log in to your Cloudflare account.

Next, you have to select the website for which you want to clear the cache and then click on the Caching option.

cloudflare clear cache

Now you have to either click on the “Purge Everything” button appearing in the right-hand side.

cloudflare clear cache

(B) KeyCdn

KeyCDN is one of the most popular and most used content delivery network used by millions of website owners to enhance their website performance.

To clear cache from KeyCDN you have to login to your account, Then navigate to the Zones tab.

How to clear cache from wordpress blog

This will redirect you to the Zone setting Page. Here you have to choose the zone related to your website.

Then you have to click on Manage button and from the drop-down menu choose either Purge, Purge URL or Purge by Tag.

How to clear cache from wordpress blog

That’s it.

(C)MaxCDN (Now known as StackPath)

Stackpath was formerly known as MaxCDN. MaxCDN is providing one of the best content delivery networks across all over the web. Here is how you can clear cache from Stack Path.

Login to your Stackpath account and click on the Sites from the menu.

How to Clear WordPress Cache in stackpath cdn

Now navigate to your site and click on the Manage button appearing on the right-hand side.

How to Clear WordPress Cache in stackpath cdn

Next, you have to click on the Manage Cache option.

How to Clear WordPress Cache in stackpath cdn

Finally, from here you can purge cache for individual files, all files or top 50 popular files.

How to Clear WordPress Cache in stackpath cdn

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Over To You

Caching is a great technology to improve your site performance and user experience.

But sometimes the cache can also become a big issue for your website.

So manually clearing cache can solve some of the most frustrating problems like Login issues, new updates not displaying and a web browser not responding.

I hope this detailed guide on how to clear the WordPress cache will help you solve all your Caching related issues.


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  1. This is really a good content to read. Especially never read such a detailed guide on Cache. You have explained every single aspect of the cache. In case of WordPress blog, I have recently bought WP Rocket and looking forward to use it on my website. Let’s see how things change. By the way, W3 Total Cache is doing an awesome job as a free one.

    • First of thank you Santanu for your kind word.. I am too using W3 total cache on most of my sites and it is working great. By the way, how is WP rocket Performing?


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