Bloggingnova Brand Resources

Here you’ll find all our brand assets that you might need whenever you are talking about Bloggingnova.

Blog Name

“Bloggingnova” is a single word spelled with a big ‘B’ and a small ‘n’. Whenever you are mentioning our blog name make sure to write it as “Bloggingnova” not ‘BloggingNova’ or ‘Blogging Nova’

Our Logo

The Bloggingnova logo is comprised of an icon and a wordmark. You can use it in any of the given two arrangements: stacked or long. Use whichever suits your layout best, just make sure to leave some space around the logo and don’t distort the dimensions. Click on the download button to download our logo in full resolution.

Color palette

We use a bit light shade of blue (Cerulean) as our primary color and a light shade of Red for call to action button or highlighting some important point. You can get the exact hex code of all our brand color below.



























Brand fonts

We use only one main font “Lato” everywhere on our blog which is available through Google fonts.

Founder - Shivam Choudhary

Shivam Choudhary is the founder of Bloggingnova and many other online ventures. After failing with his first three blogs, he finally created his first profitable site in the tech niche in 2015. He started Bloggingnova  as a side project in 2018 to document all the strategies, tools, and tactics he was using to grow his tech blogs. From the beginning his goal was simple: to arm other aspiring blogger with all the right information they needed to start, grow and scale blogging business.

Contact Bloggingnova

Have any question or Queries regarding Bloggingnova? Feel free to reach to us..

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