10 FREE CDN For WordPress site

Discover the Best Free CDN Services for Your WordPress website

In today’s world where average internet speed exceeds 10 Mbps, it’s no wonder that CDN (Content Delivery Networks) is drastically rising among millions of websites.

Even the biggest name on the internet, like Facebook, Amazon and Netflix use CDN to speed up their website.

Now, when it comes to CDN, we often imagine purchasing a premium plan and paying a hefty amount.

However, as technology is more advanced than ever, there are many companies that offers Free CDN services.

Free CDN for WordPress sites

In this article, I will help you find the best free CDN for WordPress so that you can deliver the static files from the very close data centre to your visitor’s location.

But before we dig deeper, let me explain What is CDN and how it actually improve your website loading speed.

What is a Free Content Delivery Network?

Content Delivery Network or CDN is a group of interconnected servers spread across different geographical locations across the world. It stores and delivers cached static content from the website based on the geographical location of the user.

This group of server network is known as POP (point of presence). The closest server to the end-user is known as the “edge server”. So, when a user request content from a website with CDN, they will be connected to the edge server, which eventually improves the speed and user experience.

How a Free CDN Speed up WordPress Website?

Normally your web hosting company serve your site from a single location to all your website visitor across the globe.

So let’s say your host datacenter is in London (UK) and a user requests a page from Mumbai (India). So now, all the assets contained in it have to travel from Mumbai to London. Then the server has to send the assets back to the user in Mumbai.

Same way if one of your site user is requesting a page from Singapore then your host server in London will receive the request and then send the required asset to Singapore.

Now as you can also understand that your website is going to take longer time to load for a site visitor visiting your site from India or Singapore versus someone visiting it from London or nearby London.


Because the data has to travel a further distance for Indian and Singapore or any other geographical location users.

This is where CDN comes in. As I mentioned earlier CDN has a number of servers distributed across a number of data centres all around the world.

So, once you connect your site with a CDN. CDN will store a copy of your website data across all of their server available in the different geographical locations around the globe.

Now when a user from Mumbai (India) will access your site, then your website’s static elements (data) are provided by a CDN server located in India – and not from your web host server in the London UK.

The same applies with the Singapore User or a USA user. Now all static resources are served from the nearest available CDN server nor a single server from the UK.


This example presents the connection without the CDN – the user from different countries (location) has to connect all the way to the central location of the server.

CDN speed

The next example has a CDN enabled – the connection distance for the users from the different locations has shortened as now they only need to connect to the nearest CDN server

Additionally, CDN does more than just speeding up your site. A good CDN service can also secure your site from DDOS attacks and other malicious attempts and reduce your bandwidth costs.

This is why CDNS are very popular among all kind of website you can think of, be it e-commerce, Social media, Banking, Technology or gaming.

That being said, let’s take a look at the top Free WordPress CDN service and how they stack up against each other.

Free CDNs for WordPress in 2020

Being quite a useful technology for most of the sites, Here is a list of some of the best CDN providers for individuals who want to experience the power of content delivery networks without paying a penny.

01. Cloudflare


Cloudflare tops the list when it comes to the best Free CDN for WordPress users.

As of 2020, it has CDN edge servers in more than 200 cities in 90+ countries, which makes them one of the biggest global CDN networks you’ll ever find.

One of the major benefits of using Cloudflare over any other Free CDN mentioned in this list is that it doesn’t charge you for bandwidth overages – it’s 100% free. Some other free CDNs mentioned in our guide are only free until you hit certain limits.

Their CDN service is relatively very easy to integrate with any WordPress website and it automatically caches all your site’s static content with the free package, including non-image content like CSS/JavaScript files, file attachments, and more.

Cloudflare is also more than just a CDN – It is also a reverse proxy. This basically means that as soon as you point your domain’s nameservers towards Cloudflare, Cloudflare will handle directing traffic for your site.

As part of directing traffic, It is able to filter out bad bots and malicious traffic to protect your website. On top of that, it can also provide you with a Free SSL certificate to make your website even more secured.

Main Features:

  • Globally load-balanced CDN
  • HTTP/2 and SPDY
  • Basic DDoS protection
  • Content caching
  • Page rules
  • SSL certificate
  • Async Javascript loading

Helpful resources to get started – How to Setup Cloudflare Free CDN with WordPress – OnlineMediaMasters

02. Site Accelerator by Jetpack


For a WordPress user – Jetpack needs no introduction.

It is an all-in-one plugin that provides a wide variety of functionalities for a WordPress site.

Jetpack’s site accelerator module allows you to take advantage of the WordPress Free CDN to serve up your site’s images from their lightning-fast Content Delivery Network.

One important thing to notice here is that it is not a full-fledge CDN service like Cloudflare – It only affects your images. It will not deliver static HTML and Javascripts files from their server.

But still, it is not a bad idea to use Jetpack CDN on your blog as we all know images do make up the bulk of most web page’s size and take the longest to load.

So as soon as you connect your site with Jetpack CDN, your images will be served through their globally distributed network which will reduce the loading time of your site exponentially.

How to get started?

To get started with Jetpack all you need to do is install and activate the Jetpack plugin on your site.

Then go to Jetpack → Settings→ Performance and toggle on “Enable site accelerator.”

03. Shift8

Shift 8 free CDN for wordpress

Shift8 a web designing company recently released a Free CDN service for WordPress users.

While most of the companies are closing their free CDN plan, It is quite surprising to see a private company launching CDN service for Free of cost.

You can leverage their extensive global network and geographic DNS targeting system to deliver your site static content (CSS, JS, Images, Font files and more) as fast as possible.

To get started with Shift8 all you need to do is just install and activate a plugin and you are good to go!

Main Features:

  • Endpoints across the globe
  • Easy integration with a simple plugin
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Support via community forums

I have not tried their service yet, So I would love to have some user’s feedback. So in case, you try this do let me know your experience in the comment below.

04. Anyone CDN

Anyone CDN

This is again a very new WordPress CDN service started by Ferdian Alfianto which offers free CDN plan.

As far as I can see on their homepage, Ferdian currently runs the CDN service solely on donations.

There are few limitations to their functionality compared to any Premium CDN service. But one should understand that there will be certain limitations in a 100% Free Service.

One good thing here is that their service is actually powered by Cloudflare, StackPath, and BunnyCDN in the background. 

Main Features:

  • Free Caching system
  • No traffic Limit
  • GZIP Compression
  • Remove cookies
  • Global Networks
  • WordPress Friendly

How to get started?

To get started with Anyone CDN, First of all, you need to get your CDN URL from the AnyoneCDN website by entering your website URL.

Once your CDN URL is ready, you can simply install and activate the CDN enabler plugin and add the URL which is created via the Anyone CDN website into the plugin.

That’s it…

If you are having any Issue while setting up AnyoneCDN do let me know in the comments.

05. OptiMole


OptiMole is an all-in-one solution to Optimize your WordPress site’s images.

But apart from normal optimization, you can also leverage their Free CDN service to automatically serves up all your WordPress site’s images via Amazon CloudFront CDN.

On their free plan, you get access to 40 global edge servers mainly located in Europe and North America, while the paid plans have global full coverage with more than 180+ CDN edge servers across the globe.

Main Features:

  • Reduce Image size up to 90%
  • Lossless and Lossy compression
  • Compatible with page builders
  • 100% Free CDN for images
  • Transparent optimization stats
  • Lazy-loading technology
  • More than 40 global edge servers

How to get started?

To get started with Optimole you just need to install and activate their free WordPress plugin.

Once you activate the plugin, It’ll fetch your images and does all of its optimization magic and then serve your image from a CDN and not from your main server.

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06. Hostry


Hostry is a great CDN solution for people running a start-up website or low-traffic site.

Under the free package of Hostry, you get 10GB for EU+USA and 5GB for the world traffic.

HOSTRY leverages its unique infrastructure to provide top-notch quality of CDN service. It includes 48 PoPs located in the 5 continents.

The only thing you need to notice here is their limitation in the free plan, otherwise with datacenter spread around the globe and SSD server, you can be sure in fascinating loading speed.

Main Features:

  • Intuitive Control Panel
  • 99.99% uptime of the network
  • 48 PoPs (points of presence)
  • Origin Shield
  • Free Custom SSL

07. Netlify


Netify lets you host your static site and serve them through CDN servers.

It is not a typical CDN provider mentioned in this list but if you are hosting static files then it is worth considering.

They have both Free and Paid Plan, As here we are talking about Free WordPress CDN, so, following are some of the Best features of Netlify in the free version :

Main Features:

  • Continuous Deployment
  • Custom HTTP Headers
  • Ultra-fast DNS
  • SSL certificate
  • Cache invalidation
  • Git integration

08. ArvanCloud

Arvan cloud CDN service image

With a globally distributed network of more than 40 PoPs, ArvanCloud provides a variety of cloud services, particularly a powerful CDN service to more than 25k websites. Equipped with cutting edge technologies, ArvanCloud ensures fast data delivery and the highest level of security possible.

Their Free CDN plan includes 200 GB of traffic per month, both on the download and upload, plus 1,000,000 requests per month.

Furthermore, Arvan Cloud offers a variety of Pay-As-You-Go model paid plan. Their services are among the most cost-effective CDN solutions in the market.

09. jsDelivr


jsDelivr is one of the free CDN services for WordPress website to speed up JavaScripts.

If you are using a WordPress website then your site will have javascript that needs to be load fast.

Though you must have tried deferred loading of javascript with your caching plugin, but they are still loaded only at a deferred time.

Jsdeliver can help you out delivering them optimally and load them up real quick for your blog readers.

Main Features:

  • More than 750 points of presence
  • RUM based load balancing
  • Enabling redundancy for origins
  • Developer Friendly

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How long can you survive with a Free CDN service?

The importance of a Content Delivery Network can never be overrated for any business or personal website. However, you need to know which CDN services and package are right for you. Actually, the truth is, not every website need a CDN, and if they do, a free CDN service can work for them.

Nevertheless, as your website continues to grow, you will need some features that a Free CDN does not offers. Here’s how you can determine whether a free CDN service will work for you or not.

Firstly, a free CDN service is only good for small business websites and personal blogs. This means sites that do not receive a lot of traffic. It is also good if your target audiences are within your geographical location. If they are not, you might need to upgrade to a paid CDN plan.

Secondly, if your website visibility is rapidly growing and receiving bulk of traffic at a time, a free CDN may not do a lot in managing your traffic. Your website visitor may often get 503 timeout error, and this will increase your site’s overall bounce rate which is obviously not good for SEO.

Thirdly, if the volume of content (images, CSS, Videos and other static content) increases on your site, you will need to shift to a Premium CDN.

Lastly, a premium CDN offer more robust security features to make sure your site is secure from any type of hacking attempt.

What Is the Best Premium CDN Provider for Killer Site Speed?

Stackpath CDN service

StackPath formerly known as Max CDN is currently the best WordPress CDN in the market. Having been in the industry for more than a decade, StackPath understands what every website actually needs.

With having cost in mind, StackPath has ensured you get every feature that is needed for good website speed and overall performance.

User-friendly Interface and easy integration:

Being a Pull CDN, StackPath is super easy to set up. You pretty much just need to enter your website URL and then StackPath will start pulling all your assents onto its servers.

The platform comes with a beginner-friendly control panel that is very easy to navigate and manage your settings. On top of that, there is also a built-in setup guide, to ensure that you don’t get confused with any setting.

Killer site speeds:

Using high-capacity SSDs and advanced caching techniques, StackPath boost your site’s speed by up to 60%. Additionally,

Additionally, with the 45 POP locations in 32 cities across five continents, StackPath has your website covered.

Impressive security features:

The CDN also comes with impressive security features which includes load balancing and blocking features for DDoS protection. Plus their all plan include include a firewall that reduces server load even further. On top of that, you can also enjoy a private EdgeSSL certificate for free with their plan.

Instant purging feature:

Removing your old and outdated content is pretty easy with StackPath CDN. With the push of a button, you will have all the outdated content deleted from all the edge server around the world, ensuring you only have fresh and up-to-date content. This is something which is very important for improving your SEO and maintaining visitors.

Excellent Support Service:

One aspect that I personally love is the amazing support service that comes with their every plan. Their technical support response is incredibly fast, ensuring that your problems are addressed immediately they occur.

Frequently Asked Questions about CDN –

A CDN (Content Delivery Network) refers to a geographically distributed group of servers that aims to reduce the physical distance between the server and the user to minimize delays in the loading of web pages.

Yes, A CDN service is always recommended as it drastically improve your website loading time and security.

Yes, there are a couple of free CDNs available in the market, with the most popular one being Cloudflare. One needs to note that a free CDN only offer a limited amount of features & funtions which is suitable for beginner level sites.

Different people will have a different answer to this question, But I personally believe StackPath is currently offering the best quality CDN serve at a very reasonable price.

You can integrate a CDN service with your WordPress site in a couple of ways. Some CDN services require you to point your DNS settings to their services and handle everything else automatically. While others ask you to install a CDN plugin that rewrites the URL of images and static files to point to the CDN address.

Final Thought

CDNs are one of the best technology a website can use. They plan a crucial role in improving website performance and converting visitors to customers.

However, you need to be little careful while selecting your CDN provider. Go with a provider who has proven experience in the industry. Most importantly, definitely considery our website’s size and needs and look for good speeds & security.

Don’t be stingy with Quality; most time a good technology comes at a price.

If you are still confused, go with Cloudflare free plan if you have a new website with average 25k/mo traffic. But if you have a big website with high traffic definitely consider investing in a premium CDN service like StackPath to get 10x more performance and security feature.

Do you have any question regarding setting up a free CDN for WordPress, let me know in the comments.


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