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Meet the Man Who Started It All

Hey everyone! Shivam Choudhary here. I was born in a small village of Bihar “Chandauli.” After completing my high school education, I shifted to Delhi for my Graduation and pursuing CA course.

Since from my childhood, I have always been interested in building online businesses. When I was in class 6th, I was interested in graphic designing and used to spend my whole time after school using Photoshop and illustrator.

2012 was the year when entrepreneurial spirit born inside me for the first time. I started designing Facebook DP of my friends in return of ₹15 each picture.

From charging ₹15 to getting $350 for one work, It was an amazing business learning journey for me…


I Started my first Blog – 2013

In 2013, A very good friend of mine told me about Google’s free blogging platform “Blogspot“. Being a school kid, I found this blog thing very fascinating where I can share anything and anyone from the world can easily access it.

Shivamzcreation blogpsot blog

So, I created my Blogspot blog with the help of my friend and started sharing usual graphic designing related stuff like my edited pictures, PNGs, wallpapers, logos and other stuffs just for the fun. Till that time I didn’t even know what is actually Blogging, I was just treating my blog as a picture sharing sites.😂

I don’t know how but within a year, the blog started receiving good traffic. In fact, more than 4K-5k people were visiting the blog every day. I don’t know, I shoud say it my good luck or a bad luck, because even after getting so much traffic, I didn’t make a single rupee for my blog. (Because I had no idea about monetization or content writing at that point of time)

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Started My YouTube Journey -2015

Fast Forward To 2015… After Reliance Jio came, I came to know about YouTube in true Sense. (In fact, most Indian came to know about YouTube in true sense only after Jio Launch 😂)

Getting Inspired by many popular YouTubers like MKBHD, Jon Rettinger and Austin Evans, I also started my Tech channel named “Technical Star Shivam.”

The YouTube Journey was pretty great, I made some good friends, created more than 400 videos and our channel was subscribed by more than 125k people. But when I returned back to Blogging (Discuss in a moment), managing Blogs, YouTube and study was getting toff so I sold the YouTube channel in 2017.


Blogging Fever Kicked Me Again

While I was creating contents for my YouTube channel, I came to know about Blogging in the true sense for the first time. 

After reading few articles on how to create a self hosted blog, I finally created a tech blog with my Youtube channel name (, Where I used to publish articles related to apps and technology in the Hindi language.

After posting few articles on that new tech blog, I thought it’ll be pretty easy for me to drive traffic just like my first Blogspot blog. But I was wrong… The time was changed and I failed miserably to bring any traffic to my blog even after publishing more than 150 articles.


With time, I also created few more blogs like & but no one actually worked… Though, I was disappointed but still i was learning new things in SEO, link building and content marketing.

One day one of my friend suggested me to start a new blog in English language. Though i was not that good in English content writing but still I liked his idea and started a new tech blog “” This was the blog which changed my life..  

For the First 6 months, I didn’t see any positive results. Hardly 10-15 people were visiting on daily basis. But this time, I was hooked. I was constantly creating new content, learning new SEO and Promotional techniques and implementing on my blog.

And as a result, After the first almost 4 months of blog Launch, I made my first $100 and after approx 7 months, I made my first $1000 (Adsense.) From $0-1000, it was such a long and roller coaster journey.  But my hard works finally pays off.

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A dream to help passionate folk like me..

I started BloggingNova (now NerdBlogging) in 2019 as a side project to document all the strategies, tools, and tactics that I was using to grow my  tech blogs. The goal was simple: to arm other aspiring blogger with all the right information they needed to start, grow and scale blogging business.

Since then, NerdBlogging has grown significantly and has been continuously visited by thousands of readers every months. The blog currently features 100+ in-depth articles, how-to guides, hand reviews and in-depth comparisons of tools you need to succeed in your blogging journey.


In 2021, You need to forget those old school Blogging Advice

I personally believe Blogging is a very rewarding and extremely flexible activity. It has the potential to grow into something amazing that will not only change your life but also make positive impact on thousands of other peoples.

But here is a quick fact – There are more than 100k new blogs created on daily basis and 4.4 million blog posts published every day, but unfortunately only 6-8% of those new blogs will transform into a successful money making blog and rest 90% will be gone in a year or two, lost to failure.

But why?


Because all of them are following the same old school blogging advice – Write about your passion, publish blog post consistently, share on Facebook, bla bla bla… But honestly speaking, they all are outdated advice which were applicable in 2012 or 13…

In 2021, if you actually want to build a money making blog then you need to start developing systems to scale your blog like a business, not a hobby. You have to focus on outreach, serious link building, email marketing and  Leveraging the correct forms of monetization rather than just using Adsense.. You will also need to outsource some specific components of your blog (because you can’t be great in everything) and focus on things in which you are best at.

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