10 Best Security Plugins For WordPress To Keep Your Site Safe (Comparision)

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In today’s time, A website or blog can be literally as valuable as property and real estate for its owner.

Therefore, keeping it safe should also be the responsibility of your own.

According to a recent case study, An average website is attacked 44 times every day (Including WordPress and non-wordpress)

That means, if your WordPress security is not tight then you are inadvertently playing with fire.

Your years of hard works can turn into dust in the blink of an eye with one security attack.

Don’t worry securing your WordPress website doesn’t require you to be a programming Guru like you see on Television Show.

But you’ll need some WordPress security plugins and tools to get the job done and that’s what I am going to cover in this post.

Best wordpress security plugins

In today’s article, I’ll cover the top 10 best security plugins for WordPress with their pros and cons. Then, in the end, I’ll try to help you pick the right tool according to your needs.

Why You Need to Use WordPress Security Plugins?

If you are in doubt that whether you need a security plugin for your WordPress website or not then check these stats.

  • As WordPress is the most popular CMS it is often targeted by hackers. According to the Sucuri report, in 2019, 92% of all website cleanup requests belonged to WordPress.
  • Google blacklists around 20,000 websites for malware and around 50,000 for phishing each week. (Source)
  • About 18.5 million websites on the internet are affected by malware at any time.
  • An average website is attacked 44 times every day, which includes both WordPress and non-WordPress sites. (Source)

And if any of those attacks are successful, believe me it could seriously hurt your website and business. This is why your WordPress security measures should be at the top of your priorities.

Some of the major problems you might encounter after website security breach include:

  • If hackers will hack your site, they will take your site down which can frustrate your users and hurt your brand reputation.
  • Hackers can steal the data belonging to you and your website users.
  • If the hacker chooses to change the credentials used to log in, then you will have no longer access to your site.
  • Your website contents can be deleted completely.
  • Attackers may use your website to distribute malicious code to people who visit your site.
  • Recovering and fixing your hacked website can be a complicated and costly process.

All of these reasons make having a WordPress security plugin installed on your website incredibly important.

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Your First Priority Should Be Secure Hosting

See, a security plugin will be only good as long as you have a secured backed and foundation.

This is why it’s important, before looking into security plugins, that you should invest in a web hosting service that has security measures already in place.

This includes support for the latest version of PHP, MySQL, and Apache as well as a firewall and 24/7 security monitoring.

If possible you can also choose a web host that takes daily backup of your whole site with regular malware scans.

In fact, these days some premium web hosting companies also employ various DDOS prevention measures for higher security.

My personal story:

At the beginning of my blogging career, my site cPanel got hacked twice in a month just because of my hosting provider (Hostagtaor.)

It was a very disappointing moment for me as I had to pay more than $100 twice to get back up and restore my site.

(Fortunately, my site was not that big so I didn’t had to incur big losses)

But you must be wondering why I am blaming my Hosting provider (Hostgator) for hacking.

Well after few days of migrating my site from Hostgator to A2 hosting, I came to know about Hostgator Malware scam.

They basically intentionally delete and suspend their customer’s account just to sell Sitelock (Hostgator partnered Security service) paid plan.

(You can read more about their scam here)

This is why now I never trust any EIG hosting company for my any website.

From the past few years, my all sites are hosted with Siteground and honestly speaking I have never ever faced any security or website speed issue with Siteground.

They are among the few hosts which takes necessary security measures at the server-level to give a secured and powerful foundation to the website owners.

Web Hosting

How Siteground protect your site?

  • They have set all servers to use the latest PHP 7 version with the latest security fixes.
  • They are running Apache in a chrooted environment with suExec.
  • ModSecurity is installed on all of their shared servers and they update their security rules on a weekly basis to protect their customers from common security attacks.
  • They have an auto option to keep the WordPress core version and the plugins updated.
  • They keep all the software that is providing database services (FTP, SMTP, IMAP/POP3, HTTP, HTTPS) up to date with the latest security patches.
  • They constantly monitor vulnerabilities in the most popular applications and modules and whenever possible we develop virtual patches in the form of WAF rules.

Once you have a strong foundation, now it’s time to find the best WordPress security plugin that can take your website security to the next level.

What to look for in a good Website Security Plugin?

If you’re looking for a security plugin for your WordPress website, you’ll want to start by checking the availability of these features:

A WordPress site is made up of files and Databases. A hacker could hide malicious code in any location. A good security plugin should be able to scan both files and databases to ensure there is no hidden malware on your site.

Once you found that your website is hacked or injected with malware, you need to immediately clean it.

I have seen that many security plugins require you to contact their support team in order to fix the hacks. And this could easily take a few hours or even a few days to clean the infected website.

And remember that long delay in cleanup can snowball the situation into something bigger.

This is why I recommend that you need a plugin that can clear your website instantly.

Ever website owners love traffic, but all kind of traffic is not good for your site. some traffic has malicious intent and can harm your website security.

Fortunately, you can track such kind of traffic with a good security plugin.

See, everyone who visits your site uses a device like a smartphone or a computer which is linked with an IP address. A firewall is able to track these IP addresses. And a good firewall can also identifies those IP addresses which carries malicious activities and prevent them from accessing your site.

So, look for a WordPress security plugin that has in-built firewalls.

Besides using a firewall and protecting your login page, you can take more precautions to protect your site from getting attacked. In fact, WordPress itself recommends some security measures like preventing PHP execution, disabling theme editor, etc.

But implementing these things can be difficult for especially users with no technical knowledge. A good security plugin should enable you to implement these measures within a click without any technical knowledge.

No matter how good your WordPress security plugin is, there will be a few times when you need assistance from experts. Make sure your security plugin has an agile customer support team and you can contact them anytime without waiting for a long time.

Best Security Plugins For WordPress website Comparison



Free Option?

Price for Pro


1. Sucuri

★ Best Value★

DNS-level firewall + security hardening


$16.66 /Month

2. Wordfence

Hardening, login protection, application firewall + malware scanning


$99 / Year

3. MalCare

Malware scanning + basic firewall and hardening


$99 / Year

4. iThemes Security

★Budget option★

Security hardening, login protection + malware scanning


$80 / Year

5. WebARX

Application-level firewall + vulnerability monitoring


$14.99 /Month

6. Security Ninja

Basic security hardening + malware scanning


$39 / Year

7. Jetpack

Security hardening, login protection + malware scanning


$99 per year

8. BulletProof Security

File monitoring + malware scanning


$69.95 (Lifetime)

9. All in One WP Security

Security hardening + login protection


N/A – 100% Free

10. VaultPress

Backups + malware scanning​


$39 / Year​

1. Sucuri Security Plugin

Sucuri security plugin for wordpress

Sucuri has a reputation for being one of the most comprehensive plugins on the market when it comes to protecting your site from security threats.

The Sucuri Security plugin offers both free and premium versions. Let’s start with the free version first.

First of all Sucuri free version offers you activity auditing and file integrity monitoring.

What is the use of these two features?

Well in simple words these two features help you monitor what’s happening on your website.

For example – The activity auditing feature helps you know all the failed login attempts n your site and the file integrity monitoring can tell you if any of your core WordPress files have been modified.

Beyond that Sucuri’s free version plugin also includes some basic WordPress security hardening tweaks, like disabling in-dashboard file editing and blocking PHP files in the uploads directory.

But the real value is in their paid plans, which comes with DNS level firewall protection.

What is the use of a Firewall?

A firewall basically helps you block brute force and malicious attacks from accessing your WordPress site.

As Sucuri offers more advance Firewall (DNS) so it filters out bad traffic even before it reaches your server. On top of that, they also serve static content from their own CDN servers.

With their premium plan, Sucuri also offers actionable steps to help you proceed with any repairing any damage.

I know some of you might even don’t want to imagine yourself in getting through this situation. But my friend, in reality, it’s nearly impossible for any website to be 100% impenetrable.

And I personally love the fact that Sucuri Security is already upfront about that. Rather than making false promises to their customers, Sucuri has added a feature to assist you if your site is compromised in any way.

💡 Highlighting Features of Sucuri Plugin:

  • DNS level firewall that blocks malicious attacks even before reaching your server.
  • Their file change detection helps you know whenever a file is messed.
  • Lets you conduct malware scanning
  • Effective security hardening
  • Their Google reCAPTCHA integration adds an extra layer of security to your WordPress login page.
  • Serves static content from their own CDN servers
  • With their premium plan, they will clean up your site at no additional cost if it gets malware

💰 Pricing:

They offer a basic free version for WordPress user which helps you harden WordPress security and scan your site for common threats.

While you have to pay $19.98/mo for just their DNS firewall or $199.99 per year to get access to the full Website Security Solutions.

2. Wordfence Security 

Wordfence security

With over more than three million active installs, Wordfence Security – Firewall & Malware Scan is another most popular security plugin for WordPress.

It comes with a web application firewall to identify and blocks malicious traffic as well as a built-in malware scanner to checks your core files, themes, and plugins for malware, bad URLs, backdoors, malicious redirects and code injections.

Both of the core features are available in both free and premium version of the plugin, however, Premium version offers a more real-time approach.

For example The premium versions’ firewall gets real-time firewall rule update while the free version’s firewall only updates after every 30 days.

Similarly, the premium version’s malware scan updates its signatures in real-time, while the free version is delayed by 30 days.

Beyond its core protection feature and security hardening options, I personally like its ability to see data about your overall website traffic trend. These reports will help you know the attempted hacks on your WordPress site.

One more helpful features offered by Wordfence is the ability to block attacks that come from specific geographic regions known for high rates of cybercrime.

💡 Highlighting Features of Wordfence Plugin:

  • Web Application Firewall identifies and blocks malicious traffic.
  • Integrated malware scanner which blocks requests that include malicious code or content.
  • Ability to monitor live traffic by viewing things like Google crawl activity, human visitors, and bots.
  • The comment spam filter that blocks all the unnecessary spam comments on your site.
  • Protects from brute force attacks with limiting failed login attempts
  • Two-factor authentication for login.
  • Block attackers by IP or build advanced rules based on IP Range, Hostname and referrer.

💰 Pricing:

It has a free version that comes with all the necessary security features for WordPress site. While the Pro version offers real-time endpoint protection and advance features for $99 per year.

3. MalCare – All-in-one Security Plugin

Malcare security plugin

Another favorite when it comes to all-inclusive security solution is Malcare.

As you can guess from the plugin’s name, This security plugin primarily focuses on malware detection and removal.

One of the things that I personally like about Malcare in comparison with something like Wordfence is Malcare does its scanning process on its own server.

As you probably might be knowing that Malware scanning is a resource-intensive process, so if a security plugin is doing the scan on your live server then it will slow down your site.

But Malcare fixes this problem by scanning your site’s malware on their own server hence, there is no load on your server resources.

On top of that, it is only a few security tools that feature automated malware removal to get rid of all viruses and backdoor forever. The Best part is they do it instantly without waiting for hours or days.

They also offer real-time Protection from the latest threats with their Firewall, but I don’t their firewall is as high-quality as what you get with Sucuri, so if you are comfortable in paying for Sucuri’s firewall then you should better go with them.

💡 Highlighting Features of Malcare Plugin:

  • Complete WordPress Malware Scanning without affecting your own server.
  • Instant WordPress Malware Removal
  • Real-time Protection from the latest threats with the Firewall.
  • An inbuilt Captcha-based smart login protection.
  • Block execution of any PHP files in the uploads folder.
  • Tools for developers, including white labeling and client reports
  • Tools for developers, including white labeling and client reports

💰 Pricing:

Basic malware scanning and login protection are available on their free version, but you’ll need the premium version for the advance features like Fully automated 1-Click malware removal and white-labeling. Their premium plan starts at $99 per year.

4. iThemes Security

Itheme wordpress security plugin

iTheme is another popular option in WordPress security industry coming from the folks behind the popular BackupBuddy plugin.

One of the major highlighting features of iTheme plugin is they offer 30 different security measures to protect your site.

This plugin primarily focuses on locking down WordPress, fix common holes, stop automated attacks and strengthen user credentials.

Although some basics security features like hiding Login & Admin URL, File Change Detection, Local brute force protection, and database backup are available in their free version. But I’ll highly recommend you to upgrade to their premium plan for more advance protection features.

While iTheme does not include a firewall like Sucuri or Malcare but it does offer malware scanning to identify any potential vulnerabilities for an attack. 

Beyond Malware scanning, it comes with whole heaps of security tweak like limit login attempts, Strong Password Enforcement, Google reCAPTCHA Integration, and Two-Factor Authentication. All these security features make iThemes Security Pro a great value.

💡 Highlighting Features of iTheme Plugin:

  • Their File change detection features help you know whenever there is change in your WordPress files.
  • Changes the URLs for WordPress dashboard areas including login, admin and more
  • Detects bots and other attempts to search for vulnerabilities.
  • Two-factor authentication for an extra layer of security
  • Ability to limit login attempts
  • Turns off file editing from within WordPress admin area
  • Email notification for any security threats on your site.

💰 Pricing:

iTheme Security plugin offers both free and premium plans. As mentioned earlier their free version available on WordPress.org will give you basic security features. While you can opt for their premium plan at only $80 per year to get advance security features.

5. WebARX


WebARX is a premium security solution that is not only limited to the WordPress platform, but it also supports every PHP application.

WebARX is mostly known for its advanced endpoint firewall, an application firewall that monitors, filters and blocks traffic that may be harmful to your site via their cloud-based dashboard.

While we always give first priority to DNS-level firewalls when it comes to WordPress security, but WebARX’s application-level firewall is still more comprehensive than most of the other application-level firewalls you’ll get in any other WordPress security plugins.

Beyond its firewall functionality, WebARX also hardens your WordPress installation, create backups, monitor uptime and much more.

💡 Highlighting Features of WebARX Plugin:

  • Advance application firewall that monitors, filters and blocks malicious traffic.
  • Two-factor authentication for better login security.
  • Theme/plugin vulnerability monitoring
  • Brute force protection
  • Uptime monitoring: receives email alerts when a site goes down
  • Centralized security for unlimited websites.

💰 Pricing:

WebARX offers a 14-day free trial offer for its customers. After that, paid plans start at $14.99 per month per site.

6. Security Ninja

Security ninja

Security Ninja has been around for more than 10 years now. Starting out as one of the first plugins to be sold on CodeCanyon, it moved to a freemium model in 2016.

The free version available at wordpress.org performs over 50 security tests ranging from checking files and MySQL permissions to various PHP settings with proper security fixes recommendation.

With their premium version, they offer a WordPress firewall that prevents bad visitors to access your website.

💡 Highlighting Features of Security Ninja Plugin:

  • The security tester module runs 50+ tests and gives you tips on how to fix the common security issues.
  • Their auto fixer module is very handy for on-techy users as it can resolve any issues detected in just one click.
  • Their Vulnerability scanner Warns you if you have vulnerable plugins installed on your WordPress site.
  • They have a list of 600+ million bad IPs in their database which is blocked automatically as soon as you activate the plugin.
  • You can block visitors by countries whom you do not want to access your website.

💰 Pricing:

Their free version is available at wordpress.org which comes with a lot of basic security hardening rules. The Pro version starts at just $39.

7. Jetpack

Jetpack security plugin

Most people who are using WordPress for a long time must be familiar with the Jetpack plugin, not just because the plugin offers so many features but also because the plugin is developed by people behind WordPress.com.

It is an ideal plugin for most of the WordPress website as it includes statistics/analytics, search engine optimization (SEO), backup, and security features.

From Security perspective, the Jetpack plugin provides protection against brute force attacks and filtering against spam messages.

On top of that Jetpack also monitors downtime of your site, so that you can quickly get alert when your site is unavailable. And secured login features like two-factor authentication make it difficult for unauthorized users to gain access to your site.

💡 Highlighting Features of Jetpack Plugin:

  • It gives you real-time alerts about any unexpected downtime.
  • Guard your site against brute force login attacks.
  • Get a daily backup of your site with its premium version.
  • Get alert if a potential security threat is found in your plugin or theme files.

💰 Pricing:

Jetpack is available for free to use. But if you want to get its advance features like malware scanning, real-time website backups, Image, and Video CDN then you have to upgrade to its premium plan which will cost you $299 per year

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8. BulletProof Security

Bulletproof security plugin

BulletProof Security isn’t necessarily as popular as some of the other security plugins out there, but it is still useful with some great features. 

They claims that in the last 6-7 years, none of the 45,000 websites installed this plugin have been hacked. (though this number doesn’t includes things like server hacks.)

I personally liked its maintenance mode. It will keep your site secure while you’re going through front-end as well as back-end updates and maintenance. (These are the times when your site become normally more vulnerable to hacks or breaches.)

While the installation and setup process is pretty easy for anyone. Still, I would say this security plugin is geared more toward advance WordPress developers.

With this plugin, you can get the security benefit of some unique settings and features like the anti-exploit guard, cURL scans and the online Base64 decoder.

💡 Highlighting Features of BulletProof Security Plugin:

  • One-click setup wizard to make the installation process easy.
  • Advanced security features like anti-exploit guard, cURL scans, online Base64 decoder, folder locking, and more.
  • Robust monitoring tools to flag suspicious activity.
  • Anti-spam protection.
  • The maintenance mode functionality.

💰 Pricing:

Its free version is packed with enough features for an average website. So, I would say start with free version before you decide if you want to upgrade.

9. All in One WP Security

All in one wp security

All in One WordPress Security plugin is a comprehensive and easy to use WordPress security plugin. It provides an easy to use interface and decent customer support without any premium plans.

It reduces your website security risks by checking for vulnerabilities, and by implementing the latest recommended security practices and techniques.

All In One WP Security also uses an unprecedented security points grading system to measure how well you are protecting your site based on the plugin feature you have activated.

Their security features are categorized into “basic”, “intermediate” and “advanced”. So that you can work only with the features appropriate for what you feel your skill level is.

💡 Highlighting Features of All In One WP Security Plugin:

  • Password strength tool to creates very strong passwords.
  • Protection against Brute Force Login Attack with its Login Lockdown feature.
  • Force logout of all users after a configurable time period.
  • Integration of Google ReCaptcha on the login page.
  • Easily backup your original .htaccess and wp-config.php files.
  • Ban users by specifying IP addresses.
  • Add a lot of firewall protection to your site via .htaccess file

💰 Pricing:

It is the only plugin in this list which is 100% Free with no upsells.

10. VaultPress


I can’t forget to include VaultPress in the list of best security plugin, it is part of the Jetpack plugin which I review earlier in this post.

Valutpress is well-known name in the industry for its backup and security features.

The plugin makes it pretty easy for you to keep an up-to-date backup of your site with both daily and realtime syncing of all your WordPress content.

From the security perspective, VaultPress scans your site on a daily basis for potentially dangerous files, as well as any suspicious changes to your WordPress site.

Just like Malcare, Valutpress also does its security scanning on its own servers, which ensures that you don’t have to compromise with your website performance.

The plugin makes it easy to review all the suspicious code and fix the most common threat with single click. And the best part is the plugin automatically fix your site if there is any very dangerous threat.

💡 Highlighting Features of Vaultpress Plugin:

  • Automated backups stored in their offsite digital vault.
  • Their customer service support is excellent, they provide instant chat as well as email service.
  • Easily Fix detected viruses, malware, and other dangerous threats with a single click.
  • Protect your site from spammers by automatically blocking them.
  • Protection against brute force attacks.

💰 Pricing:

It s the part of Jetpack Personal plan, which costs $39 per year.

In Conclusion

Whether you know it or not, there are tons of threats to your WordPress website.  And a good security plugin can always save you from those threats.

Above I have tried to share the top 10 best WordPress security plugin available right now in the market.

But with so many options and features included in each plugin, selecting the perfect plugin for your site may feel intimidating.

So, here is the million-dollar question – “Which WordPress Security Plugin is Best for You?

See, if your website is important for you then it makes sense to invest in a good security solution.

Among the top 10 above mentioned security plugins, no doubt Sucuri is the best security solution for any WordPress website.

But it’s premium plan starts from $199.99 /yr and to be honest not everyone will be easily ready to invest this amount as it has no direct ROI.

So, here is my recommendation for you:

See, the best investment that you can make here is combining the free Sucuri plugin with the paid Sucuri firewall and CDN service, which starts at just $10 per month. 

Believe me, this combination will work for every WordPress website as their free plugin will give you all the necessary security hardening features and no doubt their premium DNS firewall is top-quality firewall among all.

Hopefully, this article has helped you find the best WordPress security plugin for your website. 

If you have any question about any security plugin, do let me know in the comments.