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Harsh Agrawal

                 “Design thinking is the first thing that shows how creative and how much attention someone pays to the details. Shivam has paid attention to NerdBlogging to make it unique and user-friendly. With such an ideology, you can only expect remarkable work from him”


Istiak Rayhan

                 “Shivam knows how to make a blog profitable. I have been following his blog for over a year now. I am really amazed by his in-depth content. His website will teach you everything you need to know about starting a blog of your own and taking it to the next level”

Umer Guide blogging

Umer Qureshi

                 “Shivam is an amazing guy, He has a brilliant knowledge about Blogging, I learn many things from his blog, If you are looking for the Best Blogging Guide then must read this blog”

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