How to get more Tumblr followers

15 Tips & Tricks for getting more tumblr followers in 2021

‘How to get more followers on Tumblr?’ is a question that comes in every Tumblr user’s mind.

Unfortunately, when it comes to Tumblr growth, it’s simply not as easy to gain followers on Tumblr in 2020 as it was a year or two ago.

With over 475 million blogs, more than 425 million monthly visitors, and an ultra-smart algorithm, Tumblr has become a very competitive place to grow.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t stand out from your competitors and build a strong presence on Tumblr.

In this article, I am going to share 15 tips that will help you in getting more Tumblr followers and boosting your engagement.

gain tumblr followers

01. Choose your Niche

The very first step to create a successful blog on Tumblr is to identify your target niche. Because when you are trying to connect and inspire others on Tumblr, it is extremely important for others to know what they can expect from you and your blog.

You have to first determine the kind of content you want to post on your blog and then try your best to keep all of your Tumblr posts as well as reblogs within that niche.

Choosing a niche for your blog is not a hard task, all you need to do is identify a niche that you’re passionate about.

For example, you can blog about Photographs of scenery, Personal essays, Advice on a topic you are an expert in, Funny pictures of cats, Memes, Travel, etc.

02. Create a memorable blog name

I have seen that many Tumblr users usually gives a random name to their blog. If your blog name is also something that doesn’t make sense then chances are not many people will remember and re-visit your blog.

With that being said here are few tips that will help you come up with a cool and unique name for your blog.

Make use of a random word generator

If you don’t have any idea of your blog name then a random word generator can help you get some inspiration and come up with a good blog name.

Websites like and, spinxo are few of the great tools to generate some catchy words based on your likes and hobbies.

gain tumblr followers

Find synonyms with a thesaurus

If the name with a certain word you have chosen is already taken by someone, you should better look for other words with similar meanings to that word.

Websites like Thesaurus & wordhippo can help you find synonyms for any word you may have chosen.

Threasure for synonyms words

Make use of prefix and suffix

Adding a prefix or suffix in your keyword can help you make a brandable Tumblr blog name.

For example, If you have a blog related to travel then you can use Wizard, savvy, Central, cave, club, clan, galaxy, lab, zone, hub as a suffix in your blog name to make it better and memorable.


Travel + Wizard = Travelwizard

Trip + Savvy = Tripsavvy

Travel + club =Travelclub

Trip + hub = Triphub

Helpful Resource: 1000+ Prefix and Suffix Ideas For Your New Blogs

Take suggestion from your followers

If you have already few followers on Tumblr, you can put out a post asking your followers to suggest a new name for your blog.

Getting other’s opinions – especially those who already know you and your blog can be a huge help in choosing a new Tumblr name.

gain tumblr followers

03. Pick a visually pleasing blog design

If you don’t have an aesthetically appealing design on your Tumblr blog then your visitor may get turned off and they might find some other blog just for this simple reason. So it is very important to make your Tumblr blog appealing and eye-catching.

There are thousands of free pre-made themes available in the Tumblr theme directory; spend some time looking for the right theme for your blog.


If are more serious about your blog design then you can spend at least $50 and get a unique Premium theme for your blog. Once you have a premium theme then even if you don’t know any CSS coding, you can still change almost everything of your blog from the “Preferences” section under “Appearance”.

Once you have a visually pleasing blog design, you will quickly notice a boost in your Followers and engagements.

04. Post-high-quality material to get more followers on Tumblr

Many people will tell you to focus on the quantity of your post.

Well, quantity concept was definitely working 2-3 years ago but in 2020, Your post quality matter more than the quantity of your Post.

While quality is a subjective concept in many regards, you can streamline your content by making sure it is well-formatted. Proofread your work for misspellings and grammatical errors. Ensure that hyperlinks aren’t broken and make sure your content images load properly.

tumblr followers increase

Plus make sure that you are posting a variety of content types – Like text, quotes, photos, audio, and video. While the study shows that people share and engage more with multimedia content on Tumblr. But it doesn’t mean that everyone should post only media content to gain attraction.

If your blog niche is more text-centric, then try to stick with written posts, quotes, graphs, charts, and the like. While if your niche is more of media-centric then a consistent stream of high quality visually appealing photos and videos might work better in your case.

05. Post lots of your own content rather than posting other people’s post

If you enjoy reading someone other’s blog posts on Tumblr and want to share it with your own followers then Tumblr makes it pretty easy to re-post someone else’s content to your own blog.

While reblogging other’s posts that fit your niche is a good practice for outreach but if you are consistently doing it rather than posing your own stuff then it is definitely not good for your blog.

To build a loyal audience & increase your Tumblr followers, you should try to come up with more original content and post your own text, pictures, and videos on your blog.


Encouraging People to Follow You on Tumblr

06. Like and Reblog quality content

Many experts will suggest you to like or reblog others’ posts to gain followers on Tumblr. And I also agree with their advice, it definitely works. But I have two more advice or hacks for you which will give you much better results when you like or reblog other quality content on your Tumblr blog.

Advice No 1

Most of the people like and reblog popular Tumblr account’s posts, but you don’t have to do the same thing.

You should reblog posts from smaller blogs with fewer followers, because if the blog owner is not already very popular on Tumblr then they will definitely notice that you specifically enjoyed their content. Often, this will result in the following your blog out of courtesy.

Advice No 2

One of the greatest tools given by Tumblr is the queue, and if you use it effectively then definitely you can increase your Tumblr followers in less time.

You can fill your queue with up to 300 posts and set a certain amount of those posts to automatically publish throughout different times of the day.

So, all you have to do is if you are publishing 10 original content every week then fill your queue with 5 someone else’s content on different days of the week. This way you can share other’s content automatically at the right time on the right day.

07. Contact other users directly

If you genuinely follow a blog and love their content then just send a direct message to them, it will definitely cheer them up and make you more visible in front of them.

increase tumblr followers

Note – Be kind and considerate and not spam the same bloggers over and over again with the same messages.

08. Follow popular accounts in your niche to Increase your Tumblr followers

Following other’s blogs in your own niche is a great way to get other people to visit your blog and get more Tumblr followers.

You can follow 5000 blogs at a time, So firstly follow the top blog that fits your niche then follow back whoever follows you, plus you can also follow whoever comment yon your posts and reblog your posts.

The reason why I am telling this is becuase no one will follow you unless you are already popular. So you have to make sure that you get more visibility on Tumblr by following as many people as you can to increase Tumblr followers.

09. Include relevant tags in your posts to get more Tumblr followers

Tags are basically the keywords that make it easier for readers to find posts about a specific topic on Tumblr.

So tagging your post with the right tag is very important in getting your post listed on Tumblr.

If you fail to tag your post with the relevant keywords then you will get very little visibility for your post as the only way peoples can find your post is by searching manually.

I know the next question you might have “How can I find relevant tags for my Tumblr post?”

Well, it is pretty easy for you to find the popular tags for your Tumblr post.

All you need to do is enter the main keyword into the search bar of Tumblr and see whats people are looking for. For example, If I enter Travel in the search bar I will get many popular tags for my post related to travel.

gain tumblr followers

Another way to find the relevant tags for your Tumblr post is by typing in different tags in a post to see what people are using.

Different tags
credit – Bloggingwizard

As well as you can also get tons of keyword ideas from the popular post ranking for the same keywords.

10. Post on the right time at the right day

Just like any other social media platform, if you want to get the best result from your Tumblr posts, you have to post at the right time on the right day.

Yes, by posting at the right time will help you not only attract the right audience but also gives you more likes, comments, share, and more Tumblr followers.

I know the next question you have for me is “when exactly is the best time to post on Tumblr?”

best time to post on tumblr
Data analyzed by Union Metrics

Well according to Union Metrics – the best time to post on Tumblr is between 5 pm to 1 Am (EST time standard). As well as Saturday and Sunday are the most active days on Tumblr.

So whenever you are posting some new stuff on your Tumblr blog, make sure to post it as the perfect time range and on the perfect day to reach more people and gain more followers.

11. Promote your Tumblr on other social media platforms

If you want to gain followers on Tumblr in very less time, start promoting your blog on different platforms.

Promotion is the key to getting more followers on Tumblr, but this is something that newbies don’t care about.

They just post new stuff on their blog and keep struggling to get engagements and followers. But you should not make the same mistake.

Whenever you post new stuff on your Tumblr blog, take a screenshot of what your post looks like, write a short description about your post along with a link to the post, and finally, share it on all your social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter) asking your friends and followers to check out your Tumblr blog.

12. Use SEO strategies to optimize your blog

Most of the Tumblr user don’t care about SEO.

But just like if you optimize your WordPress blog for the search engine to get more visibility, you can also optimize your Tumblr blog to get more online visibility and engagements.

Here few SEO tips you should start implementing on your Tumblr Blog:

  • Write a catchy title which your reader can’t resist.
  • Include your main keyword in the title of your Tumblr post.
  • Create a custom URL for each individual post.
  • Use maximum relevant tags on your post.
  • Identify and fix 404 errors on your Tumblr site.
  • Optimize your images, not just title tags but size and quality as well
  • Link your Tumblr blog with Google Search console.
  • Choose a responsive Tumblr theme.

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Engaging With Your Audience to create loyal fan base

13. Be respectful toward your followers

Tumblr community guidelines not only outline improper behavior that can result in termination of your Tumblr blog but also serve as a reminder of what common practice you should exercise in all aspects of your Tumblr engagements.

You should behave respectfully and politely with others, and shy away from spam and overly sexual content on Tumblr. Plus you have to be open to hearing criticism or a perspective that can be different from your own.

14. Respond to peoples

Social networking is about reciprocation. So, whenever someone likes your post or leave a good comment then don’t forget to return the favor.

15. Don’t try to sell from Day one

get more followers on tumblr free
credit –

I know many peoples are on Tumblr for making money and there is nothing bad in that.

But I will recommend you not directly or indirectly sell on your Tumblr blog at least in your blog growing period.

You can’t focus both on selling and getting followers, in fact, it is pointless to sell when you don’t have a good audience base.

Most of the people visit Tumblr to get entertained. People choose Tumblr over other hugely popular social networks like Facebook and Instagram because it’s hip — it’s cool and artistic.

And they are very good at detecting and filtering posts they want to see. So, if they get any sleazy vibe from your post, then they will definitely skip your post.

So, first, you should create a loyal fan base on Tumblr, then you should start creating awareness of your product and grow the relationship.

16. Promote your follower’s works

This is something that you should definitely try if you want to gain more loyal and real Tumblr followers in less time.

You should encourage your followers to submit fan art or other types of work and then promote their work on your blog to build good relationship with your followers.

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Final thought on Getting more Tumblr Followers

Getting more followers on Tumblr is not as hard as many of you might be thinking.

If you start implementing all the practices mentioned in this blog post then you will definitely get more followers on Tumblr.

Do you have any additional suggestions for gaining quality followers on Tumblr?

Please let me know in the comments.


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