17 Best Facebook Group For Bloggers

Useful Facebook groups for bloggers that are great for networking

Being a Blogger you may feel lonely sometime. Sometime you may run into challenges that you just don’t have the knowledge or experience to solve on your own.

This is where Facebook groups for bloggers comes into use.

Facebook groups that are specially created for bloggers are the great place for connecting with like-minded people, discuss the latest trends in the industry and learning new things.

My personal experience with Facebook groups is just amazing, in the last 1 year I’ve met hundreds of new bloggers in the industry.

Being a Blogger you may feel lonely sometime. Sometime you may run into challenges that you just don’t have the knowledge or experience to solve on your own.

This is where Facebook groups for bloggers comes into use.

Facebook groups that are specially created for bloggers are the great place for connecting with like-minded people, discuss the latest trends in the industry and learning new things.

My personal experience with Facebook groups is just amazing, in the last 1 year I’ve met hundreds of new bloggers in the industry.

Facebook groups for bloggers

Some of them have become very close friends of mine who have helped me all the time on my blogging journey.

However, every Facebook group can’t be equally effective. Today most of the Facebook groups are filled with spam which will give you zero benefit.

In the last 2 -3 years I have come across more than hundreds of Facebook groups for bloggers, marketers, and Influencer. But with the time I left most of them because they were not adding any value to my life.

But at the same time, there are few Facebook groups which I joined over a year ago and they have been very helpful for me.

So, In this post, I will tell you about 17 best Facebook groups for bloggers and affiliate marketers which can actually give you many benefits.

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How Facebook Groups Can Help you?

You can Increase your traffic and email list

You must be wondering how a Facebook group can help me in Increasing my blog traffic or growing my email list. Well, Most of the Facebook groups nowadays have weekly threads where you as a blogger can promote your latest article, Pinterest pin or Quora answer.

facebook group promotion thread

Plus when you share your content in the relevant Facebook groups, you are targeting people who will be actually interested in checking out your content not the general people who may or may not read your content.

You’ll form friendships & possibly even mutual partnerships

A Facebook group filled with thousands of like-minded persons also gives you many opportunities to connect, collaborate and work together.

You can give and take support

Whenever you stuck somewhere with your blog you can simply ask your doubts and question in the group. Chances are someone from the Facebook group must be knowing the answer and it’s just a comment away. At the same time, you can also give support and advice to others.

Facebook group question thread

I think now you have understood that there are many strong and valid reasons to join a Facebook group.

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But before we jump into the list of Facebook groups, I would like you to have a quick look on Facebook group rules which are most common for all groups.

Every group expects engagement from You. Which means they want you to take part in the conversation, share other’s valuable content and comment on other’s post.

Most of the Facebook groups do not allow self-promotion, So it would be better if you avoid it. Use these Facebook groups as a medium to build communities for your blog and promote your content only where allowed.

There are some groups that allow you to share relevant content with the members. But it doesn’t mean you are allowed to share the same content multiple times. If you are doing that then you might be kicked out from the group.

For building relationship with Bloggers, you need to be humble. Which means if someone has any question, so try to comment relevant answer to them.

Yes, this rule is for almost every group for bloggers. Never use any offensive words in a comment or do not put any hate or abusive post in these groups.

As I told, these groups are communities of Bloggers. So anytime if you have any questions then don’t hesitate to ask them. They are definitely going to help you out.

Best Facebook groups for bloggers in 2020

Group name


Joining link

1. Blogging Nova - Bloggers community

Shivam Choudhary

2. WPBeginner Engage Facebook Group

Syed Balkhi

3. Tryootech's Digital Marketing Pool

Amit Mishra

4. MasterBlogging Facebook Group

Ankit Singla

5. Craft of Blogging Facebook Group

Sumit Bansal

6. Learn Digital Marketing

 Deepak Kanakaraju

7. Bloggers Passion VIP Group

Anil Agarwal

8. BloggingX - Blogging Excellence Redefined

Akshay Hallur

9. DigitalGYD.com

Swadhin Agrawal

10. Bloggers Funda


11. HellBound Bloggers (HBB)

Pradeep Kumar

12. Blogging Cage VIP

Kulwant Nagi

13. The Bloggers' Team [Let's Grow Together]

Sumit Sao

14. Blogging Lift VIP Group

Shivam Choudhary

15. Monk Marketers Facebook group

Siddharth pal

16. Guide Blogging VIP Group

Umer Qureshi

17. WPLeader Facebook group

Istiak Rayhan

#1. NerdBlogging Private Facebook Group

Bloggingnova Facebook community
Founder – Shivam Choudhary Group link – Click Here

I created this group few months back to connect bloggers of different genres with each other.

It is a great community of bloggers for collaboration, asking questions and having discussion with professional bloggers from different industries.

If you join this group then you will also get the opportunity to promote your blog with all the members of the group once in a week.

#2. WPBeginner Facebook Group

WPBeginner facebook groups for wordpress user
Founder – Syed BalkhiGroup Link – Click Here

Who doesn’t know about WPBeginner!

WPBeginner is the largest free WordPress resource site for beginners. From Building a WordPress site to fixing any WordPress error, WPBeginner covers everything.

Recently on the occasion of their 10th birthday celebration, Syed and his team launched the WPBeginner Engage Facebook Group.

This group is a great place to share and learn WordPress tips & tricks for using WordPress and get to know other WordPress users. Aside from WordPress support and knowledge sharing they also organize exclusive prizes and giveaways for WordPress users via Facebook group.

#3. Tryootech’s Digital Marketing Pool (Grow Online)

Tryootech facebook groups
Founder – Amit MishraGroup link – Click Here

This is a Private group and purely dedicated to those who are interested in learning digital marketing, Email Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Affiliate marketing, Content Marketing, Search Engine Marketing & Social media Marketing. If you are interested in any of these then you should definitely join this Facebook group.

This group was created by Amit Mishra founder of the Tryootech blog. He shares articles related to Technology, Digital Marketing, SEO and Online Earning on his Blog.

He also runs a very popular youtube channel with more than 300K subscribers where he publishes interviews of successful entrepreneurs.

Want to start Your Own YouTube channel? Checkout this Step by step guide to start a youTube channel.

#4. MasterBlogging – Master The Art of Blogging

master blogging
Founder – Ankit SinglaGroup link – Click Here

This is one of my favorite place on Facebook where I get the answer to all of my questions related to blogging.

I joined this group almost a year ago. This group focus on helping bloggers reach their goals together.

There are multiple questions posted in the group each day where bloggers ask for advice, recommendation and much more.

I personally got some great tips and knowledge about blogging just from perusing the group feed, and even much more when I am engaged in the group conversation.

Ankit is the founder of Master Blogging where he shares blogging tips, techniques, and strategies that work.

#5. Craft of Blogging – Start and Grow Your Blog!

facebook group for bloggers
Founder – Sumit BansalGroup link – Click Here

This Facebook group is created for Bloggers who want to start blogging and make money online.

The aim of this group is to learn by sharing and helping each other in building successful blogs.

Sumit Bansal created this group who is the founder of Craft of Blogging and Trumpexcel.com where he shares Excel tips and tutorials.

#6. Learn Digital Marketing

learn digital marketing
Founder – Deepak KanakarajuGroup link – Click Here

This is one of the biggest Facebook group for digital marketers with over 100k members.

That might sound a little overwhelming, but it actually means that there are tons of experts in this group who are ready to help you.

This is a community where you will get opportunities to learn Digital Marketing from the best minds in the industry.

This group has the single mission of how to get more prospects (your target audience) to convert and close with sales funnels, content marketing and paid traffic.

Deepak Kanakaraju is the founder of the Digital Deepak blog. His blog ranks in the top 10 digital marketing blogs in India.

#7. Bloggers Passion VIP Group

bloggers passion
Founder – Anil AgarwalGroup link – Click Here

This is again one of my personal favorite Facebook group which is created by Anil Agarwal founder of Bloggers passion blog.

Anil is a professional blogger who is blogging from more than a decade. He scaled his blog from $100/month income to $10,000+ in monthly income.

If you join his Facebook group then it is obvious that you will get the opportunity to learn more about blogging from one of the best minds in the blogging industry.

#8. BloggingX – Blogging Excellence Redefined

Founder – Akshay HallurGroup link – Click Here

Blogging X group was created by Akshay Hallur. Blogging x offers a platform to support each other through daily Q&A.

Recently I had a doubt regarding email marketing, So, I posted my question in the group and within an hour Akshay answered my question.

Isn’t it amazing?

If you are a blogger then you should definitely join this group.

#9. Bloggers Funda Facebook group

bloggers funda
Founder –Group link – Click here

As the name suggests this group is dedicated to bloggers, currently it is one of the biggest Facebook group with more than 1.25 lakh bloggers and developers from all over the world.

With the time it has became a big community of bloggers where one can ask questions, share knowledge and make connections with other bloggers and influencers in the industry.

#10. DigitalGYD.com – Learn Blogging With Swadhin Agrawal

digital gyd
Founder – Swadhin AgrawalGroup link – Click Here

This group was created by Swadhin Agrawal. If you want to free yourself from 9-5 job and start your own full-time blogging career, then this Facebook group is for you.

Here Swadhin helps newbies in starting their blog and building a profitable blogging business.

Swadhin Agrawal is Founder of the DigitalGYD blog where he helps fellow bloggers to accelerate their blog growth with actionable marketing strategies and proven SEO tips.

#11. HellBound Bloggers (HBB)

Bloggingfunda facebook groups
Founder – Pradeep KumarGroup link – Click Here

A Facebook group with more than 25,000 members, open for bloggers all across the world.

People here interact very frequently and more than just sharing post they help each other out with various blog-related issues.

Pradeep Kumar is the founder of HellBound Bloggers that covers articles related to Social Media, Blogging, WordPress, Internet and Technology. More than 100k+ readers visit his blog every month.

#12. Blogging Cage VIP – Learn Blogging and Digital Marketing

blogging cage
Founder – Kulwant-nagiGroup link – Click Here

Kulwant Nagi created this group for Bloggingcage.com readers. Here you will get the chance to connect with many fellow Bloggers and you can discuss your blogging and affiliate marketing related issue with them.

The prime motto of this group is to deliver value in society by helping other Bloggers.

Kulwant Nagi is a Haryana-based (India) blogger. He is the founder of the Blogging Cage blog which helps other bloggers in finding their hidden potential to become a top blogger.

#13. The Bloggers’ Team [Let’s Grow Together]

Blogging joy
Founder – Santanu DebnathGroup link – Click Here

The Bloggers’ Team is a private Facebook group created to help bloggers engage and promote one another’s work through shared interest and opportunity!

It is an amazing place on Facebook to ask questions, connect with other bloggers in the different niche and grow your blog.

This is a very active Facebook group which not only gives you the opportunity to promote your blog but it also works as a forum where you can not only post your blog posts but ask questions, share tips and tricks and helps each other.

This group is created by Shantanu Debnath who is the founder of Blogging Joy blog where he helps other bloggers in accelerating their blog growth with actionable strategies and proven SEO tips.

#14. Monk marketers Facebook group

Monk marketer facebook group
Founder – Siddharth palGroup link – Click here

This group is not specially created for every blogger, but if you are someone who is interested in learning Facebook marketing then I will always recommend you to join this group.

This group was created by Siddharth pal who is a blogger and specialized in Facebook marketing.

If you are someone who wants to leverage Facebook ads to grow your blog then you will definitely love this group.

#15. Blogging Lift VIP Group

Blogging lift facebook groups for bloggers
Founder – Sumit SaoGroup link – Click Here

Blogging Lift is a very popular Facebook group with more than 25,000 amazing people from all around the world who are experts in copywriting, affiliate marketing, email marketing, and blogging.

It is a good place to connect with others at the same stage as well as get valuable advice from them who have already been there.

They also post a blog promotion thread on every Sunday where you can share your blog post with more than 18,000 members in the group.

#16. Guide Blogging VIP Group

guide blogging
Founder – Umer QureshiGroup link – Click Here

Guide Blogging is a supportive community where bloggers connect and grow together.

Umer’s aim behind creating this group was to develop a platform where everyone can offer feedback, share tips, participate in discussions and foster collaboration.

This is one of the fastest-growing Facebook group for bloggers in 2020. Umer has grown this group from 0 to more than 20000 members in a very short period of time.

#17. WPLeaders – A Hub Of WordPress Leaders Group

wp leaders
Founder – Istiak RayhanGroup link – Click Here

WP Leader is another facebook group created by Istiak Rayhan especially for WordPress Lovers & Enthusiasts.

Istiak is one of the top WordPress specialists from Bangladesh. He has turned his both the blog (WP leader and RoadToBlogging) into a gold mine of Blogging and WordPress resources.

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Final Thought on the Facebook group for Bloggers

This was the list of some of the popular Facebook groups for Bloggers. These facebooks groups can help you in many ways like:- Building connection with other bloggers, finding guest posting Opportunities, Getting the answer to all of your questions related to Seo, blogging, social media, etc.

Now it’s your turn to tell us about your favourite Facebook group which I may have missed here, or if you are a group admin and your group is not listed in this list, please drop your group name and link in the comment section. I will love to share it with our lovely readers.


Hi, I am Shivam Choudhary founder of Nerdblogging.com – A blog that helps online entrepreneurs start, grow, and scale their blog. Whether you are looking for the right advice to get your blog off the ground or proven strategies to accelerate your blog’s growth, I am here to help you get further. 

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