Generatepress Theme Review

My Honest Assessment after using it for 1 Year 8 Months.

From the beginning of my blogging career, I’ve been very conscious with my Website design.

In fact, from the past few years, I was that guy who was changing almost 4-5 themes every month from WordPress Theme directory.

I know you are laughing at me, but it is true…

Because most of the WordPress theme I have used in my life were either lacking customization option or were heavily impacting on my site speed.

But in July 2018, I came to know about the GeneratePress theme through a Facebook group where it was rated as #1 theme for WordPress by many professional bloggers.

So like any other theme, I decided to give GeneratePress a try.

I downloaded a free version Generatpress from WordPress repository and honestly speaking, I did not find anything special in the first view.

But after visiting their official website, I came to know that they have a premium version of Generatepress which offer all the module based customization option.

So, I just purchased their premium plan as it cost me just $49, which Is I guess very affordable for anyone considering that other popular themes like Genesis cost me around $200 in the past.

And guess what!

I was blown away with the customization option and overall functionality this premium theme offered to me and today is 19 March 2020 and I’ve been consistently using this theme on all of my blogs from the last 1 year and 8 months.

I know you must be wondering that what I found special in this premium theme!

Well, I’ll go into exactly why in this in-depth GeneratePress review below.

Online World is full of Manipulative and fake elements.

Many online products review manipulate their website readers one way or another.

I have seen many instances where reviewers completely share his biased review about a product and at the same time, some reviewers just review a product without having any practical experience with the product.

But as I’ve always said, I try my best to be as transparent and honest as possible with my readers.

Here I want you to assure that I have purchased the Generatepress theme and have been consistently using it for a long time.

Geneartepress review
Generatepress Purchase receipt
Geneartepress theme review
Generatepress Premium Account

So, everything I’ll share in this Generatpress theme review will be based on my practical experience.

GeneratePress Review: A Little Introduction

Generatepress is a multipurpose WordPress theme created by Tom Usborne who’s a popular WordPress theme & plugin developer from Canada.

Initially, he created this theme to use as a base for developing themes for his web design clients, but after releasing this theme for free of cost in the WordPress repository, it quickly grew its popularity.

So, Tom decided to develop the premium addon plugin to extend the feature of this free WordPress theme.

Generatepress reviews

At the time when I am writing this Generatpress theme review, Generatepress is active on more than 2 lakhs websites with more than 900 positive reviews and 5-star ratings from its users.

Today, Tom is working on the Generatpress theme Full-time and continuously developing new features and providing quick support. Yes, most importantly Generate press support is amazing, I will talk about it later in this post.

What Makes Generatepress Premium different From other WordPress Theme?

1. Optimized Performance and Impressive Page Load Times

Website speed is one of the most crucial ranking factors for Google you should never ignore.

Not only for the sake of Search engines, but people also prefer to visit a fast loading site only.

In fact, according to a recent case study “56% of people leave a site if it takes over 3 seconds to load.”

Although we do understand that website loading speed also depends on your web hosting, your WordPress theme and its quality of code also have a crucial role to play here.

Fortunately, Generatepress is created with speed in mind.

Thanks to their tiny footprint and clean code, They have made sure you start off as fast as possible.

You’ll be surprised to know that the entire theme size is less than 30Kb, which is as small as you’ll ever find for a WordPress free or premium theme.

Even Most optimized WordPress themes still have the size of 250+ KB, and some poorly coded free themes can even exceed 1 MB.

The best part of the Generatepress theme is it has no code dependencies, that helps you in avoiding the render-blocking error that Google Pagespeed Insights often mentions.

Render-blocking error (Google Pagespeed Insights)

As now you know that it is a lightweight theme and “weighs” under Just 30KB.

But how does that actually translate into the real world?

To find out, let’s run some page speed test with Pingdom (A popular performance test tool)

To make this a fair test, I have created a fresh new dummy site which is installed on my Siteground (Web hosting which I use for my all blog).

Next, I have imported a complete Generatepress demo site( more on those in a minute), along with 15 dummy contents of more than 1000 words.

And yes to give some real load on the site, I’ve also installed a few necessary WordPress plugins like Yoast, Akismet, UpdraftPlus, Pretty link, short pixel, and Social snap.

Basically, this means that my site looks and functions like a finished WordPress site you might see in the wild.

Pingdom Result:

Generatepress speed test (1)

As you can see in the above result, Without any performance optimization my test site loaded in just 0.5 seconds.

What I am seeing with the Generatepress theme is that the CSS and JS minification files are significantly smaller than what we get it with most of the other themes. In fact, The DOM size in general also appears to be a lot more compact.

In simple words – Generatepress spits out less and better-structured HTML, CSS and JS.

Put all these that together, and you get a jet-like loading theme. To demonstrate this to you, I performed a little test.

Also, note that I could improve that loading time further by implementing different performance optimization techniques like Web caching, lazy loading, gzip compression and many others. But To give you raw data, I have not implemented anything on our demo site.

Put all these that together, GeneratePress is one of the sleekest and fastest-loading WordPress themes available at this moment.

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2. It is a super responsive theme which is designed to look good on Mobile devices.

In 2015, Google official reports revealed a surprising stat:

For the first time in history, More than 50% of Google searches were performed on mobile phones.

In fact, Statista’s report of last year also cliams that 52.64% of total Google searches were made on mobile devices.

This shows that the popularity of desktop as a means of surfing the web is decreasing day by day. So being a smart blogger & website owner, you have to adapt to the trend quickly.

Now, many expert marketers suggest having a separate website for mobile visitors though, but it’s somewhat technical to implement and not feasible for a non-tech person like me.

However, we still have a good alternative and that is by using a responsive theme for our WordPress site.

Unfortunately, most of the WordPress theme today market their theme as a responsive theme, but only a few of them live up to their promise as lots of them usually end up with poor mobile versions of your site.

But GeneratePress is utterly exceptional here.

The developer of the Generatepress theme has done an excellent job at improving the theme’s responsiveness.

Not just responsiveness, Generatepress allows you to separately customize your mobile version of theme. For example, you can have separate margin and padding for the mobile view as well as you can have separate logo size, Font and color for your mobile website.

Here is what you should do:

Go to your Google Analytics account and check the percentage of your website visitor come from mobile devices.

The check how your current WordPress theme appear on Mobile device.

If you think your percentage of the mobile visitor is high but your current theme looking average on mobile devices, you’re about to make a whole heap of your visitors really happy if you switch to Generatepress!

3. Customize each and every part of your website

Beyond website performance, Customization is another main area where Generatepress has wins everyone’s heart.

Gneratepress uses the regular WordPress customizer which is very convenient for anyone because it allows you to see all the changes you make with your WordPress theme in real-time.

If you are using Generatepress Free version, then you will get the general customization options that a basic free theme should have.

But once you start using their premium version you will actually fall in love with their customization functionalities as you can easily customize pretty much everything about your website.

For example:- It gives you the functionality to change the container width of the page, padding, spacing, etc… for every single element!


Change the Color of every single element on your blog.

They have a color module that allows you to change the color of almost all the elements of your website.

Like Body elements color, Header color, Text color, Heading color, Navigation color, link color, background color, etc.

Change the color of anything on your site

Typography Customization

From the typography area, you can customize the font style, family, and all the textual aspects of your site.

In the past when I was using other themes, I had to add additional custom CSS to change the font on my blog.

But with Generatepress everything can be done through the customization tab easily.

The best thing is you can have separate font and font size for everything on your blog.

For example- You can have a separate font for your website heading and Website content. Similarly, you can have a separate font for footer and separate for the header.

Change typography of your website

Control How Your Blog Page Looks

In Generatepress you also get a dedicated Blog Customization section which lets you configure settings that apply to just your blog posts:

For example: This allows you to easily have a full width featured image on your front blog page, change excerpt length and settings, add read more button, etc.


Similarly, you can customize the footer, header, and sidebar of your website.

In a nutshell, GeneratePress features a bunch of customization options in the WordPress Customizer section than most other WordPress themes.

4. GeneratePress Lets You Use Only Features That You Want   Because It’s All Modular

Almost all other WordPress themes are one-size-fits-all, which means you’ll have to use all the features given within them no matter what.

Now for someone who wants to use all the features then it is completely fine.

But tell me one thing, when was the last time you used all the features given in your theme?

I don’t think you have ever used all features because every feature given with the theme is not useful for all types of blogs/websites.

That means your website taking a performance hit for features you aren’t even using.

Generatepress premium

Generatepress has solved this problem with its modular approach. You can manually turn on or off every single feature to ensure unnecessary stuff doesn’t load on your site.

5. GeneratePress Is Page Builder’s Best Friend

If you are using or planning to use Elementor, Thrive Architect, Beaver Builder or any other major page builder then you don’t have to worry about any compatibility issue.

In fact, If you plan to use a page builder for some or all of your content, you are going to love Generatpress’s page-level settings that give you full control over the canvas for your page builder.

For individual posts or pages, you can:

  • Change the width
  • Choose the number of sidebars
  • Disable specific items, like the header, title, featured image, etc.
Page builder settings
Page Builder canvas settings
Disable element
Disable certain element from a page or post
Generatepress sidebar settings
Generatepress sidebar customization

I am personally using Thrive Architect page builder for designing many pages of my blog along with the Generatpress theme.

For instance, my homepage is designed with Thrive Architect.

bloggingnova homepage

6. It has Inbuilt Schema Markup

If you are not familiar with the term Schema Markup, It is a semantic vocabulary of tags (or microdata) that you put on your website to help the search engines return more informative results for users.

While Schema is by no means required to rank higher in the search engine, but they do make your webpages appear more prominently in SERPs.

Here is a screenshot taken from Google’s structured data testing tool, where I have tested one of my blog posts of Bloggingnova.

Google structured data

As you can see, lots of Schema objects there.

The only schema objects I added myself in the above list is FAQPage. The rest of the objects is automatically generated by the theme.

Please note that you are free to remove any of the schema element from your site by simply adding a filter for the schema data you want to be removed.

7. Comes with Lots of Beautiful Pre-Made Demo Site Library

Although you can customize the GeneratePress theme from scratch to build your website, you also don’t have to because GeneratePress includes a huge library of pre-made demo sites that you can import with just a few clicks.

The best thing is they have plenty of options for every type of user.

For example – There are few premade themes that can be customized with WordPress normal customization tab, while some can be customized with Gutenberg editor (like page builder) as well as they have separate demo sites for page builder like Elmentor or Beaver Builder.

You can access the site-library directly from your dashboard by going to Appearance → GeneratePress and clicking the Site Library tab.

Generatepress site library
Generatepress site demo library

Clicking on a demo site will open a live preview. Then, to import a site, all you need to do is click the Import Site button and GeneratPress handles the rest:

8. The Page Header Add-on Is blessing for Creative persons

With many of the Generatepress premium add-ons deals with behind the scene style and layout option, there are few that give you new front end design option.

One of them is the “Page header” add-on. With the help of this add-on, you can create custom page headers which can be applied

  • Globally to specific locations, like all posts or pages
  • To individual posts or pages… and even category/tag pages.

So what’s a page header?

Weel, it is a separate content box that appears below your regular website header.

What is it used for?

Well, it can be used for different purposes. For example- You can create dedicated headers for certain types of content, like your review articles or other long-form pieces.

I personally use it for the header of my blog post.

Page hero generatepress
The backend of Page hero addon
Blog post header generatepress
Here is how it appears in front-end

9. Hooks Add-on Made GeneratePress even Easier to Customize

If you understand PHP, HTML, and CSS then you’ll definitely love this developer-friendly Generate press theme.

Generatepress offers a powerful hook addon that lets you insert code at any specific location on your site.

For example, I wanted to add an author box in my Content.

So, I just added relevant author bio code Into the hook area and set its location to before comment.


And now my Author Box appears in my every post before comment area…

Generatepress author bio

Isn’ it amazing na?

Similarly, I wanted to add my Google Analytics tracking code to my site.

Generatepress hooks

So, rather than editing the source code of my site, I just added my analytics code to wp_head hook

10. Unmatchable Customer Support service

If I have to express their customer support service in one word, I would say “Unmatchable.

Everyone knows a free theme will provide little to no support, but here I am not talking about free themes.

I have never ever experienced this kind of support service from my past premium theme provider too. (Whether it is MyThemeshop or Genesis)

In the past one and a half years, I have contacted them more than 25 times and every single time the response was quick and helpful.

Generatepress support

And not to forget, I have never ever contacted them for any general issue, I have always contacted theme from some advance designing option and they have helped me every single time. (Special thanks to David and Leo)

So, even if you need help which is not directly related to Generatepress, Still Generatpress team is there to help you. For Example – If you are struggling to get a certain element in a page to look differently, they will provide you with CSS and necessary PHP to achieve that.

The support forum is open to the public, so you can see other people’s support requests as well.

And the beauty of such support forum is that over time, it has grown into an extensive source of technical issues and resolutions. So if you ever have an issue with GeneratePress, just do a search in the forum and chances are you’ll find the solution

GeneratePress Pricing

As mentioned earlier, The core GeneratePress theme is available for free of cost.

But the free version is a very basic theme which is very similar to any other free theme.

So, if you are serious about making your website fast and beautiful then I strongly recommend you to opt for the premium version that includes each and everything to level up your website design & performance.

Generatepress is the most affordable premium theme for WordPress compared to other premium themes. It’ll cost you just $49.95/year.

Generatepress premium plugin

But the best part is – unlike other themes where you need to pay more money to use a theme on multiple websites, Generatepress allows you to install it on as many website as you want in just $49.95.

Most of the popular themes give you access to use one license on only one site or some give you access for three-five sites.

Additionally, you also get the 30-days-money-back guarantee, so if you are not happy with the theme then you’ll easily get a refund.

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Final Thoughts On The GeneratePress Theme

You probably don’t wake up in the morning with WordPress themes on your mind.

Your mind is already occupied with the thoughts of making money from your blog – and a theme is not just part of your problems.

I understand…

But my friend sometimes it’s worth paying a little more attention to your website’s theme as the right WordPress theme will not only improve your website speed and visitors engagement, but it will equally eliminate that frustrating feeling you get when you see a blog that looks good and loads fast that yours.

Gneratepress is an excellent theme if you are looking for something which should be flexible & light-weight.

But with good flexibility and performance, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise with customization.

Generatepress Premium allows you to customize each and every section of your website.

And finally, the cherry on top is that Generatepress provides great customer support service, they can help you design your site in any way as per your need. 

I hope you will find my Generatepress review Helpful, Feel free to drop a comment about any question regarding Gneratepress as well as make sure to share your experience with Generatepress in the comment section below…


Hi, I am Shivam Choudhary founder of – A blog that helps online entrepreneurs start, grow, and scale their blog. Whether you are looking for the right advice to get your blog off the ground or proven strategies to accelerate your blog’s growth, I am here to help you get further. 

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