How Bloggingnova Makes Money?

The Bloggingnova is a leading learning resource for anyone who wants to start and build an authority site that gets thousands of visitors and generate passive income.

My aim with bloggingnova is to provide easy to digest comprehensive articles, expert interviews, and original research that not only help you start an authority blog, but to make a success of it.

Everything published on this site is honest, free of charge, and open to everyone.

That’s why one of the common questions I often get asked by our reader is “how do you make money even after giving 100% content for free of cost.”

So, today I am creating this page to explain why I give 100% content for free of cost and how Bloggingnova is funded?.

Why Bloggingnova content is free of cost?

I remember when I started my first blog I didn’t had any money to spend on tools and training to learn more about Blogging, SEO, Marketing or Link building.

With time I realized I am not the only one. Most of the people who have passion to start a blog or an online business do not have enough money to invest on tools and training.

However, those two things are very crucial for success.

That’s why when I started Bloggingnova in 2018, I decided to create content that are easy to understand and most importantly are 100% free.

I have also seen that the same step by step tutorials, strategies, and techniques I publish here on Bloggingnova are offered by many big experts as a premium course and training at a very high price costing $5,000-$25,000.

But I don’t think everyone can afford those courses, so my goal is to provide free advice and resources to my readers that can help them to sharpen their skillset and grow their blogs.

Then how Bloggingnova make money?

When I started Blogging in 2013, I didn’t even know that we can make money from blogs. In fact, for the first two and a half years, I didn’t made a single rupee from my blog.

But with the time I realized that a good website requires significant investment on the server infrastructure, security, design, content creation, promotion, etc.

So I started searching for the ways to monetize a website.

Upon some research, I found that Online advertising is one of the widely used Monetization Model for any website. So, I joined advertiser program like and Google AdSense which basically shows the text, images, video, or interactive media advertisements and helps site owners to make money.

No to Advertisements on Bloggingnova…

But when I started Bloggingnova in 2018, I decided that I will not use any ads on my blog.


Because I realized that

  1. Ads would abuse the privacy of our readers (ads function as advanced tracking and data collection tools for advertising networks)
  2. Ads can be a security risk.
  3. Ads could create a conflict of interest.

That’s why you have never seen any ads on Bloggingnova.

So again the question is how I monetize this site?

Well, I have selected few affiliates that align with my mission and they help me to make money and keep this site running.

Let me explain how the whole process works:

See In some of our articles I recommend products and services that can help you in your blog growth someway or other. And when you purchase that product through a link on this site, I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

This method of monetization is commonly known as Affiliate marketing.

(Most of our readers are bloggers and marketers, so I guess they already know about affiliate marketing)

But in case you don’t then let me explain a bit about it.

Most of the popular websites use this same monetization model to monetize their content, which means they receive affiliate commissions one way or another.

And there’s nothing wrong with this.

However, the problem arises when they do not disclose this information openly, as they don’t want people to think they are not earning any commissions, which is not true at all!

But as I mentioned earlier being transparent and honest with the readers is the key to build a beautiful community.

How can you understand that this is a referral link?

Well, whenver you’ll click on an affiliate link you’ll notice a special tracking link (bit odd than usual link) that tracks referral.

Here is an example: (Cloaked Affiliate link) (Usual Affiliate link)

When you will click on this type of link, you will be tagged with a special cookie to track the referral. If you end up buying the product before the cookies expiry period (usually 1-12 hour), then the company will pay me a referral fee. Learn more about affiliate marketing here.

Now you must be thinking, Will it Cost me any additional amount on my purchase?

No, not at all.

There are no extra costs to you at all. In fact, you will save more money on your purchase as I partner with the companies to bring coupons and deal for you so that you can get the product and services at the lowest price possible.

So if you are purchasing the product from my link then it will allow me to continue to write helpful articles for you.

Can I Trust your Recommendation and Reviews?

I am glad you asked.

As now I am open with you about how I make money – It is common sense to wonder if my reviews and content are biased or intended to influence you, especially if the brand I am recommending to you is an affiliate partner with me.

See in most of the cases I recommend or review only those products on my blog which I have personally used and tested. For example – I recommend Siteground hosting to my reader, then does it mean that I recommend it just for the sake of my fee or commission.

No, Not at all.

I recommend this hosting because I am personally using it for a long time and I believe it is one of the best budget hosting for beginners.

Don’t have faith on my words?

Siteground sales receipt
Siteground sales receipt

Not just siteground, I have included payment receipt of almost every product I have reviewed on my blog so that my readers should never ever feel that I am reviewing or recommending a product without even testing and using.

See my friend, No matter I am an affiliate partner of a company or not, I have always tried my best to provide you with clear, up to date, realistic and impartial advice & recommendations.

From the time I started this blog, my readers have been, and are still my most important priority. I value you more than anything else.

If you’ve found Bloggingnova to be helpful, then I hope that you will help and support this blog, so that I can continue working towards my mission.

Thank you for your support.

Shivam Choudhary

(Founder of Bloggingnova)

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