How To Pick A Blogging Niche

The simplest guide to choosing a perfect Blogging Niche in 2021

When it comes to starting a blog, one of the most common questions people ask is “how to pick a blog niche” or “which is the best blogging niche out there”.

I have seen this type of question pop up in my Facebook group countless times, as well as received many emails asking for advice on the best blog niche over the past 2 years.

Now, I will say there is no clear-cut method to select a blog niche. However, as this is probably the most important stage in starting a successful blog, there are quite a few things to consider.

How to pick blogging niche

So, let’s dig in! Let’s look at how you can choose the right blog niche for your site, as well as some blog niche ideas for 2020 to help inspire you…



Basics of Blogging Niche

Before we dive into brainstorming and validation of blog niche, first understand what is a blog niche and why you need one

What is a Blog Niche and why you need one?

As someone who had previously started his first blog without defining any niche, I can tell you that it’s not a good idea, unless you are a famous author or celebrity who can drive readers just by their name.

Amitabh Bachchan’s blog is a great example of this..

But you also understand that not everyone is as popular as Amitabh Bachchan.

This is why, if you want to give your blog the best chance of success, defining your target niche should be the first task.

So, What exactly is a niche?

A blog niche is a topic that appeals to a specific audience who shares similar interests.

In simple words, blog niche is an umbrella category for every blog post you publish can fall under. It represents the niche market and audience your blog targets.

For example, if you choose the “PETS” niche, you’ll be targeting people who love their pets and looking for information about how to feed, train, and care their pets.

Why you should Focus on One and Only Niche?

What’s the basic purpose of a blog?

Sharing your thought and ideas with the world, right?

Then why can’t you just share your thought and ideas as they come to you?

Basically- why can’t you cover all the topics that interest you rather than focusing a very specific niche?

Well, my friend, there is no internet police who will come and break down your door if you don’t focus or stick with one niche.

In fact, there are many peoples who have found success with a much more scattered approach.

HuffingtonPost and Wirecutter is a very good example of multi-focused niche blog:

Huffpost blog
HuffPost started by Arianna Huffington focuses on almost everything including politics, business, tech, finance, lifestyle, books, entertainment, etc.
Wirecutter a product review site that focuses on almost every product like Electronics, home gardening, kitchen appliances, money, travel, health, etc.

But building and managing a blog like ‘Wirecutter’ or ‘HuffPost’ is only possible when you have tons of required resources (lots of money to invest, writers and team of smart peoples)

But, If you are a solo blogger like me, then attracting and retaining readers with a multi-focused niche seems much harder than focusing on one niche.

Let’s understand this with a simple example:

The blog you are currently reading right now “NerdBlogging” is a blog specifically dedicated to bloggers who want to start, grow, and scale their blog. But imagine if it was a mix of Blogging, technology, and travel-related blog (multi niche).

Now suppose you are one of my blog reader who is planning to start your own blog and discovered my blog (NerdBlogging) through an article about “How to Pick a Blog Niche”.

After reading that article, you found it very helpful (hope so😜), so you joined my email list, expecting more tips on starting and growing a bog.

Now a week later, you received my first newsletter about the ‘top 10 smartphones to buy under $500’ (as I am targeting tech readers on my blog too). But that wasn’t what you signed up to my list.

Still, you ignored that mail. But next week you got another newsletter about “Best places to visit in London” (remember, I also focus on travel niche). Now guess what? no matter what, now you are going to unsubscribe from the list because the content you are receiving is not relevant for you.

It’s not just about the email list, you are going to face the same difficulties in building a community of readers and monetizing your blog with a multi-niche blog.

Since, with the latest E-A-T update, Google wants blog owners to be authority and expert in what they are talking about on their blog, picking a targeted niche is important than ever.

Sticking to one topic will help you to build authority as an expert on that topic, both with your audience and with Google.

And this way you’ll have a good chance to build a highly targeted audience base whom you can monetize later to make money from your blog.

With this initial understanding of having a blogging niche, let’s sort out one more aspect of niche-picking.

How Narrow (or Broad) Should Your Blog Niche Be?

As of now, you understand that building your blog around a specific topic is important.

But the problem is everyone has a different idea of what a “Specific” topic is.

For example, one of the very first blog I started in 2016 was a tech blog. I worked hard on it for a few years but struggled to grow and eventually closed that blog.

So where I messed up?

See, Just like any famous tech publication Tech Radar, PC Mag, or The Verge, I was also trying to create content for everything related to technology.

So, What was the lesson I learnt from that blog?

When you decide on your blog niche, you should have a clear understanding of who your target audience is.

Here is what i mean:

Instead of writing for everyone interested in technology, I could have got specific about my ideal audience.

The tech industry is massive. So, If I had just focused on a small specific chunk of that, It would have been incredible.

For instance, I could have picked a specific area of technology like Android, ios, laptop, software, or maybe Artificial intelligence, instead of focusing on everything about technology.

So, just like me if you are also planning to cover a massive topic like “Technology“, “Health” or “business“, then you are going to really struggle in building a focused audience.

So better narrow down your niche to something much more focused — maybe instead of focusing on the “PETS” niche, you can pick a much more specific blog niche like “Advice for Dogs food”.

Dog Food Advisor is a good example of building a blog around a very specific niche.

Dog food advisor

Instead of focusing on everything about Dog, they are focusing on only foods for Dogs.

And this is the reason why they are driving millions of traffic every month and making millions of dollars every year.

I hope by now you’ll have a clear idea of What is a blog niche and why you need one! Now let’s move to the next question – How to come up with blog niche ideas?


How to start brainstorming a niche

When it comes to choosing a blog niche, only a few people start from scratch. Otherwise, most of the people have at least a vague idea for their blog. In case, if you don’t have a clue about where to start, here are a few great ways to brainstorm blog niche ideas.

01. Make a List of the topics you are interested in

Consider all the people who started successful blogs..

They didn’t try to choose the best niche.

The simply create a blog about something they were already interested in and knowledgeable about.

Yes, it can be that simple.

Starting a blog around a subject you are personally interested in has a major advantage – you won’t get bored and quit easily.

To create highly successful blog, you are going to need to put a lot of efforts and if you love the subject matter, things will be much easier for you.

Take a pen-paper and note down all the things you are interested in.

For now, don’t worry about whether the topic will convert into a good niche or not, just come up with a big list of topics you think you might want to blog about.

Your list might look something like this:

  • Travelling
  • organic planting
  • Cricket
  • PS4
  • Editing Photos
  • Sketching
  • Camping
  • Bike Riding

Once you will look at your niche, you’ll probably notice that some of your ideas would make a better blog niche than other.

Just put a star next to them, so that you can validate them first when we come to niche validation.

02. Which Books, Magazine & Blogs you read frequently

What kind of books/articles have you read in the past years or months?

Which blog do you follow on regular basis?

Write down the topic of all the blogs, magazines and books you read frequenty – then see if they bring up any clear ideas for your blog’s niche.

03. Make a list of your past jobs & experiences

What do you enjoy teaching others about?

What are you better at than the average person?

What do you have a lot of experience doing?

What’s something really unique/cool that you’ve accomplished?

Ask yourself these question to brainstorm ideas based on your expertise.

remember, you don’t need to be a #1 expert in your niche to make an impact.

Even if you consider yourself “Intermediate” in your niche, you can still offer so much to beginners.

For example, maybe you have worked as a HR for few months, still you can offer so much advice to beginner on HR management.

04. Think of mass-market desires you can cater to

For a minute, consider what businesses do – they create products that solve a specific problem, wants or need of peoples.


Similarly, you can frame your blog as a product that answers a specific problem, wants or need of peoples.

To define the core value you can provide, look at some of the most common desire shared by peoples all around the world.

Here is a list of desires I have collected from Victor Schwab’s book How To Write a Good Advertisement.

  • People want to gain:

(1) Money, (2) Popularity, (3) Comfort, (4) Improved appearance, (5) Self-confidence, (6) Advancement (business or social), (7) Personal Prestige, (8) Praise from others, (9) Security in old age, (10) Increased enjoyment, (11) Time, (12) Popularity (13) Health (14) Leisure

  • People want to be:

(1) Gregarious, (2) “First” in things, (3) Recognized as authorities, (4) Proud of their possessions, (5) Influential over others, (6) Sociable/hospitable, (7) Proud of their possessions, (8) Good parents, (9) Efficient, (10) Up-to-date,

  • People want to do:

(1) Appreciate beauty, (2) Appreciate beauty, (3) Resist domination by others, (4) Improve themselves generally, (5) ) Satisfy their curiosity (6) Acquire or collect things, (7) Win others’ affection, (8) Emulate the admirable

  • People want to save:

(1) Money, (2) Time, (3) Stress, (4) Doubts, (5) Risk, (6) Personal embarrassment, (7) Doubts, (8) Discomfort

  • People want to get better in:

(1) Excercise, (2) Making friends, (3) Driving car, (4) Cleaning house, (5) Managing money, (6) Organizing party, (7) Dressing, (8) Speaking English

Try to think which one of the above desire you have successfully fulfilled in your life – or helped other people fulfil.

This may be a great starting point to finding specific blog topic and kind of audience you are suited to serve.


Validate the list you brainstormed

By now you should have a few ideas of what you want to blog about. Now its time to validate those ideas to find the best one for your blog.

#1. Are you an Authority or you can become one

A lot of people just try to select a niche which have a high volume of audience.

But usually, we forget to care how competent we are within the niche.

This is why we struggle to produce content of that exceptional quality that will bring out big successes.

For example, Health & nutrition is a very profitable niche. There are millions of people searching for terms related to this niche, plus financial potential in this niche is also exceptional.

But to be honest, I do not have ABC knowledge of this niche.

So, I would rather avoid working in this niche for not being competent with my abilities.

Additionally, the author’s authority and expertise (E-A-T update) is one of the most important ranking factors of Google.

What does Google mean from “expertise”?

Google has defined expertise as the process to communicate your knowledge in a way that engages people.

It comes down to not only having the required information but also knowing what your audience actually wants and how to best deliver that information to them.

For example, suppose someone searched for “how to improve the ranking of my site” in Google.

The stock answer most often seems to be some thing like – “Create great content that your audience love…”

But being an expert in the (SEO) area, you have to make sure that consumer of the content truly understands the subject by the end, without making it too difficult for them.

What does Google mean from “authority”?

When other influencers and experts in your niche area are citing you as a source of information or when your name (or your brand) become synonymous with the relevant topic, then you are not just an expert – you are the authority in the industry.

Now, you don’t necessarily have to be an authority before starting your blog. This is because you can become an authority in your topic over the time (depending on the efforts you put on your blog)

So, the first question you have to ask yourself is if you’re an expert and authority in what you’re going to write about or if you can become one.

#2. Are there enough people interested in reading your topic?

If you’ve made it through the first question, now, it’s time to figure out whether there are enough people interested in your niche.

The most straight forward way to determine the popularity of a niche is to check how many times keywords related to the niche is searched in Google.

Here’s a simple process that will allow you to check that.

You’ll need to use a tool called SEMrush— an all-in-one SEO tool that gives you insights into how many times a specific keyword is searched on Google along with other important metrics related to that keyword.

Step 1: Decide on a niche that you’ll be verifying. For example, I selected DIY niche that seems to interest quite a lot of people. However we will check if it’s popular enough to start a blog about it.

Step 2: Now Google “top [your niche name] blogs” and find 8-10 blogs that seem most legit and popular in that niche.

DIY blog
Top DIY blogs

Step 3: Now we will see how much monthly traffic these blogs receive and which keywords sends them the most traffic.

For that, we will need to create an account on SEMrush. Although it is a paid tool, it offers a 7-day free trial which should be enough for your initial niche research.

Activate Your free trial

SEMRush account signup

Step 4: Now we have to enter the blog URL (found in step #2) into the SEMrush tool. For example, one of the DIY blogs I researched was and here is the result of that blog.

Website domain stats

As you can see in the above screenshot, they are getting approx 134k visitor per month from Google. Plus they are ranking for more than 90k keyword in Google. This two quick stats clearly show that there is enough audience for this niche.

Step 5: You can further go to the Keyword tab to check which type of keywords (along with search volume) are driving them the most traffic.

Keyword stats

Step 6: Just finding one popular blog is not enough to validate the popularity of your niche. You should run 5-10 domain through SEMrush. If you manage to find 5–7 different blogs that meet the requirement of at least 100k organic traffic and 10k+ ranking keywords, you can consider the niche popular enough to start your blog.

#3. Would you Write for Free (For at least 6 months)

Hers is one of the harsh truth of blogging:

Most bloggers don’t make significant income from their blog.

In fact, Digital Nomad Wannabe survey says that about 50% of bloggers make between $0-$200.

This was definitely the case for me as well.

It took me roughly 7 months to steadily earn more than $100 with my first blog, and more than 1 and half year to surpass $1000/mo.

Now one question that might come in your mind – Is Blogging Worth it?

100%, but only if you enjoy what you write about, work systematically and have patience.

So, ask yourself – would you write in this niche for free ( for at least 6 months)?

If your answer is yes, jump to question no #4.

#4. Can you come up with At least 50 Blog post ideas

A good way to validate your blogging niche idea is to create a content map of at least 50-60 future posts.

If you run out of ideas before make it to 50, then that’s a sign that this blog niche is too narrow.

Because once your blog begins to get some tractions, you’ll eventually be writing a lot more than just 50 articles.

So, here is what you exactly need to do:

First, find out at least 5 post categories for your blog niche. For example, if I have to start a personal finance blog, then some possible categories would be – Make Money online, Save Money, Budgeting, Money apps, Freelancing, etc.

Now try to fill up each category with at least 10 posts related to the categories topic.


#5. Is This Niche Likely to Be relevant for Years to Come?

While some blogs do manage to get success while focusing on momentary trends, but it is definitely not a good idea to focus on ephemeral trends.

See, you don’t want to end up starting again from scratch after six or eight months, so aim to choose a blogging niche that’s going to be around for years to come.

Let’s understand it with an example:

Building a new blog that is solely focused on the upcoming 2020 Olympics game might not be a good idea.

Because it is obvious that as soon as Olympic 2020 will be over, no one will be interested in your blog.

Now you must be wondering “How to check if a niche is like to be around for years to come?”

Well, a good sign that a blog niche is going to stick around is if it’s already been around for a while!

So, before finalizing a niche, check out if there are already few blogs in your niche for a while or not.

Plus you can also make use of Google Trends for this.

For example, I entered the “Olympic games” in Google trend and as you can clearly notice in the below-attached screenshot that there were a large number of peoples interested in this topic only one time (2016) in the last 5 years. Otherwise, the trend graph is almost flat in other years.

Google trend of olympic games
Google trend of “Olympics”

And as you might be also knowing that the last main Olympic was held in 2016, that’s why the trend graph has a huge upward movement in 2016 compared to other years.

Now I entered “VPN” in Google trends and as you can see in the below-attached screenshot, the search trend for VPN has been almost consistent from the last 5 years.

VPn google trend
Google trend of “VPN”

So, it is always a good decision to choose VPN blog niche over the Olympic games.

#6. Can You make money in this niche?

I am assuming that if you are reading this post then you are not just interested in blogging as a hobby.

You want to make an income from your blog and t wouldn’t hurt if that income was a healthy one, right?

So, a logical things to check off while selecting a blogging niche is whether or not you can actually monetize your blog and make money.

Frankly speaking, if you are smart and creative enough, you can make money from pretty much any niche, as long as you have build a targeted audience base.

Still, there are some blog niches that are always going to make you more money than others.

For example, Let’s say you create a blog around any of these niches.

  • Free SMS
  • Free wallpaper
  • WhatsApp tips
  • Free movie downloads

If you check on SEMrush, there are more than millions of people searching for these keywords on the internet, which means you will get very high traffic if you create your blog in these niches.

Free movie download keyword

But here is the sad reality...

Most probably you will struggle to build a successful monetization model on your blog and won’t make much money.

That’s why it is better to find out all the possibilities of monetizing your blog in the start rather than struggling later…

So, how do you figure out if, and how, you can make money with your niche?

(a) First thing first, check out how other blogs in your niche makes money:

Go and check out some popular blog in your niche and check if they:

  • Display banner ads or other advertisements on their site
  • Promoting affiliate product via review
  • Sell their own course
  • Offering premium service
  • or anything else.

This will instantly give you some idea of the potential monetization options available in your niche.

For example, if you visit Making sense of cents (A personal finance blog), you will find that she monetize her blog with different models like the sponsored post, affiliate marketing, premium course, etc.

Makesenseofcents monetization model

(b) Next look at the available affiliate programs in your niche.

Affiliate marketing monetization model is something that is used by most of the popular blogs.

If you don’t know anything about affiliate marketing then you can check out my Beginners guide to Affiliate marketing here.

In simple language affiliate marketing means – you promote the products of other people and get receive commissions for the sale.

To check out the available affiliate programs in your niche, Just go on Google and search “[your keyword] affiliate” or “[your keyword] affiliate program.”

Or it will be much better if you directly visit an affiliate network like Shareasale and check all the available affiliate programs in your niche.

shareasale affiliate network

(c) See if you can create and sell your own product

I am not telling you to start creating and selling your own products from day one.

But if you choose a niche where you will have enough opportunity to create and sell your own personalized product, nothing can be better than that.

For example: Brian dean is a very popular SEO expert who runs a blog named “Backlinko”.

Backlinko is an SEO blog that focuses on actionable SEO tips, strategies and case studies.

If you analyze his blog then you will find that he does not have any display ads on his blog nor he is using affiliate links on his blog posts nor promoting any products.

Then how he make money?

Well, he has two very popular courses named “SEO that work” and “First page Video

SEO that works course
SEO that Works course by Brian Dean
First page video course by Brian Dean
First-page video course by Brian Dean

Brian makes most of his revenue from only these two courses.

Similarly, if you visit Nerd fitness (A popular fitness blog) then you will find that they have also monetized their blog with Paid training and courses.

nerd fitness blog

If in any way you can add value – either by teaching or just compiling resources – it can be a great way to monetize your blog and make money out of it.


Profitable Blog Niche Ideas & Examples Of Successful Blogs

Alright then, that was all about how to find and validate your blog niche, If you have found your perfect niche then congratulation

But if you have not decided your niche yet, here are some high demand blog topics or profitable blog niches for inspiration

Finance Blog Niche Examples:

Finance is one of the most popular and competitive core niches right now. There is a lot of money to be made from teaching others how to make and handle their money.

Let’s have a look at some of the specific niche ideas that come under the Finance core niche.

#1. Make Money Online The Penny Hoarder

The penny Hoarder blog

For many people, making money online is an absolute dream come true.

If you are someone who has the experience in making consistent money from the internet, then you can teach others the same thing.

Note – Start a make money online niche blog only if you had some experience in making money from the internet.

The reason why I am telling this is because I have personally seen many blogs who have not made a single penny from the internet, still, they are teaching other people how to make money from the internet.

Think yourself, What would happen If I had started my very first blog in 2013 to teach people how to grow a blog or make money from a blog.

I must had been failed miserably.

That’s why it is important in some niche to have personal experience and knowledge before starting a blog.

Kyle Taylor’s The Penny Hoarder blog is the perfect example of using personal experience to gain credibility and making multi-million dollar blog.

They are using great storytelling to write their content to make it more engaging and relatable for their audiences. They feature and interview real people who are actually making money from the internet.

They have also done a great job at not coming off as a scammy site, which is very easy to fall into the “make money online” niche.

#2. Credit Card NerdWallet

Nerdwallet website

NerdWallet is one of my personal favourite affiliate blog, and I am sure plenty of affiliate marketers would tell you the same.

Founded in 2009, it has grown into one of the most popular finance-related website on the internet with millions of visitors every month.

It does enormously well in one of the most competitive markets, thanks to their insanely genuine contents and devotion to making personal finance easier.

From comparing Credit cards to mortgage to investing to insurance, they have covered everything.

They have been the gold standard of affiliate blogs for the last few years (in my view at least).

#3. Frugality Living Well Spending Less

Living well spending less blog

I have stumbled across a lot of “frugal” blog that are full of credit card offer and online survey sites.

Though there is nothing wrong with braching out, but it can be hard to keep a strong identity while doing so.

Living well spending less is a blog that absolutely nails the frugality niche. With a variety of food recipes, home advice, DIY hacks, Life skills and smart financial advice, this is all-encompassing frugal resource.

#4. Side Hustles Side Hustle Nation

side huste nation

Side hustles are on the rise. In fact, according to a Bankrate study, about 37% of adults in the U.S. have a side hustle. 

People are finding that side jobs and building the right business that can be built outside full-time job can be extremely rewarding and lucrative. In fact, some people even turn their side hustle into full-time business.

Side hustle nation is one of my favourite blog in this niche. Entrepreneur Nick Loper started this blog to share the lesson learned from his own success and failures with side projects.

He also runs a podcast called “The Side Hustle Show“, where he shares the stories of successful side hustlers who have build successful side hustle business.

#5. Student Finances Save The Student

save the student blog

With the growing costs of college & universities, Student finance is a very trending blogging niche.

The website Save the Student provide free, impartial advice to students on how to make their money go further.

Owen Burek started this website in 2007 in his first year at the University of Manchester. He dedicated his career to building content and resources to educate students about money & personal finance – all the important stuff that school doesn’t teach you.

#6. Dealing With Debt Get Out of Debt Guy

Get out of debt guy

The formula of getting out of debt is not rocket science.

But still being debt-free is not something that magically happens overnight…

It takes lots of time and effort in order to get yourself out of debt.

If you are someone who has experience in dealing with debt then you can easily start a blog where you can help others in getting out of their debts.

Founder of the Get Out of Debt blog, Steve Rhode went bankrupt after the economy tanked and his real estate company failed.

After having lived through tough money troubles in 1994, he started his blog “Get out of debt guy” to help people find a path through their financial troubles and solutions for debt problems.

Today his blog is highly successful in his niche and has been appeared on countless news programs and big publications.

#7. Money-Saving Tips Money Saving Mom

money saving mom blog

Saving money doesn’t have to be hard.

But most of the people find it very hard to save money in their day to day life.

So, if you can help them in saving more money in their everyday life, it will be great.

Crystal Paine started this amazing blog called “Money Saving Mom” where she helps people in saving more money on everything, be it grocery, shopping, bills payment, rent and so on.

#8. Investing The college investor

The college investors

It’s not enough to just save lots of money.

If you want your saving to outpace inflation and grow into a nest egg then you will have to invest it at the right place at the right time.

If you are someone who has good knowledge of investing then you can start an investment blog.

The college investor is a very popular investing blog run by Robert Farringt, where he helps people in learning the art of investing and building wealth.

#9. Budgeting YNAB


Budgeting can be a big challenge in anyone’s day to day life.

But if you are someone who is pro in tackling your budget, then this can be a good topic to blog about.

YNAB (You need a budget) is a very popular budgeting blog started by Julie & Jesse.

They help people in taking control of their money with their award-winning budgeting tools and blog content.

Niche Ideas related to Health & wellness

Everyone wishes to live a healthier life, but at the same time, everyone struggles to live a healthy life.

Some people struggle with their over-weight, some peoples are struggling because of underweight, some are struggling with diet and many other health issues.

That’s the reason, health is one of the evergreens core niches. Although mainstream niches like weight loss, exercise, Yoga are saturated, plenty of profitable micro-niche still exists that can give you success.

Let’s have a look at them:

#10. Specific Diet Blog KetoGasm

Ketogasm blog

Dieting is no way a new niche, there are already hundreds of popular blogs available on internet in the dieting niche.

But specific diets niche like Atkins, ketogenic, Paleo, Vegan, Mediterranean, Raw food diets is still a lucrative niche.

KetoGasm is a good example of a highly focused site in dieting niche. The blog share tons of homemade recipes and keto alternatives to help others transition to keto smoother.

#11. Cure diabetes Diabetes Daily

diabetes niche blog

Diabetes is affecting more and more people each year. According to CDC report, over 100 million American has diabetes problem.

A diaognosis of diabetes mean major changes in person’s day to day lifestyle from food to excercise.

If you are someone who has experience in managing diabetes in day-to-day life, you can make it your mission to help others by creating a diabetes blog.

The best thing about this niche is there are only a few blogs, so you can easily create a successful blog in this niche.

Diabetes Daily is a good example of creating a good audience base in a very short period of time.

From the very basic of what is diabetes and how it can affect your life, to more advance topics including technology, diet and lifestyle routine, they are covering everything.

#12. Stress management Stress to strength

Stress to strengeth blog

Stress is an unfortunate but often unavoidable side effect of our busy lives.

And this is something which is very common among today’s generation people.

This is why I believe it is one of the most profitable blogging niches in 2020.

Health being one of the most saturated niche, it is something which is still very less competitive in 2020.

Stress to strength is a very popular stress management blog started by John & Judy Hinwood. They help people recognize their stress triggers and teach how to diffuse them.

#13. Depression Time to Change

time to change blog

Depression is another most common mental illness in today’s time, especially among adults.

According to the Healthline report, it affects 6.75% of American adults.

It is actually a very serious mental illness in which loss of interest, feelings of sadness, anger, frustration, hopelessness or other negative emotion interfere with the daily life of people.

So, nothing can be great if you can help people with the resources they need to overcome depression.

Time to Change is a very popular blog that publishes candid perspectives on depression written by people who have personal experience with Depression.

#14. Veganism Yup It’s Vegan

Yup its vegan blog

Veganism is becoming increasingly popular these days.

In the past few years, several celebrities and athletes have gone vegan and a range of vegan products have appeared in stores.

While people exploring how veganism can fit in their life, a dedicated blog sharing everything about vegan lifestyle can make a major difference in the decision to adopt this lifestyle or not.

In case if you decide to choose the vegan blogging niche, don’t think you have to be an expert in vegan food & lifestyle.

Shannon posts nothing but recipes ideas for plant-based meal on her blog Yup It’s Vegan, still managed to make $2500 + montly earning.

#15. Women’s Health Healthy Women

Healthy women blog

Though there are many popular blog & publications covering everything about health, still starting a dedicated blog for Women’s health care can do the magic.

It will allow you to quickly build a targeted audience and easily monetize them.

You can publish content related to women’s nutrition, sexual health, pregnancy and disease prevention, very similar to what you see on blog.

To stand out in the crowd, include real-life stories and experiences of other womens to foster connection and relatability.

#16. Running – The Run Experience

The run experience

You can start a running blog to connect the running community across the world. Your writing can help other runners make feel less alone while providing knowledge and motivation.

THE RUN EXPERIENCE is a very popular blog that absolutely owns the running niche.

Founder of the blog Holy is not only sharing her story, but also the story of many other accomplished runners.

Sh has also build an amazing training program for runners at all level to accomplish their goal.

#17. Yoga/Meditation The Journey Junkie

The Journey Junkie blog

Whether you’re a yoga teacher or a yoga student, you can potentially create a good income stream through a yoga and meditation blog.

Alie at The Jounie Junkie create helpful guides and articles, promote her workshop and share video training for everyone interested in Yoga & meditation.

She has created a dedicated community that supports her. Her first paid course generated $70,000 within 2 weeks of launching

Lifestyle Blog Niche Examples

Creating a successful lifestyle blog is not exactly simple because driving organic traffic is very hard.

I mean as much as you would love to write about your morning routine or dress you wear on weekend, no one is actually searching for those terms on Google.

This is why a lot of lifestyle bloggers mostly depends on Pinterest and Instagram for driving major traffic.

No that there is anything wrong with this practice, but those social media platform are challenging in their own prespective,

However, you can still create a successful lifestyle blog if you know your audience and stick to them.

#18. Lifestyle Blog For Young Professional Living Like Leila

Living Like Leila

I came to know about Leila last month through my Facebook Group. Here blog is a refreshing example in lifestyle niche.

Leila has done a great job at utilizing multiple platforms (Google, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube) to drive traffic to her blog.

One of the best thing I like about her blog is that all of her posts and updates has a common theme of personal development and health.

#19. Lifestyle Blog For Teens Modern Teen

Modern Teen blog

Daniel started his blog “Modern Teen” when he was 18 years old. His main vision behind this blog was to share useful resources to young adults so that they can become the best version of themselves possible.

He has done an excellent job at providing teen with resources on health & fitness, finance, and general life hacks.

#20. Lifestyle Blog For Women’s The Every Girl

The Every Girl

The Every Girl is an inspiring blog in lifestyle niche that helps the goal-oriented and enthusiastic women to have a better life.

It has a wide range of content and resources that appeal to every reader. Fashion & Beauty, Career & Finance, Living, Wellness, Technology are the main categories on this site.

This is definitely a big publication with a massive presence on the social media platform.

However, I belive still small & beginner blogger can learn lesseons from studying what makes this blog so successful.

#21. Lifestyle Blog For Men The Art Of Manliness

The Art Of Manliness blog

I first heard of The Art Of Manliness after listening to Brett Mckay’s interview on Going Writer.

They are a true content-based site producing mainly informational blog posts around every aspect of a man’s life: career, relationships, character, fitness, style, skills, and much more.

They have differentiated themselves from other lifestyle publications in providing content that is thoughtful, eminently useful, and clickbait-free.

They used to make money mainly through Ads, but later started selling digital courses & programms and physical products like mugs, t-shirts, and posters.

Usually branded physical products can only work when you have a loyal audience, which is obviously AOM have because 30% of their users directly visit their site.

#22. Parenting Blog Fatherly


There is no shortage of parenting blog on the web, but Mike realized most of the blogs are heavily targeted toward moms.

Furthermore, Dads are often portrayed as goofy one who doesn’t have much idea of how to brought up a child from day 1.

Mike aimed to change this with his blog Fatherly.

In a very short period of time, Father started getting traction and grew it into one of the fastest-growing media companies with $5M in revenue in just two years.

Today it is a big media publication offering contents and resources for every stage of dad – from toddler to teen, pre school to college, you’ll find advice for every stage of parenting.

#23. Dating DatingAdvice

dating advice blog

As more and more people turning o online apps & services for dating, it make sense that they would utilize the internet for finding dating advice.

According to a survey conducted by Statista – There are 40 million Americans using online dating apps. 24% of people use dating apps and websites to find hookups, 43% to find friends, and 84% to find relationships.

I am not saying that it is not a saturated blog niche for 2020, but if you put in the time and effort to create content for the specifically targeted audience based on geographic and demographic interest then you can easily stand out in this niche.

From tips for first date to determining your ideal partner – you can use your blog to beter prepares singles for dating world.

“Dating Advice” is one of the most popular blogs in the online dating niche where more than 250 experts provide the content for all kinds of audiences.

#24. Wedding & Marriage Wedding Chicks

The Wedding Chicks

If you have been in a successful marriage — you could benefit others from starting a wedding and marriage blog.

Weeding Chicks is providing advice and resources for coupe from engagement through marriage for all ages, religions, races and countries.

They have also invested in building tools and technology to simplify the process of wedding and marriage planning.

You necessarily don’t need to target every type of audience on your blog, you can specifically target the audience based on religion or country.

#24. Pregnancy & Newborn Mother Rising Birth

Mother rising blog

This time in any women’s life is so much exciting as well as challenging where she needs so much supports.

Yo don’t need to be a women’s health expert to blog about the pregnancy and caring for newborn toddlers.

Being a woman who has already gone through this experience in her life is more than enough to help and connect with other mom at that stage.

Mother Rising is a holistic pregnancy blog started by Lindsey Morrow. As a mother of three children, Lindsey has pretty good of experience in the pregnancy advice arena and this experience is clearly reflected in the positive and inspiring tone of her blog.

Travel Blog Niche Example

Travel is also a saturated blogging niche but there is always room for quality blogs out there.

Here are some examples of travel niche blogs that are nailing it.

#25. Digital Nomads – Digital Nomad Soul

Digitalnomad soul

The digital nomad lifestyle is one of the fastest-growing lifestyles today. This is no surprise, as there are the countless benefit of adopting this lifestyle.

If you are also pursuing the same lifestyle, you can create a blog to document your journey and help other who want to be a successful digital nomad.

With a very catchy domain name and stellar SEO content, Digital Nomad Soul is one of the best digital nomad oriented blog on the web.

The blog provides plenty of comprehensive content and resources for aspiring digital nomads, who want to learn step-by-step how to become digital nomads.

#26. Solo Female Travel – Jessie on a Journey

Jessie on Journey blog

Jessica Festa is a perfect example of influencer with a travel blog. She firmly believes that one doesn’t need to wait until he/she has a ton of money saved up or a travel partner to start travelling & enjoy their life.

She is empowering curious solo female travelers to go beyond their limit and have more meaningful and impactful trip.

I personally like her conversational tone of writing a blog post. She tries to answer every possible question her audience has about travelling in her blog posts. Lots of real photos (not the stock one) and printables are very helpful for readers to replicate her trip

#27. Travel Gear Blog – Pack Hacker

Pack Hackers

Pack Hacker is a good example of how to find your place in a crowded niche. The site publish informative and user friendly resources on how to pack smarter and make most out of your travels.

The blog is also a good example of a successful affiliate site in the travel niche. From bags to clothes, you’ll find detailed review and comparison of every travel related products on Pack Hacker.

#28. Niche Travel – Vincent VanLife

Vincent Vanlife blog

Vincent Van life has done a great job at targeting a small group of audience in travelling core niche.

Rose and Seb (Creator of the blog) write everything about van life – from preparing for van life to honest reviews on the latest campers to the market, they are covering everything.

Vincent Van life has does a lot of things right. Branding and design are on point, plus they have diversified the content on different platforms very well.

DIY Blog Niche Examples

DIY is an awesome blogging niche because you can apply it to so many categories.. home decor, dressing makeover, handmade gifts, holiday decor …whatever.

Here are some DIY bloggers who are doing preetty well with their blog, you can check out them to get some insights for your own DIY blogs.

#29. DIY Remodeling – Remodelaholic

Remodelalohic blog

Remodelaholic started by Cassity is an incredibly popular blog in DIY niche which aims to help anyone remodeling their house.

Cassity not only shares whats ongoing project she is working on at home, but also accepts post contributions from the community.

This mutual collaboration ensures there is always fresh DIY content on her blog.

The blog’s main focus revolves around DIY home decor and renovation. What’s especially nice about Remodelaholic’s DIY project is she includes free project plan with the clear instruction that can be easily followed by a beginner.

#30. Vintage DIY – Vintage Revival

Vintage revivals

Vintage Revival is another famous DIY blog with catchy domain name and a clear mission.

The site publishes in-depth advice on home design and what it takes to renovate a home both physically and emotionally.

#31. Thrift and DIY – Thrift Diving

Thrifty diving blog

Blogger Serena Appiah teaches people how to take inexpensive thrift finds and transform them into something meaningful and beautiful.

She publishes easy hacks, furniture makeover, and loads of DIY projects. The blog niche appeals to a group of people who are interested in DIY designing, but want to do everything in a small budget.

Food & Drink related Blog examples

Cooking and food are one of the most popular topics around. Due to heavy competition, you need to clearly niche down if you’re picking this blogging niche.

Here are some popular micro blog niche in food core niche that still has space to stand out in 2020:

#32. Baking – Sally’s Baking Addiction

Sally's baking addiction blog

Sally is a home baker who started putting recipes & photos of cookies she baked for family and friends on her personal blog.

The homestyle baked goods attracted such a following that she ended up leaving her full-time job and pursuing blogging & baking as a career.

What I personally like about her recipes are that all of them are very approachable for everyone that doesn’t require unusual ingredients and can probably be made with things that we already have in our kitchen.

#33. Restaurant Reviews – Andy Hayler’s restaurant reviews

Andy Haylers

You can help people decide where to go for dinner or lunch to celebrate a major event with a restaurant review blog.

You can explore the restaurant & hotels across a certain geographic regions and write a detailed review of what one can expect after visiting a particular restaurant or hotel.

Andy Hayler’s restaurant reviews is a good example of blog publishing detailed review of the best restaurants around the world.

#34. Coffee – Coffee-Channel

Coffee channel

If you are a coffee lover, blogging about coffee is a wise choice in 2020. it’s one of the most popular beverage choices worldwide, with people consuming around 165.35 million 60 kilogram bags of coffee in 2019 alone.

Making the perfect cup of coffee is somewhat an art in itself and there are various types of coffee ground, brewing methods and machine brand to explore.

You can do something similar to Coffee channel and review different coffee ground & machines and create follow along guide about how to use them.

#35. Frugal Cooking – Budget Bytes

Budget Bytes

Budget bytes is one of the best blog in food & cooking niches.

The blog has done everything right – from proper branding to a clear mission, an awesome design to tasty recipes..

The site even offer free meal plan and has an android & ios app with over 500 food recipies.

Business & Career blog niche

#36. Writing – Copyblogger

Copyblogger blog

Copyblogger, started by Brian Clark in 2006, is one of the best examples of how to build a community online and turn it into a profitable business.

Clark and team build CopyBlogger by focusing on producing great content that teaches people how to create killer online content that actually pays.

Over the course of the last few years, Copyblogger has evolved into a highly profitable company with 8 figures in annual revenue, al credit goes to its insanely useful content, smart copywriting, and exceptional products and services.

Just like Brain, if you are also a seasoned writer, you can coach writers on positioning, branding, and improving their craft.

#37. Web Development – Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magzine

Web designing is a million-dollar industry and populated by people across all over the globe.

If you are a web developer, starting your blog will help you establishing your name recognition and becoming a respected authority in the industry.

Smashing Magazine is probably one of the best web development & designing blog at this time.

It provides the developers with every resources one could need to succeed in the industry. From free tutorials, books, learning guides and online courses, Smashing Magazine has it all.

#38. Ecommerce – The Better Lemonade Stand

A better lemonsade stand blog

These days most of the people are preferring to shop online, which is very good news for aspiring e-commerce business owners.

Creating an online store is fairly simple these days with WooCommerce or Shopify, yet actually generating leads and making sales is a completely different story.

If you have built a successful e-commerce business or know your way around eCommerce, educate aspiring eCommerce entrepreneurs with advice, case studies & recommendation for tools.

The Better Lemonade Stand is doing pretty well in inspiring, educating, and supporting entrepreneurs through every step of the online business building.

#39. Digital Marketing – Neil Patel

Neil patel blog

The importance of effective digital marketing is crucial for any business in today’s time, still, most peoples are overwhelmed and lost figuring out all.

If you are a digital marketing expert with a proven track record, you can start a blog in this niche to guide other business owners and internet marketers.

Plus you can use your marketing skill to quickly grow your blog and lead readers seamlessly to your paid course & services.

Neil Patel runs one of the most influential digital marketing blog in the world, whose site earns over 5m visitors each month.

He has also co-founded some amazing marketing tools like Crazy Egg, Hello Bar and Ubbersuggest that nearly every SaaS marketer knows.

If you want to know more about Neil, definitely checkout one of his interview on Groove.

#40. HR Management – HR Bartender

HR bartender blog

For large and small businesses alike, HR (human resources) plays a crucial role in developing company strategy and handling employee-related activities.

HR (human resources) Pro needs to stay up to date on industry policies, marketing strategies, digital changes and employee management skills.

Just like Sharlyn, if you have experience in handling & managing employees, you can start a blog to answer most pressing questions about what goes on in Human Resources.

Sharlyn is an HR consultant and the president of ITM Group, Inc. She created the HR Bartender blog so people would have a friendly place to discuss workplace issues.

The blog focuses on the topics that mainly relates to the workplace, not just human resources. In some of her popular posts, she has talked about employee engagement and leadership skills.

#41. SEO – Backlinko


SEO is going to be more & more important with the time. If you are an SEO expert, let your expertise shine by creating an SEO blog.

Backlinko is probably the most influential SEO blog out there. Brian (Founder) is the guy who proved that quality really beats quantity.

Although he rarely posts new articles on his blog, when he does, you can be sure that the topic will be covered from top to bottom with an easy to understand language.

#42. College Advice – College Info Geek

College info geek blog

Thomas Frank’s blog is a great exam of building a successful blog that actually adds value to audience life.

College Info Geek is dedicated to helping students build a remarkable college career which in turn will lead into a wonderful life.

What I personally like about Thomas’s content is that all of his articles are in-depth and insanely useful covering the things you actually need to know in order to be a successful student.

#43. Blogging – Blogging Wizard

Blogging wizard blog

Blogging about blogging?

Yep! This is actually a niche– in fact, the blog you are reading right now also belongs to the same niche.

People are curious about how to start a successful blog and make money out of it. In fact, these days businesses are also focusing on creating blogs to drive leads and traffic to their products & services.

If you had success with building loyal following with your blog, you can teach the same to others.

Blogging Wizard is a good example of a blog in this niche. Adam Connell started Blogging Wizard in 2012, as a platform to share what he was learning in working at a marketing agency.

Since then the blog has grown into a go-to resource for both beginner and intermediate bloggers who want to start and grow their blogs.

#44. Language – Fluent in 3 months

Fluent in 3 months

People like to learn new languages.

Especially the millennials are very keen to learn a second language besides their primary language.

For example – If you are from India, then you have already seen that most of the people are struggling to learn English.

In fact, I have personally seen that in India English is treated as a luxury.

So, if you are someone who can guide people in the right way to learn English in India, nothing can be great than that.

It’s not just about the English language, People in the united state are keen to learn the Spanish language. Canadian schools now teach Chinese as a subject because of China’s growing economic power.

This means a good market exists for someone who can help people in learning a new language. is one of the best language blog, started by Benni Lewis. Benny has mastered the art of learning a language, he knows more than 7 languages very well and teaches others the same.

Read also: 20+ Actionable Tips to Speed Up Your Website

Final Thought on Picking a Blog Niche

I understand the idea of starting a blog can seem overwhelming and intimidating

However, it’s important to not spend months agonizing over what you’ll write about.

You don’t need unique blog ideas or write about something that has never been talked on the internet. As long as you add real value to your readers, you’ll eventually find success.

Just think about what’s your interest & knowledge and how ou can use them in a way that is meaningful and useful for a specific group of audience.

Yes, you’ll make a mistake in the beginning, but that’s how we learn. As long as you stick with your blog, you’ll be surprised at where you end up with a few years of hard work.

Once you have chosen your blog niche, you will need to start considering the name for your blog. Here is a detailed guide on how to come up with a blog name in 20 minutes.

I hope you’ll find this guide on how to pick a blogging niche helpful. Feel free to ask any question you might have about blogging niche in the comment section.


Hi, I am Shivam Choudhary founder of – A blog that helps online entrepreneurs start, grow, and scale their blog. Whether you are looking for the right advice to get your blog off the ground or proven strategies to accelerate your blog’s growth, I am here to help you get further. 

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    Epic content. Select a niche is the half of battle of any online business and that’s what you exactly explained. I learn so much. thank you so much putting your effort on this.

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