Top 10 Best WordPress Hosting

10 best WordPress hosting to consider in 2021

Want to know which is the best WordPress hosting in 2020?

Well, You have come to the right place.

There are so many (more than 50) web hosting services that are in competition with each other claims to offer almost the same features at a nearly same price point…

That makes obvious confusion for users to decide whom to go with in terms of hosting’s reliability and features for the overall price they have to pay.

Plus with plenty of biased WordPress hosting reviews by top sites on the internet has made it more complicated for normal users to choose a good host for their site.

So, the question is – how to find which is the best WordPress hosting for you?

Best WordPress Hosting services

Well, to help you in this situation, I have analyzed thousands of unbiased WordPress hosting reviews from real users on different platforms. And in this blog post, I am going to give you an up-to-date and accurate list of best WordPress hosting services in 2020.

No time to read? Here’s a quick summary of the best WordPress hosting providers you should consider (depending on your needs):







★ Best Overall Hosting ★

✓  Space - 10 GB SSD

✓  Bandwidth - 10,000 visits/mo

✓  Best Price - $3.95/mo


★ Best Managed Hosting ★

✓  Space - 10 GB SSD

✓  Bandwidth - 100 GB

✓  Best Price - $20.83/mo


✓  Space - 10 GB SSD

✓  Bandwidth - 20,000 visits/mo

✓  Best Price - $30/mo


★ Best Cloud Hosting ★

✓  Space - 25 GB Cloud

✓  Bandwidth - 1 TB

✓  Best Price - $10/mo


✓  Space - Unlimited

✓  Bandwidth - Unlimited

✓  Best Price - $3.92/mo


✓  Space - Unlimited SSD

✓  Bandwidth - Unlimited

✓  Best Price - $3.95/mo


✓  Space - 5 GB SSD

✓  Bandwidth - 20 GB

✓  Best Price - $13/mo


✓  Space - Unlimited

✓  Bandwidth - Unlimited

✓  Best Price - $3.99/mo


✓  Space - 50 GB SSD

✓  Bandwidth - unmetered

✓  Best Price - $3.95/mo


✓  Space - Unmetered

✓  Bandwidth - Unmetered

✓  Best Price - $5.95/mo

How Most of the WordPress hosting reviews are fooling you:

In today’s time like anything else whenever you need to choose a Web hosting, You simply go on Google and search for the terms like “best web hosting services” or maybe “Best WordPress hosting.”

You get the top 10 results from the big high-authority sites, you open few of them and at the end based on their top recommendation, you make your decision.

Am I right?

But what if I tell you that most of the hosting recommendations and glowing reviews are biased and misleading you.

Yes, you read it right, they are lying to you in some way or other.

See, if you open Google top position articles on anything related to hosting, you will find 8 out of 10 websites are recommending Bluehost, Hostgator or Godaddy on the #1 or #2 spot.

But what if I tell you that these three hosts are among the worst hosting service provider in the industry with the lowest customer satisfaction level.

Don’t believe my words, Just go on any platform (I will talk about them in a moment) where real users share their hosting experience and read few user’s experiences about Bluehost, Godaddy or Hostgator.

For instance, take the example of Bluehost Hosting:

If you check any blogger or influencer review of Bluehost hosting, you’ll find they have rated 5 out of 5 for Bluehost services.

But at the same, when you go to any public review platform like Trust pilot, host advice or webhostinggeek or maybe some hosting specific Facebook groups – you’ll find 7 out of 10 people have bad experience with Bluehost hosting.

Bluehost web hosting review

It’s not about just 2 or 3 selected review, Out of 388 reviews published on TrustPilot, it has on an average 1.5 rating.

Bluehost trustpilot

Now you tell me – How is it possible that reviewers are not finding any issue with this hosting service, but the real users who are actually using it are having such a bad experience.

So, Now you might be thinking why most of the websites are misleading people?

Well, the simple answer would be “Money.”

As you are reading this post about web-hosting, I assume you are already a blogger or online marketers, and being a blogger you must be knowing about affiliate marketing.

For those who don’t know about affiliate marketing – When a website recommends a product and service to their user and if their users end up buying those products and service from their affiliate link then the website gets the commission for their sales.

And honestly speaking being an affiliate marketer myself – there is nothing wrong with this monetization model.

But the problem arises when few websites mislead people to buy low-quality products just for the sake of their commission.

A few days back I was reading a review about Godaddy hosting on Pcmag (A well-reputed tech site). According to them, it is an excellent web host and they rated it 4 out of 5 for the overall web hosting quality.

But when I went to their comment section, there were 15 comments at that point of time and most of the commenters had huge complaints about Godaddy hosting.

Godaddy reviews

You can also check Hostadvice or Mouthshut to see how users are frustrated with GoDaddy hosting.

You can also go to Hostadvice or MouthShut to see how GoDaddy customers are frustrated with their hosting services.

Godaddy web hosting reviews

In fact today morning before writing this article, I was checking out few top articles about “best WordPress website hosting” and one of the top site (well known for covering top 10 recommendations on everything) had rated best hostings based on the Alexa ranking of hosting.

Seriously Alexa ranking… 😂 Now people have to choose their host based on Alexa ranking of the hosting.

But do you know, no matter how worst service these hosting providers provide to their customers, the bitter truth is “they are the most popular and most used web hosting company in the world.”

But why?

Well as far as I have experienced, the large number of people attracts toward their hosting services because of their promotional hosting plans.

They always go as cheap as possible and promise to provide everything unlimited and free.

(Unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, Unlimited SSL, Unlimited Domain and basically Unlimited everything 😂)

Now here you will also agree with me, most of the beginners always try to host their website at the cheapest possible price, because in beginning generally people do not have much idea about how hosting actually works.

In fact, when I first created my first self hosted site, I went with Godaddy.

Because at that point in time, being a school kid, I tried to find the cheapest hosting provider so I went with GoDaddy and later I realized they are not cheap in just price but their service quality is cheap too.🤣

So there are lots of people like me who think that a web hosting company who is claiming to provide everything unlimited at the lowest price is perfect.

But my dear friend, there is no such thing as unlimited when it comes to web hosting.

If a premium web hosting services like Siteground, WPX or Kinsta (who charges double or triple than these cheap hosting providers) is giving you limited space and bandwidth, then that doesn’t mean they are providing you less resources for the price you are paying.

No matter whose shared hosting you are using, if your website starts getting high traffic and use up tons of server resource, then the companies will definitely ask you to upgrade to a higher plan.

(Having dealt with numerous hosting companies, some of them don’t ask politely. They simply suspend your account or temporarily ban your account until you move to their higher plan)

I guess by now you have a good idea of how these biased hosting reviews and comparisons on the internet are fooling people.

For more on this, you can also check this youtube video by David from WPshout where he has explained how few hosting reviews mislead people.

How I have rated and ranked WordPress Hosting in this post:

Since 2013, I have used almost eight different hosting services in my life and currently using 3 different hosts for my different websites at different levels.

But I knew, that was not enough to give honest recommendations to my blog readers on which is the best WordPress hosting for them.

So, I thought why not buy all the top 10 hosting’s basic plan and then host the same site on every host and rate their service based on the result.

But I dropped the idea. Because there are already plenty of websites who have done this same thing and still according to their result they made cheap quality hostings as the best recommendations. (It’s not fair to judge a host overall experience based on one-time result)

Then I got the idea that why not find how is the experience of actual users who are using or used top hosting providers in their life.

So, I started finding and analyzing the experience of real users with web hosting shared on different platforms.

Here are the sources, I used to collect real-life experiences of users with their web hosting providers.

I am part of the many blogging groups on Facebook, where thousands of bloggers connect with each other. In fact, I also run a private Facebook group named “Bloggignova blogger’s community.”

This was one of the perfect place for me to know the real-life experience of bloggers using different web hosting for their sites.

Now it was very hard for me to ask everything I wanted to know from them about their web hosting experience through a Facebook post.

So, I created a google form with some basic questions like:

  • Which hosting company do you use?
  • How would you rate their speed??
  • How is your experience with your Hosting support?
  • How you would rate your host for their Price to Feature ratio?
  • How was your experience with your previous host in case you have used multiple hosts?

Once the form was ready, I finally posted the form link in a few of the Facebook groups where I was personally very active.

Facebook group post

And at the time I closed the entry, I got 86 entries, So it became a very good source for me to get unbiased opinion about WordPress hosting service providers.

Wordpress hosting survey

Now it was time to know more people’s experience with their hosting provider.

So as I mentioned earlier, I was already part of many blogging groups as well as hosting specific groups like WordPress Hosting.

It was pretty easy for me to find out what people have posted about top WordPress hosting companies in these groups.

I just used the search feature and searched for top hosting providers one by one in those groups.

Web hosting review facebook

Apart from Facebook groups, Twitter was also a good source for me to know the real user’s experience.

So again I followed the same approach – Just started searching for each host one by one and checking what users are tweeting about their hosting provider.

Twitter hosting review

There are many websites on the internet where real users share their web hosting experience

Here are the few sources, I collected data from:

Trustpilot: You might be already knowing Trustpilot. It is a consumer review site where millions of users share their experience with different products and services every month.

Hostadvice: Host advice is a very popular site that collects authentic hosting user’s’ reviews.

Who Is Hosting this: This is again a very popular hosting review site that allows users to submit their hosting reviews and honestly displays thousands of real user reviews.

Web Hosting Geeks: It is a very old hosting review site created more than15 years ago. It has more than 21k verified real hosting customer reviews about different hosting services.

Review Signal: They use a very creative approach to rate WordPress web hosting providers. Basically, they have a unique algorithm that tracks positive and negative social media postings about the hosting companies

With so many biased hosting reviews and comparison by top websites, it is not easy to find reliable data on WordPress hosting.

But if you spend some time then you can easily get to know the real user’s experience with any WordPress hosting provider.

And this is what I did, rather than giving you one person opinion on a hosting provider. I spend some time on the internet and analyzed the real user’s experiences with their host.

You don’t need to trust me, you can go yourself and check actual users’ experience with any web hosting on different platforms (I mentioned above in this post.) You will get the reality yourself.

The Best WordPress Web Hosting Services for 2020 (Detailed Overview)

Now it’s time to take an in-depth look at the top 10 hosting providers in the WordPress space.

#1. Siteground

Ranked #1 Best overall WordPress hosting

Siteground will be my first recommendation, when it comes to the best overall WordPress hosting at a very minimal price.

It was started in 2004 and since then they have grown to a large network of over 800,000 domain names around the world.

Their hosting platform is very powerful and strong when it comes to WordPress optimized servers. On top of that, they are offering managed WordPress hosting at an unbeatable price point.

(You won’t find a managed WordPress hosting at this price point with same quality anywhere else)

In all our data sources, it was the only host with whom more than 90% of users were satisfied and happily using their service.

In fact, the blog you are currently reading is also hosted on Siteground hosting. I have been happily using their service for more than a year now.

5 ratings

Best Price: $3.95/mo over 12 Months

Web Space: 10 GB SSD storage

Bandwidth: 10,000 visits/month

Free CDN: Yes (Cloudflare)

Free SSL & Backup: Yes both available

Support Quality: Top Notch 24/7 support

Bloggingnova hosted on Siteground

One thing that I personally love about Siteground is that they are continuously getting better and better with the time.

After using the old cPanel like most of the shared host for years, they recently introduced a new account dashboard that makes site management easier and more efficient for Siteground users.

Their shared hosting plans come with all the tools and features that you can’t expect on a regular shared hosting. Such as Free CDN, Free staging sites, Free daily backup, Free SSL, Free site transfer, and a Git tool for developers.

Siteground has also built an in-house caching system called Supercacher that accelerates your website speed multiple times.

Bloggingnova site speed Pingdom
Bloggingnova loading time result with Pingdom
Bloggingnova Google page speed insight
Bloggingnova Google Page Speed score

But even after offering rock-solid server and affordable plans, they are best known for their customer support in the hosting community.

Everyone is very happy with their top-class support, their support team is not just fast but knowledgable too. I have contacted them a couple of times and each time they have replied to me under 1 minute and solved my problem.

But does this mean everything is good with Siteground?

No, not at all. there are few downsides of their hosting plans too.

First of all the pricing point is relatively high compared to other popular shared hosting companies like Godaddy, Bluehost or Hostgator, but remember there is value in the overall product.

Secondly, If you investigate the Siteground plan, you will notice that they have mentioned that their every plan are suitable for X number of visitors.

  • StartUp: Suitable for – 10,000 visits monthly
  • GrowBig: Suitable for – 25,000 visits monthly
  • GoGeek: Suitable for – 100,000 visits monthly

Honestly speaking, When I saw this limitation mentioned on their plan for the first time, I was also very worried before purchasing their plans.

Because I thought, if I cross the limit my site will automatically crash or go down.

But after talking with my few blogging buddies, I purchased their GoGeek plan which is suitable for 100k visitors (as I had to host multiple sites) and currently one of my tech site hosted on their Gogeek plan get more than 100k visitors per month + Bloggingnova is also getting more than 10k visitors per months – still, trust me I have never ever faced any slow loading or site down issues with my website.

Siteground takes on their plan limitation: Siteground also states that the suggested number of visitors does not impose an upper limit and it should not be taken as a limitation.

A few years back, I had no idea of how shared hosting server works and I always used to thought why these few hosting companies like Siteground are saying that their plan is suitable for X number of visitors where most of the popular hosts like Godaddy, Hostagtaor or Bluehost tells that even their starting plans are suitable for any type of site with unlimited resources.

But now I understand how these popular EIG hosting companies like Godaddy, Bluehost, or Hostgator are manipulating their customer with marketing their plan as unlimited everything at such a cheap rate.

These companies basically host every type of website (high, low, medium traffic) on their server and finally fail to provide good speed to any of their customers.

But I like the fact that Siteground and other few premium hosts are already opened about resources allotment with their customers to make sure that each website uses the same amount of resources from the server and gets the fastest possible speed.

The bottom line of Siteground is that “it is actually a good hosting for someone who is just starting a website or have a medium traffic site”

If you are still confused, go yourself and check what real customers are saying about Siteground, you will for sure fall in love with this hosting soon.

I have also written about my experience with them in detail in my full SiteGround review.

📢 MAY 2020 UPDATE: Siteground Moves To Google Cloud Platform

Siteground is now utilizing Google Cloud infrastructure to offer the best speed and reliability to their customers.

In case you don’t know about Google cloud, there are many big advantages of using Google cloud’s environment like better scaling and resource management, more number of data centers, increased data redundancy, the latest hardware for increased performance and let’s not forget – 100% match with renewable energy.

Things I liked:

  • Innovative speed technologies (PHP 7, SSD, HTTP/2, NGINX and more)
  • Customer Support That actually Works
  • Free CDN on all plans
  • Daily backup for free

Things I didn’t liked:

  • Higher price for the second term
  • Limited resources
  • The shortest billing cycle is of 12 month

Know more about Siteground hosting

#2. WPX Hosting

#1 Managed WordPress hosting

I was very surprised seeing most of the article covering the best WordPress Hosting has not even included WPX in their top 10 hosting recommendation.

But believe me, they are no. #1 host when it comes to premium managed WordPress hosting.

Recently Matthew woodward tested almost all the top web hosting services to find the best WordPress hosting and guess what! WPX was the fastest WordPress host to load in different situations in his all the tests.

If you are interested in a premium managed WordPress hosting service, your focus might be probably on site speed and loading times however, a good managed WordPress host like WPX has lots to offer.

Terry Kyle, the co-founder of WPX built this hosting service as a solution to his frustrating experiences with almost every other hosting provider.

5 ratings

Best Price: $20.83/mo

Web Space: 10 GB SSD server

Bandwidth: 100 GB 

Free CDN: Yes (WPX Cloud custom CDN )

Free SSL & Daily Backup: Yes both available

Support Quality: 24/7 Fast-response Support

Their recently introduced high-speed Cloud CDN makes your site performance faster than ever in 2020.

They also understand their customer website security very well as they offer DDoS protection for free to all WPX customers.

This DDoS protection alone is very expensive which would normally cost you more than $250 from any other source.

So, if you are looking for the fastest and secure managed WordPress hosting environment, I will highly recommend you to go with WPX or Kinsta(Check below).

Things I liked:

  • Their own Custom CDN provide amazing performance
  • Enterprise-level DDoS protection
  • Top-notch WordPress experts support
  • Free Spam protection and malware scan

Things I didn’t liked:

  • No phone support (Only chat)
  • Back end control panel could be easier to use
  • Servers are only available in USA and UK (But their CDN will take care of this)

Know more about WPX hosting

#3. Kinsta

Best performance among managed hosting

Kinsta is again a very powerful managed hosting provider specialized in WordPress.

What I personally like about them is the fact that they run its hosting on top of Google Cloud Engine which helps them provide a more secure blog hosting service to their customer.

They are among the few hosts who understand the importance of Site speed in 2020. They use a mix of PHP7, LXD software containers, MariaDB and Nginx to make your WordPress site performance super fast.

In addition to this, they are providing stellar 24/7 support, where people who have special expertise in WordPress is always ready to help you with any issues you might run into when running a WordPress blog.

Their custom site management dashboard is also worth mentioning here. They give you their own custom dashboard, which is much easier to use compared to the traditional Cpanel.

5 ratings

Best Price: $30/mo (paid yearly)

Web Space: 10 GB SSD

Bandwidth:  20,000 visits/month

Free CDN: Yes (premium KeyCDN)

Free SSL & Daily Backup: Yes both available

Support Quality: 24/7 Wordpress specialized Support

After analyzing the experience of thousands of Kinsta customers, I found “it is the best hosting for growing or enterprise-level WordPress blog.”

Kinsta managed wordpress hosting

So if you have a growing or well-established site then Kinsta will be a good choice, or even if you have a relatively new site and still you are interested in paying few more bucks for getting premium managed host then you can definitely go with Kinsta.

Things I liked:

  • Google Cloud-Based Infrastructure Built For Speed
  • Specialized WordPress Support Team
  • Free Access to Premium CDN
  • Highly scalable

Things I didn’t liked:

  • No phone support (Only chat)
  • Steep Price Point
  • No Email Hosting

Know more about Kinsta hosting

#4. Cloudways

#1 Cloud-based WordPress hosting

Many people prefer to use cloud hosting for fast website loading speed and very high security.

But for some users manually installing WordPress on cloud platforms like Digital ocean, AWS, or Azure is beyond their technical capabilities.

This is where Cloudways comes into use. Cloudways supports multiple cloud platforms like Google Cloud, AWS, Digital Ocean, Vultr and Linode.

With Cloudways you just need to select your favorite cloud platform and choose WordPress as your CMS and let Cloudways handle the configuration process for you.

But it is also worth mentioning that you need to have at least basic technical knowledge to run a cloud-hosted site. Because no matter how easy they have made to host a site on different cloud platforms but still it will take time for you to understand everything if you are completely new to the cloud environment.

4.5 rating

Best Price: $10/mo

Web Space: 25 GB cloud storage

Bandwidth: 1TB bandwidth

Free CDN: Yes (Cloudways)

Free SSL & Backup: Yes both available

Support Quality: 24/7 excellent support

But again it is something which is not at all a big problem as they offer very high class 24/7 support, so whenever you ran into a problem you can always contact them.

If you are still on the fence about using Cloudways, then I’ll recommend you sign up for their free trial and check how is their interface and how they perform for you.

Overall, I found Cloudways is one of the few companies that offer a great balance between functionality and affordability when it comes to cloud-based WordPress hosting.

Things I liked:

  • Simplified Pricing
  • Free Trial
  • One-Click Staging For WordPress
  • SSH access & SFTP accounts.
  • Insanely Fast Servers
  • Easy To Use Control Panel

Things I didn’t liked:

  • Little Complex Set Up
  • Not all programming languages are supported
  • Doesn’t Include Email Hosting
  • Bigger Server Means a Bigger Fee

Know more about Cloudways hosting

#5. A2 hosting

Most cost-effective WordPress hosting

In our research, A2 was second-best shared WordPress hosting after Siteground. This means if you don’t want to go with Siteground then A2 should be your next priority for shared hosting.

I have been personally using A2 hosting for one of my sites from the past couple of years and they have not disappointed me yet.

Their plans are separated into two different categories. The first is shared hosting and the other one is managed WordPress hosting which costs you obviously more than the shared hosting.

However, I will not recommend you to go with A2’s managed WordPress hosting plan because few users had genuine complaints with their managed plan.

If you are interested in a managed WordPress hosting then it would be much better if you spend a few more bucks and go with WPX for managed WordPress hosting plans.

But yes when it comes to shared hosting they are one of the best hosting providers.

A2 hosting
4.5 rating

Best Price: $3.92/mo (billed yearly)

Web Space: Unlimited SSD Storage

Bandwidth: unlimited

Free CDN: Yes (Cloudflare)

Free SSL & Backup: Yes both available

Support Quality: 24/7 support (Average)

Their most basic plan comes with 1 website and unlimited SSD storage, Free SSL and free site migration service. On top of that, you will also get 30-days money-back guarantee on their every plan.

I am personally using their Swift plan where I can install multiple websites. But no matter which plans you’ll choose, all hosting plans come with pre-installed WordPress. You can also install new instances of WordPress through the Softaculous’ one-click installer.

Things I liked:

  • Unlimited storage & bandwidth
  • Free website migrations & WordPress comes pre-installed
  • A2 Site Accelerator (TurboCach, OPcache/APC, Memcache)
  • Insanely Fast Servers

Things I didn’t liked:

  • Only their Turbo plan comes with turbo servers & A2 Site Accelerator

Know more about A2 hosting

#6. Dreamhost

One of the WordPress endorsed host

Dreamhost has been around for a very long time (more than 22 years) and they are one of the few hosting which is recommended by itself.

They have hosting plans for every type of website owners. Whether you need shared, dedicated, VPS, managed, or cloud hosting, DreamHost has a plan that’s got you covered.

They are very popular for their generous 97-day money-back guarantee on all of their shared hosting plans.

After analyzing their more than 100 customer experience – they are one of the best hosting services for WordPress sites.

But there were lots of complaints from people about their customer support.

There were few people who were DreamHost customers from more than ten years, but in 2020 they are not getting that quality of support which they used to get earlier.

4 ratings

Best Price: $3.95/mo

Web Space: Unlimited SSD Storage

Bandwidth: Unlimited

Free CDN: No

Free SSL & Backup: SSL available but no backup

Support Quality: Average

So, before going with Dreamhost make sure to keep this thing in mind.

Things I liked:

  • Generous 97-day money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited disk space & data transfer
  • Free SSL & Cloudflare CDN
  • Reliable uptime and stability
  • Cloud storage plans

Things I didn’t liked:

  • Long waiting time for help chat
  • No cPanel
  • Initial setup is slow

Know more about Dreamhost

#7. Flywheel

 Entry-level managed WordPress host

Flywheel can be one of the best-managed WordPress hosts for you If you are especially a freelance or run an agency and build sites for clients.

Compared to other premium managed WordPress hosts, Flywheel has a significantly lower price for entry-level users.

It offers a wide variety of plans at different price points and incorporates advanced features across all of them.

This basically gives even a little starter sites a chance to get in on the fully managed WordPress host with all features without having to pay for more than they need.

Their most basic plan with 5000 monthly visitors and 5GB of disk space cost you $14/month. That’s half of the WP engine’s lowest plan.

As a freelancer or agency owner, you’ll get some great features like blueprints of plugin and themes you use over and over again. On top of that, you will also get 14 days on a free, password-protected demo site to show your work overview to your client before having to pay.

4 ratings

Best Price: $13/mo (Paid anually)

Web Space: 5 GB

Bandwidth: 5,000 visits/mo (20 GB)

Free CDN: Yes (MaxCDN)

Free SSL & Backup: No SSL but backup available

Support Quality: 24/7 (Excellent)

If I am mentioning freelancers or web developer again and again that doesn’t mean it is not a good hosting for normal users.

Being a normal user you’ll also get all the usual features that you get with a hosting but there are few features that are specially made for freelancers.

Things I liked:

  • Loads of WordPress-related and advanced tools
  • One-click staging sites
  • Hands-on security
  • Custom caching engine
  • Use the Google cloud platform to give powerful infrastructure

Things I didn’t liked:

  • No shared hosting, VPS, or dedicated server
  • A higher price tag
  • No built-in Git deployment

Know more about Flywheel

#8. Inmotion

I have personally never used Inmotion hosting and in fact, I never thought it will come under the top 10 WordPress hosting.

It is a US-based hosting company, started in 2001.

So if you are someone who is looking for a native American hosting, you would love Inmotion hosting.

Their all shared hosting plan comes with unlimited website installation, unlimited disk space, and unlimited bandwidth.

They also offer plenty of WordPress-exclusive features, like automatic backup, WP-CLI support, WordPress pre-installation, and drag and drop theme support.

Talking about their support, they are very well known for providing swift support service via live chat, but in some cases, I have seen that the waiting time can get quite long. 

4 ratings

Best Price: $3.99/mo (Billed 24 months)

Web Space: Unlimited

Bandwidth: Unlimited

Free CDN: No

Free SSL & Backup: SSL available but no backup

Support Quality: Average

Things I liked:

  • Premium Site Builder Included
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Free domain
  • Innovative speed technologies ( PHP7, WP-CLI, SSD, CloudLinux)

Things I didn’t liked:

  • Iffy Check Out Process
  • No CDN is included
  • No Asian Datacenter

Know more about Inmotion

#9. Bluehost

In spite of the lowest user satisfaction rate, Bluehost is still one of the largest and most used hosting company on the planet, as well as they are WordPress recommended host too.


Because they have marketed their product very well as well as every second influencer (related to hosting or WordPress) promotes Bluehost as their no #1 recommendation for WordPress hosting.

Their plans are also designed to induce beginners who don’t have any idea of hosting industries.

For example, their most basic plan costing $2.95/month* gives you a Free SSL certificate, 1 site installation, 50GB SSD storage, unmetered bandwidth and on top of that a Free domain which will usually cost you $5-10, If you buy your domain from a dedicated domain registrar.

Bluehsot web host
3.5 star ratings

Best Price: $3.95/mo*

Web Space: 50 GB SSD storage

Bandwidth: unmetered

Free CDN: No

Free SSL & Backup: Yes

Support Quality: Need Improvement

Now it is obvious that beginners who are just starting out will opt for their plans.

But as soon as your site grows and you understand the importance of your site speed, you will start hating them.

Things I liked:

  • Free domain in all of their plans
  • Customized cPanel Interface
  • Unlimited web traffic & disk space
  • Free SSL certificate & Cloudflare CDN

Things I didn’t liked:

  • Slow website speed
  • Lack of free migration service
  • Very long wait time in their support
  • Less Control over Automatic Data Backups
  • No free daily website backups & restore
  • Customer satisfaction rate is very low

Know more about Bluehost hosting

#10. Hostgator

This was the host that one of my friend suggested to me and believe me they were the worst shared hosting provider I have ever used.

Because of them, my Cpanel got hacked two times in a month and all the data were deleted from my Cpanel.

And when I contacted them they asked me to give more than $100(I don’t remember the exact amount) to provide backup of my site.

Somehow one of my friend helped me to get my site back up through a third party WordPress site management company at $25.

Thankfully there is nothing like that with my current siteground hosting as they automatically take backup of my site every day for free of cost.

So, before buying Hostgator please go on the internet and check some real users reviews rather than a marketer or influencer reviews.

Hostgator host
3 star rating

Best Price: $5.95/mo (Billed 12 months)

Web Space: Unmetered

Bandwidth: unmetered

Free CDN: No

Free SSL & Backup: SSL available but no backup

Support Quality: Need Improvement

Things I liked:

  • Unlimited storage & bandwidth
  • Free SSL Certificate with Let’s Encrypt
  • Strong and Stable Uptime
  • Free Site & cPanel Migrations

Things I didn’t liked:

  • Slow Page Speed
  • Long commitment periods
  • Slower Customer Support Response Time
  • Restore from backups requires an additional fee.
  • No free daily website backups & restore

Know more about Hostagtaor

Final Verdict On Best Hosting for WordPress

If sorting through the above WordPress hosting list sounds like a lot then let me help you.

See the best hosting service for you can depend upon various factors. Like – You are just starting out or you have a growing blog, can you invest in a premium hosting or you want to go with an inexpensive host, etc.

But no matter in which situation you are currently in, Below is my recommendation for different types of webmasters and I am promising you that you can’t go wrong with these recommendations.

Launching a new website?

Whether you are just starting out or running a new blog (not more than 100k monthly traffic), you can’t go wrong with these two hosting providers.

🥇 SiteGround : After analyzing thousands of real user’s hosting experience, I found Siteground as one the best WordPress hosting service provider available to get started and grow your blog with.

Personally, I have two of my own blogs hosted with Siteground and I am a huge fan of their amazing performance and customer service.

Beyond their very high performing server, you will also have great uptime and a dedicated support team who will be always ready to help you.

Editor’s note: To get the most value for your money, go with their Growbig plan.

Visit Siteground hosting

🥈  A2 Hosting: If for any reason you don’t want to go with Siteground then go with A2 hosting.

They offer good prices, reliable services, and a scalable set of plans. Their hosting services are well suited for small blogs and businesses because their low to mid-tier plans come equipped with SSD storage and some other great feature you usually don’t get on the lower end hosting plans.

Along with that their customer support service is also top-notch.

Visit A2 hosting

Running a growing Blog or have an established audience?

If you have a growing website and you want a hosting service that can keep up while improving the existing performance of your site, then you should consider looking for a managed WordPress hosting.

Naturally, it’s going to be much more expensive compared to the shared hosting provider mentioned above, but it is priced higher for the good reasons. So, if you have a growing blog with the well-established audience then you can’t go wrong with these two hosting providers:

🥇 WPX Hosting: WPX hosting is the gold standard when it comes to managed WordPress hosting services. In our research, their customer satisfaction rate was more than superb.

They offer world-class hosting infrastructure, own custom-built CDN, DDoS Protection and Automatic backup to make sure your WordPress site runs fast and smooth.

Visit WPX Hosting

🥈 Kinsta Hosting: Kinsta is a little more expensive than the WPX hosting but it is the right choice for serious website owners who want a high class hosting infrastructure.

Just like WPX, Kinsta also allows you to host WordPress websites only, which means that their entire hosting infrastructure has been optimized to provide the best possible WordPress experience to website owners.

Visit Kinsta Hosting

WordPress Hosting FAQs

There are many questions that might pop up in your mind while researching for the best WordPress hosting in 2020. Below are the quick answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

👉 How Online review are fooling you to choose a low Quality hosting?

Many big review websites are manipulating people with their glowing hosting reviews to choose a low-quality host just for the sake of their commission. And being a webmaster, you should be aware of these scenarios. Read this guide to know more on this.

👉 How Much does it cost to host a WordPress site?

The cost of WordPress hosting will varies based on the types of hosting plans you want to choose. Like shared hosting plan generally costs between $3-$15/month while Managed WordPress hosting costs between $10-$15 /month.

👉 How do I find the best WordPress hosting?

Well, the top 10 hosting rankings we have listed in this article is based on real users experience. So, just go through the list, I am sure at the end you’ll have a clear idea of which WordPress hosting is right choice for you.

👉 How WordPress hosting is different from regular web hosting?

A regular web host or more precisely shared hosting can be used to host simple HTML based websites, Joomla powered websites, custom PHP scripts, Ruby-based scripts and many more. So, they can’t be fully pre-optimized for all types of platforms. On the other hand, WordPress hosting is specially made for WordPress websites so they are usually fully optimized for the needs of a WordPress website.

They better meet the performance and security needs of sites built on WordPress CMS. On top of that as a WordPress specific host user, you can get access to platform-specific features such as pre-installed WordPress site, WordPress specific CDN, automatic WordPress updates, and dedicated WordPress support.

👉 What is WordPress cloud hosting?

WordPress cloud hosting is a hosting method where your website is ‘virtually’ hosted across several servers. Which means unlike Shared, dedicated or VPS hosting, your website is not tied to one physical location, meaning you can pull resources like bandwidth and storage from lots of different servers around the world,

👉 Which hosting service is best for WordPress?

These are 3 best WordPress hosting companies based on data collected from thousands of real users.

Siteground– Best overall WordPress web hosting.
WPX Hosting– Best managed WordPress hosting for growing websites.
Cloudways– Best WordPress cloud hosting for established websites.

Yes, there are couple of free hosting providers out there. But I will suggest you to stay away from them. As far as my experience with them, they put advertisements on your website whether you want or not. In some cases, they may even distribute malware to your users. On top of that, they can completely shut down your website at any time without any notification. So, it’s better to stay away from them.

Here is the step by step process to buy WordPress hosting from Siteground:

Step 1: Visit their website and choose which type of hosting you want. (So, here I chose WordPress hosting)

Web hosting plans

Step 2: Now choose any one of their hostings plan as per your need. (So, here I chose GrowBig plan)


Step 3: Now if you have not yet registered a domain name for your website then enter your preferred domain name and click on proceed.

Register your domain

Or if you have already purchased your domain name from other domain providers then choose “I already have a Domain” and enter your domain name in the box and finally click on proceed.

Step 4: Now you have to fill basic details about your self like your name, website name, city, and stuff and finally enter your payment details and click on “pay now”

Pay on hosting

That’s it.

The process to buy WordPress hosting is very similar with most of the hosting providers and believe me, it is pretty simple.

Siteground is the best WordPress hosting even In India, But if you have a growing website then go with Kinsta and select Mumbai data center to get the best performance.

Yes, Most of the WordPress hosting company offer on an average 15-60 days money-back guarantee. So that if you are not happy with their service then you can get your money back under the guarantee period.

No, it is not necessary at all. You can purchase your domain from a domain registrar like Namecheap or Godaddy and use any one of the WordPress hosting providers listed in this article. However, if you have not yet purchased your domain name then you can also get your domain from your same hosting provider as most of the hosting providers also provide domain name registration service.

It’s pretty easy to install WordPress on WordPress hosting account as most of the hosting provider provides 1- click WordPress installation with their every plan. You can also follow this step by step tutorial to install WordPress on your hosting account.

cPanel is basically a type of control panel that most of the hosting provider gives to their user to manage their website easily in terms of WordPress installation or managing email accounts.

But these days, many big hosting companies has built their own custom site management dashboard to give more streamlined experience to their customers.

Yes, Datacenter location of your hosting provider matters to a certain extent. The location of your data center makes a slight difference in your WordPress site performance for specific geographical locations.

 Have your web hosting sorted out?

Choosing the right web hosting for your website or blog might not be the easiest of things, but it’s certainly doable!

I hope the approach I have taken in this post to rank the top hosting provider will help you find the right web hosting that fits your needs.

Here is a quick recap of the best WordPress hosting for different stages of websites.

  1. Siteground– Best overall WordPress hosting.
  2. WPX hosting – Best Managed WordPress hosting for growing website
  3. Cloudways – Best Cloud hosting.

If you’re just about to start working on your website, maybe give these a read:

Editor’s note: Please don’t get manipulated from the misinformation available on the internet about WordPress hosting.

Do you have any question about these top 10 WordPress hosting services? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!


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